He's an idiot. He's clumsy, he's silly, he's absent-minded and he acts like a bumbling child. But this boy managed to make me see the world in a different, better way. He might be an idiot, but he's my idiot.

- Clothovera Moirai

Hachitao Yiachaakangan, otherwise simply referred to as Hachi and the Shortblade, is a nomadic Lagosi swordsman and a young vigilante who travels across Koldenwelt after being exiled from his homeland of the Kame Isles, the realm of Min Lagosi. A seeker of adventure and thrills, Hachi is notably different from many other Lagosi individuals in that he is particularly liberal in showing his emotions and interacting with other races, and has gained something of a reputation for himself due to acts of charity and a heavily-promiscuous and lustful attitude. Hachi consistently searches for things to do, especially if such ventures include the assistance of the lesser residents of mainland Koldenwelt.

An optimistic and benevolent individual, Hachi prefers fighting for others than for himself, although his attempts are somewhat misguided at times due to a suspicious lack of logic. However, what is absent in intelligence is compensated with noble intentions, and Hachi has taken it upon himself to ensure that his actions do not bring about death to those that he feels do not deserve such a fate, even if it costs him his own. While maintaining something of an ego, Hachi is far from outright selfish and he does everything he undertakes with a bout of confidence and eager anticipation.


Early Life[]

Hachitao Yiachaakangan was born to Teiradanong and Byonghai Yiachaakangan, both members of the Yiachaakangan Tribe; the elderly Teiradanong was, and remains as, the leader of the tribe while Byonghai was a second cousin to the man. Hachitao grew up with many brothers and sisters, although like most infants of the Lagosi he was raised by many members of his tribe rather than exclusively by his parents. Hachitao grew the closest to one of his elder siblings, the brother Meihinan, and struggled following the teachings of self-restraint and personal constriction of the emotions that flow through most Lagosi, leading to Hachitao possessing a rather energetic and mischevious childhood.

At some point prior to his 15th birthday and after his older siblings applied for careers away from the Yiachaakangan household, with some pursuing interests in the Lagosi military, Hachitao witnessed the destruction of a Lagosi cultural landmark at the hands of a heavily-armoured Lagosi warrior referring to itself as Crystalbane and the subsequent massacre of both local Lagosi militia and civilians, prompting the Lagosi rogue to impose itself upon Hachitao, along with a group of Lympharians. For reasons remaining unknown, Hachitao found himself spared from Crystalbane's bloodshed, although he found himself frightened into silence and refused to speak of the incident, residing in fear of Crystalbane and the imminent Lympharian threat, even when questioned by his family members and officials of the Lagosi government. When the Lympharian infestation made itself apparent to public knowledge, Hachitao was branded a criminal and an affiliate of Crystalbane for refusing to speak word of the internal assault, which led to the deaths and conversion of hundreds, both soldiers and citizens.

As a result of refusing to provide knowledge to Min Lagosi of the Lympharians and Crystalbane's existence prior to a national catastrophe, Hachitao was found himself suffering the fate of execution until the head of the Yiachaakangan household pleaded for Hachitao's life; instead, Hachitao was deprived of an eye and an arm, the latter of which was later replaced with an artificial, magically-enchanted limb as a parting gift on behalf of another member of the Yiachaakangan Tribe, and escorted to mainland Koldenwelt to fare for himself, disallowed to return for the consequence would have been public ridicule and execution. Hachitao, from this point, referred to himself as merely Hachi, disallowing usage of the rest of his name unless he should regain his dignity and successfully bid for his rite to return to and reside upon the Kame Isles.

Hachi, once he reached the main continents of Koldenwelt, would encounter questionable figures such as Pelagrios, whom stole what currency Hachi had on his person during a stay at a tavern, and Kinmorunddraver, who Hachi spent an intermediate amount of time with as an accomplice and as a student. While Hachi knew something of combat due to training with his father and brothers, his ventures and sessions with Kinmorunddraver would bring about a significant increase in his skill, as well as the discovery of his time-oriented Source capabilities. After separating from Kinmorunddraver, Hachi came into the possession of a Draonoggr blade that held the spirit of a figure called 'Archavior', a once-prominent and significantly ancient figure by Draonoggr standards. With the acquisition of this blade, Hachi would further increase his skills and expanded his arsenal, as well as his knowledge of Koldenwelt's continents.

