Politics is much like war. Except in war, you can only die once.

- Guolivian

Guolivian is a male Basileus who served as the Senator of Ancaoilion in the Senate of the United Republic of Cyrannus and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus prior to its dissolution by Emperor Tyrómairon in 14 NE—an event which hinged on a false accusation that Guolivian was a traitor in league with Morgandaûr.

Instrumental in the creation of the New Imperial Order, Guolivian had been a strong supporter of the Empire, but remained a traditionalist in the hopes of maintaining the power and dignity of the Senate. Before the rise of the Empire, Guolivian served in the Republic Senate, representing both his adopted homeworld of Ancaoilion and his fellow renegade Basileus who disagreed with the tyrannical nature of the Imperium. He was a staunch anti-Confederate senator during the Great Cyrannus War and campaigned for their leaders to be executed once found as petty criminals and terrorists, refusing to accept the legitimacy of their government.

Despite minor embarrassments in his political career, Guolivian remained a popular figure throughout Cyrannus and was often seen as an ambassador to extragalactic civilisations during inter-governmental meetings, such as the monumental Cyrandia Conference, during which he represented the Empire alongside one of his closest allies, Potenate Tereyn Aeresius. Guolivian was a supporter of the expansion of the Empire through diplomacy rather than subterfuge, endearing him to many citizens who respect the old ways of the Republic.

During the Cyrannian Cold War, Guolivian conspired against figures such as Taev Vosaetiur and Deoclet Caesarius, who sought to remove the power of the Senate and place it with the Mandator council. In fighting for the Senate, Guolivian sought allies such as Donaró and Balbus Marinus of the Talven Empire, though effectively signed his political death warrant, with his activities resulting in the final dissolution of the Senate, the arrest and execution of dozens of his colleagues and the end of the pretence of democracy on Orbispira. An outlaw once again, Guolivian was heartbroken by his betrayal by his beloved Empire, fleeing Imperial space and not turning back.


Early Life


Guolivian listens to Apollo during the beginning of the Republic's involvement in the Second War of the Black Fog.

Hailing from the Basileus Imperium, Guolivian never agreed with his people's militaristic ways. When he was a young adult, he personally led a rebellion against Tyranus, which was ultimately crushed, while Guolivian was marked as a traitor to the Imperium. Taking a small group of loyalists with him, he eventually joined the United Republic of Cyrannus, where he became a strong supporter of the Senate, but he disliked Apollo's policies, believing that he was working for his own political gain, something few other senators agreed with. In Guolivian's view, the Great Cyrannus War was necessary to achieve a lasting peace in the galaxy, and that violence will solve the URC's problems. Despite these views, he is one of the most popular Senators.

Senator of the Republic

Second War of the Block Fog

Soon after the devastating attack on Constantipolos by the entity known as Okastana, Guolivian was present at a senate meeting on Corunnia, where he recommended to Apollo to see that Republic planets were safe before sending aid to the Ermitant Empire, which was in the creature's direct path. In the end, Apollo decided to send a flotilla to the Ermitant homeworld on Puria and evacuate nearby Republic colonies.

Great Cyrannus War
Ryderallo Monster 02

The Ryderallo Beast escapes it's confines.

During the Great Cyrannus War's third year, a planet under his protection was attacked and conquered by the CAS. Ordering a counterattack, Guolivian agreed to the use of Anti-Matter Bombs to help destroy the CAS army. This proved successful in wiping out the enemy, but it awakened a massive Ryderallo Beast, who rampaged across the planet, only to be stopped by the URC. Senator Guolivian ordered instead of being taken to a planet where no sentient civilization exists, the scientists and Guolivian wished the creature to be studied in a contained environment, the planet, Orbispira.

However while on Orbispira, the Ryderallo Beast escaped its confines and searched for the one who removed him from his home, Guolivian. On his rampage, the Beast almost killed Guolivian but was ultimately sedated. The next morning, much of the clean-up operations were in progress, however, thousands were dead and Senator Gualivian had to make a public apology for the incident. Apollo also promised the public that the creature would be transported to a wildlife preserve, where it could live out it's day's in peace. Guolivian was incredibly embarrassed by the event.

