i iz a whol different gaem from da otha loronz...

- Gol'thabex

Gol'thabex is a leeda of Da Rogue Boyz, in charge of the Thugz Fer Dosh. A feared freelance Loron, Gol'thabex built up his reputation over the years, growing especially notorious in the beginning of the War Economy.

History Edit

Origins Edit

Gol'thabex wasn't born into any large Loron empire. Instead, Gol'thabex was born into a Loron mafia, and he lived his life as a pirate. On one mission, Gol'thabex notoriously murdered his father when looting a starship, in order to take all the loot for himself. Gol'thabex was a rogue freelance, who went working with various Loron mafias and other small empires. Gol became one of the most feared mercenaries around. Gol'thabex has been found to be genetically related to Knar'gank, being second cousins. This explains why they have a few similarities, though also differ in many ways.

Perils of Ottzello Edit

During the DCP/Loron War in the Perils of Ottzello, Gol'thabex notoriously stole several weapons of the Delpha Coalition of Planets. When the DCP caused the stolen weapons to malfunction and explode, Gol'thabex was thought dead. But he was very much alive. During the Second Ottzello Galactic War, Gol'thabex was hired by Zr'Ahgloth, and in one battle, confronted a descended Tyraz and survived. When the Kralgon Invasion Force took over the Propa Big Loron Empire, Gol'thabex stayed freelance, working with minor Loron empires. In the Third Ottzello Galactic War, Gol'thabex led his feared mercenary group to victory against a large horde of HXTs, taking down the titans while his boyz cleared up their swarms. Gol'thabex retreated however, joining the Second War of Black Fog, and murdered his Loron'Kikra self.

Joining Da Rogue Poshiez Edit

In the events that led up to the Second Borealis Galactic War - the Annihilation causing the Ottzello Galaxy's destruction and move to the Ottzello Sector of the Borealis Galaxy - Gol'thabex was still rogue freelance, working with several Loron mafias. In a time before the war, Gol'thabex once again murdered his revived Loron'Kikra self in the Rogue Boyz. However, little did he know, his notorious reputation would catch Da Rogue Boyz' attention. Gol'thabex' feared mercenary crew joined Thugz Fer Dosh in the Business of War era, and their notoriety grew as they murdered several officials, as well as leading the Loron to victory. Gol'thabex became one of the toughest Loron of this time who lacked cybernetics or genetic modifications, and was infamous for being impossible to get rid of. Gol'thabex became the leader of the Thugz Fer Dosh, and a Rogue Boyz leeda, in the Wrath of Gods era.

Da Rogue Era Edit

In what was known as Da Ice Cube Trials, Gol'thabex participated in the event, with his plan to perform a heist on the richest man in the galaxy. Pulling one off quickly and efficiently, Gol'thabex managed to rob billions from Billig Oltauris before leaving. After these events, during reshuffling, Gol'thabex was moved to a new position within the Rogue Boyz known as "Da Poshiez". He was indifferent about this change.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Gol'thabex' clothing is comparable to that of pirates like those in the Borealis Consortium Network, whom he bought them from. However, his clothing is actually incredibly tough armour, even if it doesn't look it on the outside. Gol'thabex is taller than most Loron, taller than even Fre'kloar.

Personality Edit

Gol'thabex sees himself as the 'tough guy'. Gol'thabex doesn't speak as often as the others, and when he does, he's full of 'tough talk' either bigging himself up, talking about how much he'll smash his targets, and more. Gol'thabex is also cunning in comparison to other Loron, planning his attacks. Gol'thabex is used to being in charge as much as he's used to knowing what to do. Gol is also notorious among the boyz for trying to solve their internal arguments. Gol can often be found with a large group of either his own thugs or other leedas, often standing with a foot against the wall, arms crossed and occasionally smoking. Gol is feared by many, Loron and non-Loron alike, beng infamous and wanted in many regions of Borealis.

Equipment Edit

Gol'thabex, as mentioned previously, wears disguised advanced armour, provided to him by the Borealis Consortium Network (sponsors of Thugz Fer Dosh). As well as having hidden deflector shields, the amour is made of nanometal (metal made of nanomachines) that allows it to change shape, repair itself, as well as appear differently, and is also one of the toughest forms of armament. Gol'thabex is armed to the teeth with weapons. He uses a machine coilgun, which fires bullets comparable to .50 BMG bullets (the ammunition of a Barret 50 cal). With its incredible speed and powerful bullets, the machine coilgun can tear apart many creatures in a single hit, and doesn't take too long to kill another Loron. As well as this, on his other arm, he likes to carry a plasma fusion blaster, which can cause just as much damage, even melting tanks made of the toughest armour, and making short work of many deflector shields.

Gol'thabex loves thrown weapons more, however, and his favourite weapons of choice are his tomahawk axes. Augmented with energy - making it boiling hot and electrified - and incredibly sharp blades, a thrown tomahawk from Gol'thabex is, in many cases, an instant kill, due to his precision, as well as the sheer power of the axes. Gol'thabex also throws plasma grenades, with a powerful radius and blast that can destroy many buildings.

Abilities Edit

Gol'thabex is incredibly good at aiming his weapons - almost 95% accurate with tomahawks, and better than Loron with his gns (which arguably isn't much better), as well as fast and efficient in close quarters combat. Many have argued that he is greater in combat than even Fre'kloar, although this is an ongoing debate. Gol'thabex is also fairly good at stealth, though not comparable to a sneeka.

Relations Edit

Homies Edit

Yellow facesafe.

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Yellow face...

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Enemies Edit

Orange faceyoo iz gonna get smashed.

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