He may be young, but his heart burns bright with energy and potential. May he never let it fade.

- Sarec

A rising legend. Passionate, young and noble. Destiny awaits.

- Unknown

Hachiman Shinha, otherwise simply referred to as Hachi, is a and a young practitioner of the Essences, specifically Dream Energy, who travels the First Gigaquadrant in order to vanquish evil and, more importantly, aid those in need. A pursuer of ordeals and a somewhat eccentric but nonetheless benevolent warrior, Hachi is young and, while often naive, fights both for what he believes in and for the sake of others - he strives consistently to learn more about his inner self and awaken the great energies that reside within himself.

An optimistic and benevolent individual, Hachi nonetheless possesses a great few flaws; largely promiscuous and lacking in complex knowledge, he often finds himself involved within situations he barely understands although this in itself does not deter his overwhelming flow of confidence and energy. Having come across death many times throughout the course of his training, he aims to finish those who find themselves opposing him swiftly and with mercy and takes no pleasure in having to deal death to others if it cannot be avoided. Selfless and supposedly destined for great things, a fact that rests heavily on his shoulders but boasts little of, Hachi desires not to consciously fulfill the prophecy that surrounds him but rather act in good nature and rid the universe of evil wherever it may be found.


Early Life[]

Born amongst the outskirt colonies of the Yamato Intersolar Commune on a world largely populated with in 2777, Hachiman was the youngest son of a middle-aged Tā restaurant owner beyond his prime - Yeonajin Shinha, in actually a guise for the retired bounty hunter and mercenary Nym Khavaasi, assumed after his disappearance near the start of the 2770s. His mother brought to death during birth under unknown medical circumstances, Hachiman was raised at a young age by Yeonajin who planted the seeds of Hachiman's future philosophies within him, telling the young rianth of how he should not fight for what others tell him to believe but for what he feels is right. Prior to Hachiman's fourth birthday, Yeonajin's household was assaulted by unauthorized alien mercenaries - while Yeonajin had been successful in disposing of the assailants, he had sustained mortal injuries and knew that more mercenaries would arrive to finish him swiftly, causing him to give his vibro-katana - dubbed Shingen - to Hachiman and request that he stowaway aboard one of the commercial vessels residing at the space-docks not far from their home. In the ensuing struggle between Yeonajin securing Hachiman's escape and the mercenaries that sought their demise, Hachiman's left arm was dismembered and he sustained significant damage to his left eyeball as liquid plasma from an explosion had breached it, practically melting into the organ, although Hachiman had managed to escape along with Yeonajin's blade while the bounty hunter remained behind to occupy his assailants and eventually, presumably, die of his wounds.

Hachiman resided within the manual labour sect of a Yamato trade cruiser - the Y.I.N. Tomoe Maru - for several years and was given exclusive training on board the craft by various martial servicemen, who taught Hachiman, or Hachi-kun as they had taken to calling him, how to properly wield the blade that his gather had passed onto him. He became popular among the crew, even if he was under-educated and below the minimum age requirement for work, and was granted cybernetic augmentations to his arm and eye as standard medical procedure as well as a sign of comfortable residence upon the vessel. While he spent time upon the Tomoe Maru, he was given brief training in engineering so that he could maintain his artificial parts by himself, even if they were largely autonomous, and was told stories of the ventures of the infamous Nym Khavaasi figure who had passed into modern legend following his disappearance before Hachiman's birth, some of which inspired him, others horrified him. Hachiman was given access to the YIS' vast information relay interface although was promptly denied access to much available content as he was found often streaming and downloading pornographic content during his time on the Tomoe Maru.

During a routine docking so that the vessel could restock and refuel, as well as allowing the majority of the crew leisure time, the colony that the ship happened to have docked at was assaulted by dark, supernatural forces in the form of the Corruptus, led under the command of the enigmatic and knowledgeable alien figure Mordathai. Hachiman had ventured beyond the industrialized and urban confines of the colony thus beyond the protection of the local militia, leaving him exposed to the incoming onslaught of Corruptus, including Mordati himself - the encounter left Hachiman fearful and wounded, vulnerable to the dark, chaotic powers that attempted to entangle him, only to lead to him being saved by the chance, divine intervention of yet another supernatural presence, in the form of the entity Thea'Nhirara, whom swiftly obliterated the Corruptus that had been attacking the world before promptly taking Hachiman, now a hermit, under her wing and telling him of the intentions that led to his preservation and the journey ahead of him. In the weeks and months that followed, Hachiman would come to handle a degree of control over the flow of an Essence known as Dream Energy, and would learn to further his skill with the vibro-katana his father had granted unto him.