Guolivian, in an attempt to improve his popularity coming up to the Presidential Election at the end of the year, went with Rambo Senator Chuinilyia to Cognatus space in order for them to join with the Cyrandia Alliance. They were successful in doing this, however, the Cyrannian Neraida soon attacked, and Guolivian was forced to return to Orbispira. Nevertheless, his popularity increased.

Making use of the ongoing Great Cyrannus War, the dark entity known as Morgandaûr travelled to Orbispira together with his slave Aur'Lodin to meet with Senator Guolivian. Teleporting straight in front of the senator, Guolivian was surprised and raised his hand in shock. However, the entity simply gave him a document with incriminating evidence against Apollo and Rambo Nation. Guolivian decided to keep the documents a secret until it suited him to release them.

Increasing Influence

A Secret Meeting

Guolivian warns Chuinaylia about the coming threat.

In the aftermath of the Battle of Orbispira, an unknown entity claimed to have united all Capricyránae and demanded to speak to the Cyrannian Senate. Guolivian was present at the meeting and even provided the documents that Morgandaur gave him to the Senate, proving the Entity's words that Apollo and Rambo Nation were conspiring together.

The entity then formed the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and announced himself as Tyrómairon, Emperor of Cyrannus. Guolivian was pleased and his influence in the Senate grew ever stronger. Still, he wondered about his friend, Chuinyalia, she couldn't possibly be a traitor. His thoughts about this eventually persuaded him to contact the young Rambo Nation senator on a secured channel via hologram. Guolivian told her that it was good to see her, but that Zillum and a massive Imperial fleet was preparing to enter the Quadrants. Not wanting his friend to become injured, he warned her about this, leaving Chuinyalia to contemplate her thoughts.

Soon afterwards, the Emperor chose Guolivian for a state visit to the Andromeda Galaxy, in particular the Draconid Imperium, once there he noticed many similarities between the two cultures and helped to improve relations. He was later glad to discover that Chuinaylia survived the Imperial attack on Rambo Nation, and looked forward to seeing her.

Dark Times and the New Cyrandia Wars

Mirus Bound

Guolivian and Aoblix agree to the new Concordat.

In the opening months of the second year of Imperial rule, Guolivian was the target of an assassination attempt spearheaded by the Capricorn Remnant Alliance. Luckily, he managed to survive by using a decoy suggested by Grand Mandator Tyranus, who advised Guolivian to lay low in order to trick the rebels into believing that he had died. However, this period of inactivity did not last long, and Guolivian was soon called upon to visit the Mirus Galaxy.

When he arrived at Lanat Prime, capital of the United Lanat Empire, Guolivian was brought to see minister of foreign affairs Ina'arl, and the two discussed at great length the current troubles facing their empires. Eventually, Guolivian brought up a possible military alliance between the two nations. However, not having the authority to make such a decision, Ina'arl brought Guolivian to see Emperor Aoblix. The two agreed to ratify the treaty, assuming of course that the Empire would agree to help the Tralor against their rebels and that the ULE would agree to expel the Tybusen from Mirus.

When the meeting ended, Guolivian returned to Orbispira. Several months later, he attended the wedding between Iovera and Tyraz, during which he was reunited with his old friend Chuinaylia with the two friends sharing a dance on the floor. Over the next year, Guolivian would become a staunch supporter of giving more power to the Imperial Senate, becoming known as a defender of the old ways while simultaneously welcoming the Empire, which he saw more and more as the perfect institution. This loyalty endeared him to the Potentate Tereyn Aeresius, with the two men becoming close friends and political allies.

During the third year of the Dark Times, Guolivian and Aeresius represented the Empire at the Cyrandia Conference, during which he was a supporter of the creation of the New Cyrannian Republic. Though some animousity remained between Apollo and Guolivian, he managed to start a conversation with the former President, during which he claimed that the New Republic had at least one friend in the Empire, a gesture that the new Proconsul appreciated. After the conference ended, Guolivian returned to Orbispira.


