The Empire is not a force for order. It is a force of tyranny and oppression, the likes of which haven't been seen in this galaxy since the days of Nagith and Phaedric Empires during the dark ages of the past. It is the duty of the New Republic to restore freedom to this galaxy and I will not rest until that's accomplished.

- Gialu Kaedar

Gialu Kaedar is a male Mon Nahdar who serves as a Fleet Admiral of the New Republic Navy. A cool headed military strategist, Kaedar is passionate about the ideals of democracy, self determination and free representation enshrined at the heart of the Republic and is willing to lay down his life for these ideals. However, Kaedar is also one of the most ardently anti-Imperial military commanders in the Republic, having witnessed some of the Empire's most brutal campaigns against innocent lifeforms during the Dark Times. As such, Kaedar's voice is strong that the treaties between the Republic and the Empire should be dissolved and that all effort should be made to rid the galaxy of tyranny once and for all.

Kaedar's commitment to the Republic is well respected by both those under his command, with the Mon Nahdar officer capable of inspiring great loyalty in those who serve under him. This has much to do with Kaedar's style of command which embraces creativity and individuality over strict adherence to the rules. Though this has often resulted in Kaedar causing quite a headache at Republic Command it has nonetheless served him well, leading to his appointment as commanding officer of the first Liberator-class Star Dreadnought Star of Cyrannus. The Star of Cyrannus is often considered to be the Republic's second flagship after the famous Republica commanded by Willelmus Cretacea.

An exceptional admiral during the Second Great Cyrannus War, Kaedar led the Republic on many of its most daring operations against the Empire, and in the aftermath of the Fall of the Twelve Worlds, he became one of the founding generals of the New Republic Remnant.


Early Life[]

As an Admiral in the Republic Navy, Kaedar fought in many engagements during the war, including the Battle of Orbispira.

Gialu Kaedar was born on the Mon Nahdar homeworld of Nahdar in 94 BNE during the waning years of the Federation of United Worlds. Living his early life under the waves, Kaedar grew up with a desire to see the Mon Nahdar expand and explore in the vastness of space being one of the key political leaders behind the construction of the beautiful Mon Nahdar Cruisers upon the creation of the United Republic of Cyrannus in 54 BNE. A supporter of President Apollo's administration during the Intergalactic War and the Great Cyrannus War, Kaedar was a high ranking Admiral in the fleet of the URC during the conflict against the Confederacy of Allied Systems, commanding the Venator-class Star Destroyer Defender during key engagements such as the Battle of Corulus and the Battle of Orbispira.

After the Great Cyrannus War ended, Kaedar was apprehended by Imperial forces for refusing to knell to Tyrómairon when he made his address to the Cyrannian Galactic Senate. Though sent to the Mines of Vurdon for several months, he was rescued by nascent agents of the Cyrandia Resistance in the hopes that Kaedar would lend them aid against the Empire's war machine. Agreeing for the time-being, Kaedar witnessed some of the worst cruelties committed by Imperial forces during this era, all of which would lead to him joining with the newly formed New Cyrannian Republic in 03 NE.

New Cyrandia Wars[]

Kaedar commanded a sizeable portion of the Republic fleet during the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone.

Retaining his command over the Defender, Kaedar fought in many of the trials of the New Republic during the New Cyrandia Wars, most notably during the Cataclsym in the Neutral Zone, during which he commanded a large portion of the gathered Republic fleet against the Corruptus overworld Brezank. Though he questioned the wisdom of both working with the Empire and authorising ground teams to the surface of the demon planet, he nevertheless performed admirably in coordinating his section of the allied fleet against Brezank. Upon the arrival of the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation at the end of the conflict, Kaedar came close to attacking the Imperial fleet for constructing such a vast weapon, though decided that the time would come in the future for the destruction of such a heinous device.

Later in the year, he was outraged that the New Republic government decided to aid the Empire against the Imperial State. Though he detested Tyermaillin's government, he felt that the Republic was above consorting with the Imperials in any fashion claiming that doing so turned a blind eye to the billions suffering under Tyrómairon's tyranny. Loosing his faith in the Presidency of Apaltar, Kaedar hoped that a new candidate would present themselves at the next Presidential Election.

