Golk is a major general of the Eldarisian Empire and a major trainer.


Golk was born on on the Ixplix confederacy's homeworld, Morglog. He was raised in a family of rebel leaders who opposed the Ixplix confederacy's rulers called the system. He was raised to be strict, good at shooting and a leader who trained his troops. After years of training and hiding, the rebels finally attacked the systems palace when the Eldarisian Empire was heading towards Morglog for the final battle in the first war. Golk lead a small army of rebel soldiers that defended the front doors to the stormed palace. His goal: hold the line until his mother and father destroyed the system. His parents did destroy the system, but he eventually failed his goal and entered a last stand. He survived however, thanks to the Eldarisian bombing of the capital district.

He was then found by Eldarisian scouts and was brought before the High king after he told his story with his parents. The High King approved of his actions and allowed him the opportunity to join the Eldarisian military as long as he swore himself to the Empire and Cuth. Golk and his parents agreed and became military recruits, he was then assigned to a Cyloian defense squad and soon met Ioi Lander, they both became friends before their service in the squad was up. He was then moved to a Eldarisian assault squad and spent his time in space combat as he blew ships into pieces in several conflicts. He proved himself capable of leadership in the first war, but he was proven of being an excellent one when he took control over his squad when their leader died in combat. After this, Golk was promoted to general. Now he serves as one of the most loyal and best generals within the Eldarisian Empire.


As a major general, Golk takes pride in training his troops and is fairly strict. Golk is one of the major generals of the Eldarisian navy, he commands his troops from a purger. He also is in charge of his own strike team that can board enemy ships and destroy them.

Unlike other military leaders, Golk is one of the few leaders that does not stay professional. He cares about every single one of his soldiers, crewmen and strike members. He normally spends time with those who request it and forms relations, he also will become enraged at cowards, sad when death approaches one of his men and even determination when a fellow comrade gives final requests. Since Golk has this trait, he is a highly respected and a loved general within the Eldarisian military.


Golk has a very energized personality and is known to be a light drinker. Besides his trait with his troops, Golk is a very caring person. Knowing much about his friends, he likes to help them with their problems and even would destroy some of their problems. Golk is also a very determined person, once his mind is set, he will not stop until he accomplishes his goal. Golk also likes to study about military history and is a follower of Cuth. His past has also manifested a personal hatred for the old rulers of the Ixplix confederacy.

He also has a number of issues, like his burning rage against enemies of Eldarisia and his constant need for a command role. Without a role in command, Golk feels disrespected and denied the ability to lead his Empire to glory. This only causes him to become determined to prove those wrong who demoted him. Despite this, Golk likes to socialize with friends and has a very strong relationship with Ioi Lander, he also likes to practice shooting with his friends and will even challenge their skills. Overall, Golk is a happy individual who loves the military, his men and most of all, his friends.


Green faceAllies: Praise Cuth, my ally is here!

  • Captain Ioi: My best friend, we would take a bullet for one another.
  • Rv-709: A great friend who knows how to fight!
  • Elka Cloden: I must say , he has a light and dark side.

Blue faceFriends: You are worthy of a drink my friend.

Yellow faceNeutral: Hmm?

Orange faceDislikes: You shouldn't be speaking with me.

Red faceEnemy: If only we were at war with you!


  • General Golk was original named General Momo


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