Dawning of Distaste - The Forgotten Lands[]

Hachi came to become acquainted with a fellow outsider at some point prior to his first major venture; a dark witch, Clothovera Moirai. The two initially enjoyed one another's company and felt some form of instinctive connection to one another, driving the two of them to becoming otherwise close friends. However, after Clothovera was kidnapped by a group of Kamehebi at the command of Minoqamius, Hachi and the witch's familiar, Nyakik, would go on to attempt to save her, which soon led to a falling out between an angry and vengeance-filled Clothovera and Hachi after Hachi had insisted Clothovera spare Minoqamius' life as Hachi refused to be responsible for deaths that could be avoided and wished not for Clothovera to follow through on her revenge. The resulting argument caused the two to dislike one another and develop a heated rivalry.

Sometime afterward, Hachi was invited by the Néva Riad to explore the Forgotten Lands alongside a team consisting of Kinmorunddraver, the Sea Witch, Marcos Ridgewood, and Lekren-Lax. It was during this venture that Hachi gained knowledge of Varelos von Dalverat and his Succubi mistresses, Imperator Kalarah and the Legion of Shiarchon, the Exosubstratal, Kebra'Osos, and Praenuntius. Hachi managed to befriend the Sea Witch during this venture, warming her once-cold and stone-like heart to his presence, and managed to secure a place of shelter and residence when he had no other - that is, the Sea Witch's home, the Skull Cave. After departing from the Forgotten Lands and effectively ensuring the preservation of the land, Hachi joined the Sea Witch in returning to Skull Cave and resided there.

Inferno Rises - Into the Flesh Forest[]

Several members of the Forgotten Lands party reunited once again, with the addition of Clothovera, Pelagrios, and Javina Desertsun, in order to explore the island of Akriarion and attempt to discover treasure, an expedition that was in turn initiated and organized by the Sea Witch. The sudden reintroduction to one another brough much spite between Hachi and Clothovera, although there were times during the adventure where Clothovera had sustained injuries and Hachi resorted to assisting in her recovery and safety. In the end, with some assistance from Xitannoth, the group had achieved gaining entry to Akriarion although in turn evoked Atrocius as well as awakening the ancient Sea Giant Xacutus. After escaping from Akriarion, Clothovera stayed with the Sea Witch and took on a role as her apprentice and house serf, while Hachi left to attempt returning to the Kame Isles, with little success.

After the incident at the Golden Necropolis, Hachi returned to the Skull Cave to find Clothovera still serving as the Sea Witch's apprentice, as well as discovering the presence of another Lagosi nomad - Headhunter Kanna - who attempted to fight and slay Hachi as soon as he had appeared before eventually calming down. With the land being terrorized by enigmatic and mysterious tendrils that erupted from the earth, the group, along with Kinmorunddraver, journeyed deep into the forest home of the Dark Caxildiz, where they fought the Lost and Harbinger, as well as part of the Simulacra Vargash. Once Vargash and the Lost had been defeated and the tendril infestations ceased, as well as discovering the truth behind the Dark Caxildiz, the group returned to the Skull Cave and all lived beneath the same roof, with Kanna and the Sea Witch maintaining care for Hachi and Clothovera.

War of Vampires[]