Second Borealis Galactic War[]

Circa 2784 - 2789

Prior to his participation within the Second Borealis Galactic War, which would result as a suggestion from the first and most powerful student of Dream Energy that has been under the tutelage of Thea'Nhirara, Macin Xermilin, Hachiman had been residing within the core territories of the Indoctrinate Collective, specifically within the residence of the Radeon scientist Baptarion Light, causing friction between the two of them due to opposing mentalities and personalities. When he met with the team he would be assigned to, he came to know Commandant Vekaron, Chief Major Xerkea, the UNOL, Agent Nu, High Inquisitor Arsac, Tyraz, Sarec and eventually many other individuals along the course of the conflict. While the group engaged in many battles, Hachiman's own moments of glory arrived when he had resisted the temptations of and slew one of the servants of the shadow warrior Shu'wokerama, the Dark Apostle Geltastra, and later achieved Catharsis at a crucial point in the conflict that followed afterward - overpowering and fighting Emperor Marigrax, the founder and leader of the Devourer's Chosen, which resulted in the subsequent obliteration of Marigrax's upper jaw and allowing him to be weakened enough to be sealed within a Kormacvar artefact, while Hachiman was regarded with renown and acknowledgement from his team for his efforts in liberating the Borealis Galaxy from the demonic incursions.

Refusing the opportunity to tour the Andromeda Galaxy until the Galactic War was concluded and thus moving in to reside on board the Arcadium with Sarec as a volunteering mentor and caretaker, Hachiman went on to confront the Seagon Empire, the Alvino Brood, and eventually the Borealis Grox Empire, and was involved in the demise of Emperor Vhezari and the first, heavily-mutated Floridarixis. At one point, Hachiman had been incapacitated and taken under the authority of Commandant Khensu, who proceeded to augment Hachiman further and had brainwashed the rianth into doing his bidding personally, leading up to a standoff within the Borealis Vida'Rranlora Database in which Hachiman was released of his control through the efforts of the team, particularly Sarec and Tuolog, and, despite blasting a hole in his own chest to rid of the influence of the tyrannical, once-Kormacvar entity Regnatus, managed to rid the Database of the influence of the latter figure through overwhelming it with Dream Energy, almost paying with his life in the effort and allowing the Vida'Rranlora to obliterate Khensu once and for all.

Hachiman would go on to fight the Borealis Consortium Network after the defeat of Regnatus due to the conjoined efforts of the Polar Crystal Alliance and the reawakened Kormacvar supersoldier Arkarixus, with the BCN having betrayed the PCA after Regnatus was confirmed deceased. While Tyraz and Sarec left the PCA, with Tyraz joining the BCN's side for a time, Hachi made a point to remain with the allies and managed to both save Viniaris from assault from the BCN and heavily disfigure Tyraz in the effort, as well as launch Genrai Nal out of his sight. Hachiman later reconciled with Sarec after infiltrating the Arcadium and being greeted with metaphysical experiences resulting from Sarec's uncontrollable emotions, including an exaggerated psychological clone of Hachiman himself and a more intimidating, false equivalent of Arsac. Hachiman was present when Kolossus changed history and had the PCA fight the forces of Zargoth and would also be one of three individuals to have caused the demise of a younger General Volim that was brought into the Gigaquadrant from a separate time, as well as also being present when Falrik Zaarkhun committed suicide.

During their final assault upon Zargoth's realm, Hachiman, overcome with a sense of oncoming dread when their vessel came under significant assault, shared his first kiss with the Radeon miliant Venoriel, although the two of them, as well as the rest of the team, were spared by the efforts of Tuolog. Hachiman participated in the final battle against Zargoth and, while initially being defeated by the Vyro'Xiyara that he had created, would be significant for overcoming the struggles at hand along with the rest of the Polar Crystal Alliance and its allies as they were being watched and cheered on by the rest of the Borealis Galaxy, as well as Thea'Nhirara herself. Hachiman and the team would be saved from a dimensional timeline collapse by the Vyro'Narza goddess Volzara and was met with commendment from the majority of the Borealis natives, gaining a degree of galactic renown due to his part in concluding the conflict.