Guolivian offers the Republic a place in the Empire; the moment many consider to have started the Cyrannian Cold War.

When the New Cyrandia Wars erupted, Guolivian became one of the key proponents of furthering connections with extragalactic civilisations, something that raised many eyebrows within the Imperial hierarchy. Though these attempts were met with mixed success, Guolivian was ultimately pleased with the results. By the time the conflict ended, Guolivian's previous sympathy with the New Republic evaporated.

Cyrannian Cold War

The rightful government of Cyrannus hereby extends the hand of Imperial protection to the Republic. The Emperor himself envisions a bright new future for us all under his just and infinite rule. All you have to do is sign the Concordat of Daeohre'eri and peace in the galaxy is ensured.

- Senator Guolivian to the Republic Senators at Daeohre'eri

Three months after the defeat of the Cyrannian Imperial State in the skies above Vasuband, Senator Guolivian joined Senator Paxius of Alsakatiir on a vital diplomatic mission to the Republic world of Daeohre'eri, where they discussed galactic policy with their Republic counterparts Theodynak and Rodyctor. Though the conference went well, Guolivian followed instructions from the Grand Mandator and offered the New Republic a protectorate status within the Empire; a puppet state in all but name. As Guolivian expected, the Republic senators responded with fury and the conference soon collapsed. Returning to Orbispira, Guolivian watched with a degree of regret as the Cyrannian Cold War began.

Several months later, Guolivian was informed of the dismissal of his friend, Rambo Senator Chuinaylia, due to a corruption scandal within the Rambo government. A reporter had leaked information about Chuinaylia's apparent dealings with criminal elements in the Quadrant Galaxies during the Great War, as well as her relationship with Guolivian. The report revealed Guolivian's warning to Chuinaylia prior to the Imperial invasion of Rambo Nation. Hugely embarrassed by the report, Guolivian declined to comment on its revelations and likewise refused to respond a Rambo summon for his questioning about the incident. Due to Guolivian's important role within the Imperial Senate, the report was largely covered up in Imperial space.

Preserving the Senate
Tales of the Cold War I - Ancaoilion02

Guolivian, Paxius and Denaró meet on Ancaoilion.

Temper, temper, Senators. Old habits die hard, after all. I do not expect you both to take action as members of a Senate famed for inaction. No, I expect you both to argue. But, I expect you both to compromise. My friends, my friends, we stand ready to change the face of the Empire for the better, to herald an era of renewed galactic concordance with the Republic and end the tension which cripples our galaxy. Now, I notice your glasses are empty, care for another sip?

- Guolivian, speaking to Senators Donaró and Paxius

As the Cold War progressed, Guolivian found himself overcome with regret over his role in the explosion of tension with the New Republic, though focused his political efforts on maintaining some semblance of normality in the Imperial Senate, the powers of which were being redistributed to the Mandator Council by Grand Mandator Vosaetiur. Guolivian suspected that Vosaetiur was acting opportunistically, taking advantage of the Emperor's focus on other matters, and sought to create a powerful coalition within the Senate to combat the "push for autocracy". Meeting with Senators Paxius and Donaró on his throneworld Ancaoilion, Guolivian spoke at length to his colleagues, stressing that they should work to ensure that the Cold War does not deteriorate into open war—one Guolivian doubted either the Republic or the Empire could survive.

Guolivian later met with Balbus Marinus, the High Councillor of the Talven Empire, who held similar views to Guolivian with regard to coexistence between the Republic and the Empire. The two spoke for hours about the state of the galaxy, with Guolivian returning to Orbispira reinvigorated about his efforts. However, while he received a positive reception by his fellow representatives, his suggestions fell on deaf ears when relayed to the Grand Mandators. Within three months, Guolivian's political capital was spent, while the Emperor officially dissolved the Senate when "evidence" came to light that Guolivian was in league with Morgandaûr since the Great War.