In the Spring of 32 NA, Clothovera was taken from the Skull Cave residence during a night alone with Hachiman by the intervention of the Simulacrum known as Zran Kar, the god of vampires and the patron deity of the Nightshade Clan, which had recently been deposed of its former figurehead and founding member Varelos von Dalverat who was cast out of the Clan on Zran Kar's command and exiled into the wilderness, with his wives and many children and descendants having been subjected to a form of mind control in the meanwhile and undergo a mass assault on much of the rest of the world. Clothovera was soon after seduced and corrupted by the influence of the Simulacrum and served as the replacement for the former Count under the guise of the Countess, her emotions twisted to harbour only spite for her former friends. In an effort to retrieve the young dark witch, Hachiman, the Sea Witch, and Kanna underwent an expedition across Koldenwelt, on the way meeting with the Inquisitors Javina Desertsun and Alfgund Stonesoul whom had been tasked with discovering and redirecting the cause of the sudden vampire attacks. Soon after invading the lair of the Vermin Kingdom and its Terefah populace, utilising the underground system they had constructed through a mountain range in order to take advantage of a short cut that had been pointed out by Alhazred, who served as the group's guide, the group expanded as they encountered the weakened Count and his daughter, Dragostea, at La Petite Mort and agreed to cooperate with one another to rescue Clothovera and restore the Count's status.

After a brief detour to the Sovereignty of Dryada, where the group picked up the assistance of professional vampire-slayer Yurthez Bertonius and the elven ranger Khadya, before trekking to the Sea of Sand and encountering Aurora and her vampiric sisterhood, with Aurora lending her support after rescuing the group of Khaepsha-ultan militants. Following this, the group came to encounter the hypnotised Mortium, who took the lives of Hachiman and a number of his companions although restored them to life following the breaking of his hypnosis at the claws of Dragostea and Aurora, and treated the group to a visit to the Underworld where he allowed them to meet the Dawn Wardens, including Ahmalhrich Stormsword and Witch Clotholaire. Travelling to the north after their visit, the group infiltrated and invaded Castle Nightshade, with Mortium's servants conflicting with the likes of Zran Kar's demons, and fought the three wives of Varelos; Anian Dalverat, who was saved from taking her life by her daughter after her defeat and restoring her senses, Alles Dalverat, who had trapped the companions within her garden and was knocked to her senses by her husband, and Hamoins Dalverat, who had kidnapped and almost enslaved Hachiman prior to the encounter with Alles and severely wounded Dragostea. Following the restoration of the consciousness of the wives, whom proceeded to lend their support against Zran Kar, the group challenged the Countess and in the process slew her Familiar, Nyakik, and fought her directly on the rooftop of the castle, leading to Hachitao risking his life to rescue her from her enslavement at her own resistance and freeing her with a kiss.

Swiftly after Clothovera's release from her psychological enslavement, Hachiman would lead the assault on Zran Kar's realm, Sanguine Hill, in order to challenge and defeat the Simulacrum in combat in order to claim revenge for the destruction he had caused and for his influence over Clothovera; granted Mortium's scythe to fight with and joining with Clothovera, who held the Simulacrum arcane artefact known as the All-Knowing, Yurthez, who had retrieved the ancient Coronaira Whip, and Varelos himself, utilising his own personal greatsword Bertonius' Demise, the companions directly fought against the Simulacrum and, after significant back-and-forth advantages over one another, eventually managed to not actually defeat the deity but convince him to cease his reign over vampirekind and his bloody global massacre, officially marking the end of the war. Afterward, receiving praises from the Dalverat Sisters and Varelos, Hachiman and his surrogate family returned to Skull Cave with the freed Clothovera, with their relationship coming to grow more intimate after the events of the war while, at Varelos' command, vampirekind retreated into the shadows to regain their strength for they had evoked the wrath of mortalkind.



Hachi appears as a blue-furred Lagosi, a somewhat uncommon but not particularly rare pigmentation amongst the species, and his noted especially for his artificial left limb - an arm carved from magic wood that is native to the Kame Isles - and his eyepatch. Hachi is lop-eared and appears as he should for his age, with his chest being fluffy and thick even by comparison to other Lagosi. Hachi has particularly soft features and can always be seen smiling unlike many other Lagosi, and even by the standards of the Lagosi he is rather effeminate in stature and build. His hair is roughly kept in check but is nonetheless wavy, with Hachi allowing it to grow long as per Lagosi decorative and aesthetic traditions. Hachi possesses a single brown eye and white tints to his fur.