Distant Planet[]

Sometime after the conclusion of the Second Borealis Galactic War, Hachiman, along with Sarec, Agent Nu, Lemmo, Baptarion Light, and Uriel Ultanos would receive invination to tour a bizarre world known as Macronormus by an enigmatic Kalda businessman. After the vessel that they had been assigned to crashed upon the surface of the world and left the team stranded, absent of a means of escape, Hachiman would be amongst the first individuals to discover one of the indiginous lifeforms that were native to Macronormus - the Mikmik. Hachiman later managed to tame the Mikmik to an extent and later became separated from the group, encountering the creature known as the Imperatrix, although he would befriend the creature and ensure that she would survive her encounter with the rest of the team. Hachiman was spared from an experience with a magma-dwelling creature known as the Fogolarth by another semi-intelligent creature known as a Migehew, which had given rise to paranoia on Hachiman's part due to their bizarre, asymmetrical appearance.

Hachiman would endanger the team some point afterward when he caused the embryonic development within a Migehew egg to cease and allowed for the birth of a Migeharverus - a much more intimidating and hostile lifeform. Due to the Essence-draining capabilities of the planet, Hachiman and most of the other Essence-users found themselves in extensively difficult situations. Eventually, Hachiman began to successfully teach the Mikmik cohesive language, and throughout the course of the journey he and the team were forced to rush for an escape as they came to odds with an ominous, gelatinous and seemingly unique presence upon the world; a ghastly creature known as the Perterrent. The creature met its end when the team stumbled upon an underground Kormacvar facility and was frozen before being shoved into a pool of magma. Hachiman and the group would then attempt to ascend a mountain range in an effort to achieve a means of escape from Macronormus as they had managed to get in contact with a captain in the region, and along their way would have to face Fiery Routriths and an Imperator Routrith.

When the captain, Commander Zekuc, arrived, he deceived the team and explained his motivations as desiring to avenge the 'death' of General Volim, although later the group would find themselves within the insides of a Brukar Colossus in order to attempt communication with local colonies of the Niaka colonies via making use of the creature's bioelectricity - a successful operation. Once Niaka ships had gathered and came to collect the worn survivors of the 'expedition', Hachiman would receive a gift on the behalf of the Mikmik that had followed him and the team throughout their venture in the form of a Mikmik seed, granted to him by a flowered, mature Mikmik. After leaving Macronormus, concluding with the likelihood of the team, Hachiman included, being remembered in some form throughout Mikmik history, the Arcadium was attacked by a remnant of the Devourer's Chosen that sought to slay Hachiman for Marigrax's demise, although Hachiman turned the tide and eliminated the demonic incursion before he and Sarec decided to travel and tour the Andromeda Galaxy.

Tantummodo Mortem[]

After arriving in the Andromeda Galaxy with Sarec and touring for some time, particularly across the colonies of the Draconid Imperium, Hachiman was invited to participate within the Third Xhodocto War by Kithworto, alongside his Agents, UNOC, Koluap, High Inquisitor Arsac, Apollo, Venoriel, Lemmo, Arkarixus, Macin Xermilin, and Kezoreg, later awakening the Shka'Tun Tharaqím to join in their fight against the Xhodocto. Hachiman contributed in the destruction of the megastructures Draynia, Ightosia, and Ardonia, with his efforts encouraging the demise of Supreme Commander Skhánaróton -01 while later absorbing the residual Dream Energy leftover from when Macin had initiated a self-imposed sacrifice so that she could stall the Xhodocto god Angazhar and allow the team to escape from the realm of Chaos, increasing his own latent Dream Energy capabilities and absorbing a fraction of Macin's own soul essence.

Hachiman would later play a significant part in the salvation of the Realm of Dreams when it came under assault and corruption from the forces of the Corruptus and Shu'ytrogarva. Being escorted throughout the realm by, and subsequently protecting, a Dream Energy manifestation of himself, dubbed Dreamy Hachi, Hachiman witnessed the corruption and downfall of Arsac and the reemergence of Geltastra, as well as fighting against Mordathai once again after several years and preventing him from completing his research on combining Dream Energy with the properties of Nightmare Energy, eventually culminating in Hachiman and Dreamy Hachi managing to reawaken Sonhadromerith, the God of Dreams, who proceeded to slaughter and utterly destroy Shu'ytrogarva, although not before Hachiman managed to achieve Catharsis once again.

