The universe truly is a darker place without her.

- Raen Magalen

Gianne Inviá was a female Libertus that served as the Senator of Coruindia during the reign of the United Republic of Cyrannus. She is famous for her marriage to the former President Apollo and as the mother to Laoi Cretacea and Kara Inviá. A figure of peace, reconcilation and incredible intelligence, Inviá was a very popular figure during the Republic Era and continued to be during the Imperial Era.

Gianne was assassinated in the year 3 NE (6 ATC) by the infamous bounty hunter Éaltar Gauisa under orders from the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Navy. Her death shocked both the Cyrandia Cluster and the Gigaquadrant as a whole.

History Edit

Early Life Edit


Apollo with his family on Orbispira in 2 ATC.

As a young child, Gianne grew up in a small mountain villiage, where she often enjoyed playing with her sisters among the quiet peaceful lakes, however their parents decided to move to Corua in order to give more opportunity to their children. As a child, Gianne was quickly recognized as one of Coruindia's brightest young individuals and as such was put into the best schools on Capricaerón, were she met Apollo. The two became close friends but eventually drifted apart.

As she grew, so did her sense of democracy, diplomacy and justice. She was quick to become the senator of Coruinida, and is loved by her people. Her parents back on Coruindia thought her such values like a care for the socially weak and compassion for nature and wildlife, perfect qualities for a senator in the URC.

Great Cyrannus War Edit

She also reestablished communication with Apollo and at the age of 30 they married, this union is very happy and Apollo and Gianne love eachother very much, so much that they are currently expecting a child together.

In the senate, she often agreed with Senators Magalen, Naberrie, Mirea and Fila. During the Great Cyrannus War, Gianne became trapped in Libertopolos during a huge Confederate invasion, luckily the CAS did not know of Gianne's and Apollo's presence in the city, which probably saved their lifes. Gianne returned to the Senate on Corunnia in the aftermath of the battle, where Senator Naberrie gave a great speech regarding a possible truce with the Confederacy. Agreeing with Senator Naberrie, Gianne clapped and gave her friend a warm smile. However, a series of explosions on Corunnia were blamed on the Confederacy and the peace talks were cancelled.

Battle of Corunnia

Zillum and his warriors surround the Senators.

Disappointed, Senator Inviá travelled to Apailiana with Senator Naberrie in order to discuss the Great Library which was recently discovered. When she left Apailiana she headed to Capricaerón, which was in the midst of a demonic invasion. Fleeing with her children, she went to Orbispira, where she was injured, only to be cured by Kithworto. Luckily the damage that the demons caused was soon repaired. She later travelled with her husband to Capricaerón in order to relax away from the war. While on Capricaerón, she hosted a dinner to Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation and the two became good friends.

During the fourth month of 2 ATC, she was preparing like all the other senators, for an emergency meeting in order to discuss humanitarian aid to those damaged by the Annihilation. However, suddenly High General Zillum of the CAS appeared and began to hold the senators hostage, they were later rescued and Gianne wasn't injured.

Senatorial Debate

Gianne and Guolivian debate the Ryderallo's fate.

During the Ryderallo Beast Incident Senator Inviá heard about the Ryderallo's treatment who was angry about the Ryderallo's death sentence. Gianne pointed out that the beast was brought to Orbispira against its will and has no voice to defend itself. Gualivian however, disagrees, stating that it is a small sacrifice, and that it's scales would help the URC win the war. Angered, she returned to Apollo who agreed with her. Meanwhile, the Beast broke free, killing thousands and rampaging across the city. Luckily, the Ryderallo was stopped and returned to a peaceful world to live out it's days in peace. She was also happy to learn that Guolivian was forced to apologize in public.

Dark Times Edit

Shadows from the Past 02

Narea, Cretacea, Apollo and Gianne look upon the wonders of the ruin.

After a month of hiding on Laurentia after the establishment of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Apollo, Gianne and their allies decided it was time to leave. Taking, the Last Hope, a ship from the Apationagtus design. Within a week of their voyage, Gianne noticed that the children were becoming more and more depressed outside their home on Orbispira. This would end however, when an eccentric little creature known as Gorf appeared, becoming a new member of their family.

Gianne later joined an expedition along with her husband, Captain Narea and Willelmus Cretacea to an unknown ice planet, where they discovered many lost secrets behind an organization known as the Nagith. Gianne was very interested in the new information, but was happy when she returned to Colonial One. When Apollo was assimilated by the Neraida Gigamatrix, Gianne was devastated, but remained strong in the hope that her husband would be found. Eventually, during the Amemoriam Campaign, he was rescued and reunited with Gianne.


Gianne was among the guests of the wedding.

When Apollo was given a reprieve in the aftermath of his capture by the Empire, Gianne and her unorthodox family moved to Capricaerón and stayed in a luxury apartment overlooking the city. Now that they were technically free to live as they wished, Gianne hoped that normality could be returned to the family. When her family was invited to the wedding of Tyraz and Iovera IX in the Andromeda Galaxy, Gianne was happy to accept. Gianne and her family (with the exception of Kara) enjoyed the wedding and returned to Capricaerón the next day. During the wedding, Apollo overheard the group talking about the Dominion of the Xhodocto and their threat to Andromeda. Despite Gianne's misgivings, Apollo agreed to accompany the group in the hopes of stopping the menace.



Gianne is assassinated.

A few weeks after the wedding, Gianne was assassinated by Éaltar Gauisa, secretly under the orders from the fiendish Supreme Commander Zillum. Zillum hoped that the death of Gianne was emotionally destroy his arch nemesis Apollo, but due to his adventures in Andromeda, Apollo has yet to hear about his wife's death. Meanwhile, her children, along with Gorf, Adjunct and Tigarlu were sent to the home of Raen Magalen, where they currently reside.

Personality and Traits Edit

Gianne Inviá was always mature and wise beyond her years, and as a young child she was both popular and intelligent. From a young age, Gianne knew that she wanted to make a difference and saw herself as a future senator in the growing United Republic of Cyrannus. Eventually, many years later she was elected as a senator, where she rekindled her love with Apollo.

She was quite a strong willed person, and was in no way a damsel in distress, as she was fully capable of defending herself. Her overlying loyalty lay with her family and the Republic, while her faith in democracy and freedom meaned that she was well loved by her people, who were generally very proud of her exploits in the senate. She was also very compassionate, always putting the lives of her people and her family before her own.

Relationships Edit


LoveRelationI truly love you.

Friends Edit

Green faceI hope we can remain friends and allies.

Enemies Edit

Red faceI will not stand around while you remain unpunished.

Quotes Edit

The love for my wife is equaled only by my children and my nation.

- Apollo

After I'm done with your husband, I'll get you next.

- Mar-Júun

Are those wounds good? Just stay away from danger and you'll be fine.

- Kithworto

A great individual and wife of my close friend Apollo, we befriended eachother when I went to visit her and her children. Kind and pure, she has became a close friend

- Empress Ramashe

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Trivia Edit

  • Gianne is based on two characters from Sci-Fi Sagas, her name comes from a character in Battlestar Galactica, Gianne, and her personality comes from Padme from Star Wars.
  • Gianne is the first major character killed off in Cyrannian's fiction.

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