Hachi is often seen not wearing much attire. His legs are often left bare, clothed only with plates of Lagosi steel that were salvaged from outdated Lagosi warrior outfits left behind by Lagosi exiles that had not survived long into their punishment, and his torso is always left entirely exposed in most instances. Instead of scabbards to store his blades, Hachi carries them upon straps attached to his waist armour and has also tied bags of herbs and medicinal supplies to it via stretches of rope. Hachi stands at 1,6 meters which is often considered to be the minimum size of a mature Lagosi, although as Hachi is only young as of now he is likely to grow only slightly moreso than he has currently.


Hachi is a noble and benevolent character, if somewhat misguided at times. Lacking in in-depth intelligence and allowing his emotions to cloud his judgement from time to time, Hachi may appear fickle at times although his intentions are always directed towards charitable causes; he holds the needs of others, especially the less fortunate, before those of himself, although that does not mean he will not ensure he retains at least a share of what it is he is fighting to gain, such as riches and treasure or recognition. Hachi believes in a moral code dictated purely by himself, a code that wanders closely to that of a combination of altruism and chivalry - he believes death is a radical, unnecessary punishment for his opponents and displays mercy wherever it is possible, and is willing, if oftentimes reluctant, to provide second chances.

However, despite Hachi's values, he is lustful and possesses an extremely potent drive for sexual contact, although this has lessened somewhat since his settling down with a partner. At times, Hachi is also childish as a result of his alignment towards innocence, for he has also forsaken, if not outright forgotten, the traditional Lagosi lessons of emotional and personal constraint thus leaving him atypical to a majority of his kind. Hachi does not believe in following laws, which has led him into trouble numerous times, and prefers to do whatever his heart tells him to do if he views it as a justified and beneficial action. Due to his apparent lacking of self-control, he is easily manipulated, incapable of distinguishing seductive lies from truths a majority of the time, although he is quick to rectify for his mistakes once he has been shown, or convinced himself of, honesty.


Much like many Lagosi warriors, Hachi is maneuverable and agile, displaying impressive athleticism although, bizarrely, not much situational awareness despite his above-human senses, possibly being affiliated to his lacking of in-depth psychological Lagosi exercise. While he retains a mere single eye, Hachi is capable of distinguishing features in various environments while in conditions of darkness, although as a consequence he is poor at ranged combat as he maintains trouble with correctly estimating distance. He is a skilled swordsman, having been taught the basics of Lagosi martial arts and expanding upon them under training with Kinmorunddraver, and can utilize deep, precise and proficiently accurate slashes to incapacitate his enemies.

While sharing his kind's vulnerabilities, ie. lacking in durability and strength output, he retains their high rate of stamina and is thought to secretly be a potent Source user, especially due to his powers affiliating with aspects of time - an art long thought lost that he happened to have been born with. However, he does not make use of his temporal abilities often nor even the basic abilities granted by the Source, believing that using it for combat is against his morals of mercy and finding no practical, non-combat use for it. Hachi's artificial limb, constructed of resistant, magic-channeling wood native to the Kame Isles, amplifies his Source capabilities and also allows him to exert great amounts of strength, although exclusively with that single arm.



LoveRelation.pngI sometimes knew that, someday, we would be more than just friends.

  • Clothovera Moirai - “You won't lose me again, I'll make sure of that. Sweetheart.


Green face.pngWho needs a family when I've got friends like you guys?

  • Sea Witch - “You took me in, fed me, and cared for me. There's no way I can really repay you for all that.
  • Kanna - “Let bygones be bygones and let's just focus on making your life that little bit happier, old guy.
  • Kinmorunddraver - “I try my best not to get your bad side. I know I do anyway, but at least I'm kinda trying.


Blue face.pngI prefer that we crossed paths rather than crossed swords and shields. Fighting alongside you gives me my own strength to fight alone.