After Agent Nu sacrificed himself to spare the team from destruction wrought by his sister, Kilrasinnyá, and a colossal fleet of Rectifiers that had attempted to launch an invasion upon Andromeda, Hachiman and the team would be taken to Insomnia by the omnipotent efforts of the Xhodocto Santorakh, where he would take part in gathering items and completing objectives that Santorakh had prepared for the team at a whim, eventually coming to encounter Antagonar, who had not been seen since near the conclusion of the Second Borealis Galactic War, and two members of the Seven Deadly Sins, Avaritia and Gula. Hachiman would end up getting lost within the chaotic plane after attempting to perform a mercy kill upon General Volim, whose essence had been reduced to a quivering, blobby mass of flesh, until being found once again by his team mates and would witness Sarec's departure from the team. Eventually, Hachiman and the group would fight against Santorakh until eventually managing to claim victory and return themselves to the primary universe.

Hachiman played a large part near the end of the war, assisting in the security and preservation of the rogue Chaos Monster Foshi, which had been hunted down by Angazhar and two other Chaos Monsters, Deimos and Phobos, with the rianth making good friends with Foshi and maintaining a large amount of influence over its behaviour, allowing it to remain docile and benevolent and ensuring that it would not be used to afflict harm, death, and destruction against the rest of the universe. Hachiman assisted greatly in the team's victory over the Xhodocto and the Dominion, although even with the victory he had helped grasp, the Dominion are still at large across the Gigaquadrant with a significant absence of demonic assistance and influence. Throughout the course of the War, Hachiman trained under the observation of Kithworto even after his discovery of being a reincarnation of a Kicathian war god, and would develop his skills and abilities closely alongside Kezoreg, who had been presumably adopted by the Kicath.



Hachiman appears as a short, somewhat athletically and effeminately-built, blue-furred and is noted for his various cybernetic augmentations, of which he has attained several throughout the course of his lifespan although his most noticeable assets are his left arm and his left eye, with both maintaining a combination of technology manufactured by the Yamato Stellar Empire and later the Borealis Grox Empire. Hachiman is lop-eared and possesses a comparitively large, thick crest of fur across his chest, and his features are young and soft, much unlike older rianths of the Tā variety. His hair and overall physiology is rather effeminate even by the standards of his kind, with his hair being allowed to grow long and freely while maintaining at least some degree of tidiness in its style. Hachiman can almost always be seen smiling and his remaining eye is a natural blend of blue and green, a rare trait in the modern age for human descendants.

Hachiman, due to his kind's artificial adaptation to the cold environments of their 'homeworld' in the ancient past, prefers to keep much of his upper body exposed, such as his arms and stomach, although he has recently taken to wearing a jacket constructed of an Andromedan polyester analogue alongside specialized leg wear constructed of similar materials, which have been designed to adapt to surrounding temperatures and provide for maximum comfort to the wearer, usually leaving his jacket undone and open to expose his fluffy chest and furred form for most to see. Hachiman wears a belt that allows for his assets to remain at his side at all times due to magnetic micro-facilities, allowing him to keep his guns and his blade upon his person at all times without having to worry about them being taken from him without notice unless EMP is utilized.


Hachiman is a young and seemingly carefree individual who follows the trends of many human teenagers; striving for entertainment and positive experiences, which leads to some distaste towards him from older and more responsible company. While seemingly fickle and naive, Hachiman retains a clear sense of both justice and injustice and will often act on the emotions his heart communicates to him rather than any complex logic, even if such actions defy laws and cultural traditions. While at times immature, self-centered, and excessively promiscuous, he refuses to condone actions that lead to the misfortune of others and is considerate towards those in situations and conditions inferior to his own, although he is not merciless towards apparent 'evil' and takes great displeasure in killing, even if such is for a beneficial cause. While he commits plenty of mistakes on his part, Hachiman is capable of swallowing his pride and owning up to them, in some cases even if he was not initially at fault.