Guolivian managed to escape the fate of many of his colleagues, who were either arrested, executed or forced to retire to their homeworlds. Upon realising that he was an outlaw for the first time since fleeing the Imperium in his youth, Guolivian was overcome with sadness. His beloved Empire had betrayed him and the ideals dear to his heart. Nevertheless, the proud Basileus refused to defect to the New Republic or take up arms against the Empire in the Resistance. The "dream of empire" was dear to his heart and he refused to abandon it, fleeing Imperial space to fight another day.

Personality and Traits

Senator Guolivian is a Basileus of many dimensions, being strong-minded, resolute and passionate in addition to being cold, calculating and sardonic. A consummate politician, Guolivian belived strongly in the ideals of democracy during the reign of the United Republic of Cyrannus, intending on contesting the Presidential election upon the conclusion of his political rival Apollo's term. However, upon the establishment of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Guolivian became a strong supporter of Imperial foreign policy throughout the Gigaquadrant, believing that Imperial dominance in the Gigaquadrant is the only surest way to ensure peace and order throughout the cosmos.

Amongst his colleagues in the Imperial Senate, Guolivian is generally seen as a traditionalist in that he often votes against reforms which could potentially limit the power and influence of the Senate in Imperial affairs. As such, he rarely agrees with decisions made by the executive Mandators, though he has formed a strong working relationship with Potenate Tereyn Aeresius and was a strong supporter of Tyrómairon's reign—a sentiment utterly annihilated when the Emperor accused him of treason during the Dissolution of the Imperial Senate. Nevertheless, prior to the beginning of the Cyrannian Cold War, Guolivian was one of the few in the Senate who sympathised with the New Cyrannian Republic, genuinely regretting his role in the collapse of relations in 06 NE.

When he was branded a traitor, Guolivian was fully aware of the irony that he suffered a similar fate to Apollo, on grounds which he now knew were false. Though his fate on the Empire under Tyrómairon was destroyed, he believed that Cyrannus needed a constitutional monarchy rather than a democratic republic and thus did not join Donaró in open rebellion or Mer Mirea in defection to the New Republic. Rather, he fled Imperial space—though vowed to one day return.



Green faceMy close friends and allies.

  • Balbus Marinus - It appears our dream is dead.
  • Telvenum - The Imperium is in good hands.
  • Donaró - Your fight is righteous. Though I will see an honourable Empire restored.


Blue faceI can surely grow to like you.


Yellow faceI don't know what to think.

  • Ramashe - Where do your loyalties lie?

Political Enemies

Orange facePolitics is like warfare.

  • Tyranus - Bah!
  • Gianne Inviá - Oh. She's dead. What a shame.
  • Apollo - It pains me to say, but perhaps you were right all along...


Red faceYou are unworthy of life.

  • Mar-Júun - A Basileus that looks like that? How dreadful.
  • The Emperor - ... Y-you... How dare you?!
  • Deoclet Caesarius - I will never give up on the dream of Empire, regardless of monsters like you.
  • Taev Vosaetiur - And they saw Basileus are despotic? Ha!


I still don't trust him.

- Apollo

One of my kind, kissing the ground where the demon Emperor treads. Unworthy of living.

- Mar-Júun

A brave, intelligent and polite individual!

- Senator Chuinaylia

Not often you see submissive Basileus. It only makes him an easier target.

- Tyrant

This senator is so loyal. Oh, this funny word called "loyalty". A trait that generally stops people from achieving more power.

- Agnassana

An ambitious and sophisticated individual, I enjoyed his company

- Crown-Prince Telvenum of the Draconid Imperium



  • In the original plan for the Great Cyrannus War, Guolivian was actually Tyrómairon in disguise and would ascend to the Presidency and transform the Republic from within, a-la Palpatine.
  • Another plan for the Great War, developed after it ended, would have seen Guolivian ascend to the Presidency as a pawn of Tyrómairon. Guolivian would gradually create an Imperial Presidency by taking away powers from the Senate and placing it under his command in the face of the ongoing threat of the Confederacy and the Basileus Empire. By the end of the fourth year, the Republic would be the Empire in all but name, creating a perfect atmosphere for Tyrómairon to take the throne. If Cyrannian could turn back time, this is how the GCW would have progressed.


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