  • Alfgund Stonesoul - “Brave and stalwart, as he says. He knows how to boast but you gotta admit, he's not wrong.
  • Javina Desertsun - “Now there's a hat I'd like to hide in, and a personality I'd prefer to spit on.
  • Khadya - “Hehe, I wonder if she likes to hunt rabbits with her bare hands.
  • Varelos von Dalverat - “A good guy and a caring father. ... Gee, guy, why do you get four sexy wives?
  • Yurthez Bertonius - “You know, I haven't seen anyone who prefers to use whips over other weapons as much as you do. ... Whatever floats your boat, man.
  • Dragostea - “I always feel a little chilly around her. I wonder how warm that bosom is, though.
  • Aurora - “Hot, hot, hot! Looks like I need to climb beneath that veil of yours to escape the heat, maybe?
  • Hys Dalverat - “I didn't think it was possible to be both cute and hot at the same time, you know.
  • Lekren-Lax - “I hope he doesn't end up mixing up his drink for a concoction of... whatever.
  • Pelagrios - “Isn't rum for sharing?
  • Riad - “You're a pretty cool guy, I like how chill you are about everything.
  • Bastion - “Beneath all that heavy armour, you show a lot of soft heart.
  • Mortium - “You know, it must be hard keeping track of death and all, so you should take a few day offs. ... What are you doing with that bag?
  • Septimus - “I know that you are the last of your kind, big guy, but you know, there are plenty more elven fish in the sea.


Yellow face.pngGetting to know each other is the first step in developing friendship. ... Or making enemies.

  • Anian Dalverat - “They say she's the queen of the vampires and one of the best pyromancers, which carries weight since thinking of that body just sets my mind alight.
  • Alles Dalverat - “She's got an impressive garden, although I really wanna grab the chance to take a sniff of her prized lovely rose bush.
  • Hamoins Dalverat - “There's sexy, and then there's scary... and somehow, you manage to pull off both. I just hope you don't pull of other things than that.
  • Big Beard Clamak - “The strength in those muscle can topple mountains, but the sharpness in his mind couldn't even slice a block of cheese. Funny guy, though.
  • Marcos Ridgewood - “He smells like a corpse and doesn't look too healthy, but with the way he can use that sword of his, I wouldn't say it to his face.
  • Longinus - “I'm not sure what's more blinding, the sunlight magic he wields or the light glimmering off of all those piercings he has.


Orange face.pngStay outta my way and I'm not going to bite you until I next see you.

  • Crystalbane - “I'm going to come back for you. And I will make you pay for the crimes you've committed.


Red face.pngYou should have gotten a grip before walking all over me because now you've made me lose it.

  • Minoqamius - “Dunno what his problem is but it definitely looks like a case of more brawn than brain.
  • Praenuntius - “It was you and your buddies that made me lose my old home. It's going to be me and my friends that will make you lose your life.
  • Imperator Kalarah - “Honestly cannot see why he is so greatly admired by his people when he's a big, dark, evil zombie thing. ... Just like the rest of his folk, actually.
  • Kebra'Osos - “You can feel free to laugh at the way he talks but you'd better keep quiet before he starts to either swing that club of his around, or you around.
  • Xacutus - “I have never been one for stereotypes, but they say pyromancers can be rather hot-headed. Based on this guy, I can see where they're coming from.
  • Zran Kar - “Even if you are a god of knowledge or something, you do not know why it's a bad idea to mess with mortalkind the way you dark gods do.


Now that's a nice kid. He just needs some discipline.

- Sea Witch

You... y-you make my heart beat so fast... m-my cute bunny.

- Clothovera Moirai

Yes, struggle... It makes it so... much more entertaining.

- Zran Kar

I want to see your wood, and I don't mean your arm.

- Hamoins Dalverat

You lack discipline.

- Javina Desertsun

You bring dishonour to your people, unrestrained child. That being said, I like your sword.

- Lekren-Lax

You are foolish, naive, and perhaps too optimistic for my liking. But I am indebted to you, for without you, I still be nothing, a prisoner.

- Archavior

May you find love and compassion wherever you go, Lagosi. You deserve it

- Marcos Ridgewood

If rum was for sharing, I'd share it. But since it ain't for sharing, I ain't sharing it. I don't see sharing as caring. Pirates don't share so we don't care. Rum. Mine.

- Pelagrios

If I had a string in my heart left to play, I swear an angel would tug it every time that idiot so much as thinks about his beloved. If only more people loved the way he does.

- Bastion




  • Hachi possesses a science fiction equivalent of his character that is part of the primary Fictionverse continuity, Hachiman.