However, there are times when his actions are dictated by his passion rather than his compassion, leading to a radically active libido that often manipulates his curiosity, communication, and even overall intentions. Hachiman is at times commended for finding admirable features within alien designs, specifically women - whether mammalian or piscine, reptilian or crustacean, he can find something to adore regarding women, although he is by no means an adept romantic and is somewhat lewd a majority of the time he allows his sexual drive to overwhelm him. Laws do not tie themselves to Hachiman in his eyes and will do whatever his heart feels is right, even if it means violence, and prefers to fight selflessly in consideration for others rather than himself, placing his needs behind those of others in appropriate situations and utterly refusing to cower and surrender, always attempting to find means of winning his battles with surprising confidence, or at least fight as long as possible should he acknowledge he cannot win.


Hachiman is agile and maneuverable as a result of his heritage, being swift with his feet and dexterous with his hands, while his cybernetic augmentations allow him various enhancements to his natural abilities; his optical augment allows him to identify and distinguish the outline and physiology of multiple individuals from a remarkable distance, even in low-light conditions, while his cybernetic arm allows him to exert impressive strength - although solely from the augmentation - and is fitted with a magnetic installation that allows his vibro-katana to instantaneously move towards his palm, allowing for him to draw his weapon quickly. He is an above-average swordsman and is competent enough to maintain his own in battle, utilizing his agility and the strength of his cybernetic arm to cut down his opponents with notable efficiency, as well as performing and maintaining blocks and counters. The vibroblade in itself, named Shingen, has had its hardware updated multiple times and is considered an optimal example of a vibroblade if any.

Hachiman is not experienced with all weaponry, however, and despite the advantage granted to him by his artificial eye he is still inexperienced in ranged combat, although he keeps an ionic pistol and a Xhodocto handgun that he had gathered from a Vault during one of his ventures, a weapon that he has outright refused to use at the insistence of those around him, often keeping it concealed. Hachiman is considered competent with Essence however, being excessively trained in the art of manipulating and generating Dream Energy while also using Elemental energy to a lesser extent as part of his training, and relies on them to be at his most proficient in combat while also still learning to use them for passive intentions, which is difficult due to the explosive nature of the former Essence aspect. Hachiman has access to assuming a Radiant State and can amplify the potency of his weapons through arcanising them with his Essence, although his Radiant State is currently uncontrolled and he does not have all of the abilities granted by Dream Energy due to not being a fully-Ascended individual, thus he retains his mortality.



Green face.pngYo! Think twice about us being friends; we're family!

  • Thea'Nhirara - “Teacher, I'd probably be nothing if it wasn't for you. All I can really say is... thanks.
  • Baptarion Light - “Hey, smarty-pants! We should hang out again, when you're done with all that lame work stuff you do.
  • Sarec - “You've been more than a mentor to me, scaley. Friends for life.
  • Xerkea - “Tell me another badass story, Grandma!
  • Vekaron - “One day I'll kick your ass, Grandpa!
  • Macin Xermilin - “You'll always be at my back, pushing me forward even when you're done living.
  • Mimi - “Hey, I'm supposed to be the adorable fluffball!
  • Gardin - “Grandpa's little girl? Well, somebody's gonna grow up to kick my ass.


Blue face.pngWho needs to be scared of anything when you have all these buddies here?

  • Arkarixus - “He's more than just cool; he's ice cold!
  • Koluap - “Moan all you want, I don't see you throwing Essence around! ... What are you doing with that shotgun?
  • Agent Nu - “Yeah, well, who isn't scared of this guy?
  • Agent Tau - “I've seen her kick a good few assholes. I wonder what else those legs can do, though.
  • Agent Mu - “If it makes you feel any better, I think you're an okay guy.
  • Kithworto - “A lot like Teacher, but a lot more likely to kill me as well.
  • Kezoreg - “Despite all our differences, it all comes down to who can break the rules better!
  • Foshi - “For a Chaos monster, you make for a good pet. Squee squee!


Yellow face.pngWe should hang out more often. Well, a few of us, at least.

  • Sonhadromerith - “Nice gods are rare, I gotta say. At least, I think he's nice. He's not tried killing me, anyway.
  • Venoriel - “I would love to check out that sweet pair of ti- Glasses! I meant glasses!
  • Lemmo - “He says he has loads of money, but nobody whops it out quite like me.
  • Uriel Ultanos - “Don't lie to me, don't tell me that that guy isn't the biggest pimp in the galaxy.
  • Apollo - “Oh! Democracy, bitch!
  • Tuolog - “You know it's not every day I come across magic old men.
  • Tharaqím - “I still prefer 'Rosie', you know that right?