Admiral of the Star of Cyrannus[]

Soon after the end of the New Cyrandia Wars, Kaedar gained command over the newly constructed Liberator-class Star Dreadnought Star of Cyrannus, a vessel seen by many within the Navy as the New Republic's secondary flagship behind the Republica. Kaedar quickly took the time to explore his vast new starship, meeting with his crew and ensuring that in the years and campaigns to come they could be moulded into an efficient representation of the finest qualities of the service.

In the months after the end of the war, the Bisistar Domain began making inroads into the interior regions of the Cyrannus Galaxy in the quest for greater power and influence over the native civilisations. This led to the nefarious shapeshifters to blatantly attack the Bastnliues Republic, a friendly and peaceful neighbour to the New Republic beyond the Coru Secundus region. When the Bastnliues Ambassador Verainok Spulnisk sought aid from the New Republic against the Bisistar, President Apaltar sent Kaedar and a sizeable Republic fleet to move against the Bisistar invasion of Usmilia. Though the battle was bloody, the two Republics eventually emerged victorious over the Bisistar, with Kaedar playing a crucial role in the destruction of the Bisistar fleet and with it, the dreaded Tabornok Naticodoga.

Admiral Kaedar during the Calamity of Usmilia.

Several months later, Kaedar was the chief Republic officer in command of the counterattack against the Scelus Purification, a faction native to the Mirus Galaxy which had attacked and infected several outlying Republic planets. During the so-called Incursion of the Scelus, Kaedar worked closely with figures such as Seerkar of the Vanara Houses and Fleetlord Voron Valna'leh, closely tying together these united forces of the Mou'Cyran Accords.

When the Neraida Gigamatrix launched a vicious invasion of New Republic space in 09 NE, Fleet Admiral Kaedar and the Twenty Eighth fleet were deployed to the front lines of the conflict, where his quick thinking strategies were instrumental in preventing the fall of the influential inner colony world of Mou'Llhei. Later in the conflict, Kaedar joined the bulk of the Republic fleet during the pivotal Battle of Coruanthor, where he fought bitterly to ensure that the ecumenopolis survive the Neraida onslaught. After the battle ended and the Allied armada began an invasion of Neraida space, Kaedar was reassigned to patrol the Neutral Zone, deterring any Imperial plans to capitalise on the destruction in Republic space.

During the Senate Crisis, Admiral Kaedar and the crew of the Star of Cyrannus happened to be visiting the Republic capital Mou'Cyran. When the Senate Building was attacked, Kaedar joined President Nexarón Valkistair in the Situation Room of the Presidential Chateau, where both he and Commodore Thonaloc advised the President on potential courses of action that the Republic military could take to bring the terrorists to justice and rescue the captured senators. Ultimately however, Master Ryen had infiltrated the Senate Building and rescued the Senators, though he was unable to prevent the building's destruction. After the crisis had ended, Kaedar returned to the Star of Cyrannus for patrol duties along the Capricorn Trade Spine in the Core Worlds.

Second Great War[]

Opening Stages

The Battle of Coruanthor proved to be the most destructive conflict of the early Second War.

Due to his duties along the Capricorn Trade Spine, Kaedar was not present in the Mou'Cyran System when it was destroyed by the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation. When he heard that the newly sworn-in President Apollo had declared war against the Empire in retaliation, Kaedar immediately awaited his next orders. Assigned to protect the new Republic capital in the Calithilaen System, he nonetheless helped organise the Coru Secundus Campaign against the Imperial Fleet Admiral Tharnak Adraci. However, when world after world, and system after system, began to fall to the Empire, Kaedar was deployed to defend Coruanthor against the inevitable Imperial invasion.

Though the planet's government had formally defected upon the first sign of Imperial battlecruisers on the edge of the Coruanthor system, Kaedar, as well as his fellow Fleet Admirals Shavalera and Kuestantine refused to accept capitulation, and rallied Republic assets to retake the ecumenopolis. The resultant Battle of Coruanthor proved to be the largest conflict of the war thus far, lasting for much of 15 NE. During the battle, Kaedar himself led a bold assault against the Imperial stronghold at Spira Capulex, before fighting in the final space battle above the planet, where the Republic and its allies won a costly victory.


After the victory at Coruanthor, Kaedar aided Admiral Kuestantine in securing the northern sectors of Coru Secundus, and was later reassigned to aid the Serapis and the Dysprosian Imperium of Races in their invasion of Carolinii. When an Imperial armada, commanded by the Phaedric Lord Maethoruin invaded the Achiliquin system, Admiral Kaedar worked closely with the Aldárae grandmaster Ryen to prevent the peaceful planet from falling into the Empire's hands.