Orange face.pngI like to think that there are reasons behind assholes. It's usually because they're assholes.

  • Tyraz - “You know you've got bad genes when you're shorter than a midget.
  • Eolania Menoraim - “Feel free to come by and do service agai-- I mean stay the hell away from me!
  • Kalcedia Myran - “Hmph, I didn't feel like catching a disease today, anyway. ... Can I take a picture?
  • General Volim - “Somebody's gotta put you out of your misery, even if you did kinda deserve it. Maybe.


Red face.pngIt seems at least a few guys are cruising for a smacked ass, not that I know what that feels like. ... Honest.

  • Mordathai - “Keep your... whatever the hell creatures they are to yourself!
  • Geltastra - “I'm afraid that you're not my type.
  • Shu'wokerama - “Ngh, I can feel all the misery that you've caused...
  • Shu'rimrodir - “I've seen enough hentai to know what he wants to do with the universe and everyone in it...
  • Kolossus - “I gotta say, going through what he's been through... He's a tough guy. Tougher than most.
  • Kol Daren - “... Stop looking at my ass. ... Please?


You have much to learn, and you will with time. Your role in Sonhadromerit's great plan extends much more than you imagine. You are fated to be a guardian angel to this universe, and I will do everything in my power to ensure you succeed... my son.

- Thea'Nhirara

That kid? he's a brat. I don't like him... I'm honest, I don't!... Okay, perhaps a tiny bit.

- Koluap

Hot? I believe my body temperature is normal, thank you.

- Iovera IX

WAT DA HELL MAN HES... nah im dun wiv dissin evryon in quotz its borin

- Zr'Ahgloth

Hachiman shows promising elemental powers. However, he must learn that they are a mere side effect and not the goal of martial focus, or they will become his end. Perhaps I shall be guiding this one.

- Kez'Ksha

I will have my revenge on you, child. One day, you will regret not siding with me, and your screams of terror will be heard through the whole of Inferno.

- Geltastra

May the tendrils of chaos consume you!

- The Dark Purger


- Xhodocto

I can see a very bright future ahead for both of us.

- Sarec

I'm sure he'll find the right person. Eventually.

- Apollo

How bout a hug?!

- Agent Nu

Destiny awaits.

- Sonhadromerith

If I hadn't been a coward, I would have died, you know. Not everyone has magic powers like you.

- Lemmo

People who look like teddy bears? All sex addicts.

- Erissare

Funny little guy. He'd make a good court slave.

- Zarveltyr

A youthful hero doomed to fall like a blossom.

- Eolania Menoraim

She's always been so frustrated... I think she needs a boyfriend. What? She is male? Well, it changes nothing. He needs a boyfriend nonetheless...

- Lamenar Reminocles

There is but one end which awaits the blind, and strength serves only to delay it.

- Orsik Corvosa




  • The initial concept and current model for Hachiman was created by TheHachi, although the original model for Hachiman, now credited as being a 'younger state', was created by Xho.
  • The original page quote, "WIIIIIIEEEEEENNNNEEEEEERRRR!!", was inspired by the popular Youtuber JonTron; he had issued the phrase "I want to stick my WIENER in her!" during an episode of GameGrumps' playthrough of Sonic the Hedgehog 2006.
  • Hachiman was inspired in some way or another by various characters from popular, often Japanese, media; Miyamoto Usagi, Goku, and Raiden are the most prominent sources of inspiration.
  • The name Hachiman was taken from a figure of the Shinto religion, Hachiman, the god of archery and warriors. Shinha, once Shin-Ha, is a possible Japanese-English mistranslation of "new leaf".
  • The name of Hachiman's vibroblade, Shingen, comes from the name of a daimyo of the Sengoku Jidai, Takeda Shingen. The name of the vessel that Hachiman had spent part of his childhood upon, the Tomoe Maru, comes from a combination of Tomoe Gozen, a female samurai, and a naming tradition amongst the Japanese navy, with the names of vessels ending in Maru.
  • Hachiman possesses both a high fantasy equivalent and a Legacy Era equivalent of his character in the form of Hachi and Future Hachiman.