The Dark Hand is destroyed by the Republic fleet.

When Ryen scored a decisive victory in the ground struggle against Maethoruin, Kaedar and his forces capitalised on the success, striking hard against the Imperial fleet and destroying Maethoruin's dreadnought, the Dark Hand. After the battle ended, Kaedar returned to his duties, patrolling the Republic border in preparation for a renewed invasion. Though he expected the Empire to retaliate, he was stunned by the sheer magnitude when the Imperials broke through the defences of the Twelve Worlds and besieged the bastion of the New Republic. Coordinating closely with Admiral Cretacea, Kaedar struggled in vain to defend Taurophon, before being redirected to the defence of Capricaerón, which nevertheless fell to the Empire's might.

In the aftermath, Kaedar ordered the Star of Cyrannus to retreat from the Heran Alpha system, and rendezvous with Admiral Cretacea in orbit over the gas giant of Pelion. There, he helped refuel the thirteen other vessels which had remained loyal to President Apollo—becoming one of the first members of the New Republic Remnant.

Physical Appearance[]

Kaedar is a middle aged male Mon Nahdar with orange-brown skin, large yellow eyes, a bulbous head containing an alert and intelligent brain and two tendrils down his face. To fellow Mon Nahdar, Kaedar is considered to have stern though attractive features, something that Kaedar highlights through his wardrobe of the elaborate uniform of a New Republic Fleet Admiral. Nevertheless, Kaedar does not believe that appearance is important in comparison to other personal characteristics though nonetheless expects a certain level of formality in the attire of his bridge crew.

Kaedar in command of the Star of Cyrannus.

Personality and Traits[]

The weakness of the Empire is their unthinking obedience to the Emperor. This translates into a lack of flexibility. An exploitable weakness.

- Fleet Admiral Kaedar confiding in his senior staff.

Like many of his people, Kaedar is a great lover of peace and interspecies cooperation, while also being one of the most ardent critics in the New Republic of any type of appeasement toward the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. This attitude has hardened in the years since the Republic's nascent beginnings and with the end of the New Cyrandia Wars, Kaedar came under the belief that the Republic could now threaten the Empire on more-or-less equal terms. This attitude occasionally contrasts with that of Republic Command as well as politicians who claim that Kaedar is verging on warmongering.

As a commander, Kaedar believes that one cannot become a great leader without the support of those who serve under him, leading him to foster an atmosphere of community on-board the ships he commands, such as the Defender and the Star of Cyrannus. To this end, Kaedar is far more likely to commend an officer for their achievements than to discipline those who fall short. This attitude has proven to be highly successful in populating his vessels with crewmen and pilots eager to excel beyond normal parameters.

During battle, enemy commanders have noted his great intellect, clear judgement and an unfaltering respect for the ideals at the heart of both the United Republic of Cyrannus and the New Cyrannian Republic.


Star of Cyrannus[]


The C.R.S. Star of Cyrannus is a Liberator-class Star Dreadnought serving as the flagship of Fleet Admiral Kaedar. Along with the Republica, the Star of Cyrannus is considered to be one of the key flagships of the Republic, with experimental weaponry and other breakthroughs in ship technology giving it an edge over most other Cyrannian ship designs. The central section of the vessel houses massive turbolaser and hyperlaser batteries designed for large capital ship broadsides with the command tower being placed closer to the fore of the ship, which is the most heavily shielded section of the vessel. In addition, several hangar bays can be found on each side of the ship capable of launching several squadrons of starfighters during engagements.



Green face.pngI am with you friend.


Blue face.pngWe have both pledged our loyalties to democracy.


Orange face.pngI have no time for this nonsense.

  • Apaltar: Hmph. You do not have my vote.
  • Ansin Cyrellon: People like him sully the good name of the Republic.


Red face.pngThe Republic should focus all of its efforts to apprehending these scum.


I believe he is one of the Republic's greatest assets. A formidable adversary in battle though a true believer in the Republic's ideals of peace, democracy and justice.

- Willelmus Cretacea

Go back to the sea, stinking fish.

- Zillum

You know very little about political pragmatism, Admiral. I do what I will for the Republic, even if I don't always sleep well after it.

- Apaltar




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