The folk I used to serve call me an errant traitor fer turnin' my back on independence fer survival, an' the people I serve now used to call me second-best. ... Call me what ye like an' draw, vermin, as there ain't nothin' ye can say that'll stop a gal like me from blowin' yer damn head off when ye inevitably step over the line.

- Ghalan Elshan

Ghalan Elshan, otherwise known as the Eye, is an Ottzelloan Zazane marksman, a former Shadow Acolyte of the Kasnoth Empire during the Acquisition War and the War of Claim, and a current member of the Unified Nation of Ottzello Commandos, serving as the successor of the retired Kalcedia Myran and as the unit's resident reconnaissance and stealth operative - alongside being the most proficient sharpshooter of the unit. A lawful woman who owes her loyalty to the state that allows her kind to continue its existence, Ghalan considers herself an upstanding example of the society of the Unified Nation and has served as a specialist soldier throughout her life prior to her employment as a member of UNOC, with Ghalan holding a great deal of pride for her people and her skills as a professional. She is renowned for both her physical capabilities and her merciless and coldly efficient manner of expertise, holding little sympathy for those that cross her and her superiors.

An stern and otherwise neutral individual, Ghalan has revoked much of her personal ties to commit herself to service without fault, leaving her a somewhat isolated and lonely person when not in the company of her unit and possesses some difficulty in emotionally connecting with others although she retains a great deal of pride, to the point where she cannot comfortably accept her status as a member of UNOC without truly "succeeding" her predecessor and mentor - the aforementioned Kalcedia. Trained and augmented to serve as a replacement for the former-Eye prior to knowledge of her retirement, Ghalan was tutored and mentored to act as a countermeasure and personal executioner for her predecessor should she have managed to turn against the Unified Nation, and holds a deep-seated and personal - almost obsessive - vendetta against her as part of her own feelings and subtle nano-programming of her mentality.


Early History[]

Ghalan Elshan was born on July 9, 2752, within the outer-colonies of the Kasnoth Empire of Ottzelloan Zazane to Maqran Elshan, the bastard son of a major Heir of Kasnoth who was a prominent member of the Shadow Order, and Avonan Sasteian, a warrior-merchant of the outer border-territories whom had served as a partner to Maqran throughout his service to the Shadow Order and would later be deemed a legal partner to him. Raised by the extended family of Avonan due to the military commitments of her parents, Ghalan was, prior to the age of 12, inducted into the Shadow Order at the request of her father and was to be attached to and tutored by a close companion of his from within the Order as a Shadow Acolyte. At the age of 15, Ghalan was deemed ready for frontline service and accompanied her tutor throughout the course of the Acquisition Wars, seeing particular activity on the front alongside several naval and terrestrial detachments of the Affinity of Blades and their allies, the Third Sovereign Domain and the Freeblood Realm, led under the tactical prowess of the Grand Minister Keldar Teiran, who was leading a halted expansion into the territory of Jol'kiar.

Following the conclusion of the Acquisition Wars, which resulted in the spiralling downfall of the Kasnoth Empire following the death of its Potentate, Tarrask IX, at the hands of the Butcher Lord, Ghalan served to quell rebellions throughout the Empire as a result of vying wars of independence due to discontent with surrendering to the Migratory Powers or general distrust in the competence of the new Potentate the Third Sovereign Domain had instilled to serve as their effective puppet. Ghalan would become involved in later contributing to preserving the territories of the Kasnoth Empire in the wake of the War of Claim and the undead onslaught that would follow, which would result in Ghalan witnessing the demise of her mentor and her receiving of a Descension-empowered injury during a particularly inhospitable and difficult encounter which would require cybernetic implants that channelled Dark Chronoscopic energy in order to halt the infection from consuming and turning her to the undead legions. Ghalan would be amongst the surviving enclaves of the Ottzelloan Zazane following the defeat of the undead and would participate in purging their remnants from the Ottzello Galaxy.

Following the Annihilation, the majority of the surviving Ottzelloan Zazane, including Ghalan, would come to be assimilated into the Unified Nation of Ottzello, where she would proceed to become a soldier for their military before enrolling to become a member of UNOC; her Dark Chronoscopic elements, experience, and her specialist training propelled her to become registered as a member, yet she found herself eventually denied access into UNOC due to the appearance of Kalcedia Myran, whom was discovered at the outskirts of UNO's territory and was later augmented and trained due to her particularly bizarre and potent physiology and genetic make-up, transforming her into a far more capable and versatile soldier than Ghalan had been at that point in time. While overcome with radical distaste towards her superior counterpart due to the damage afflicted to her pride, Ghalan accepted training under Kalcedia sometime into her service as her own capabilities could not simply be ignored, and soon Ghalan was optimized - both physically and psychologically - to become a supporting replacement for Kalcedia should she be unavailable for service or somehow managed to turn traitor from UNO's grasp. While holding her prejudice towards the Eye, there are evident implications that their relationship, at times, extended beyond formalities and there had been intimate contact during their time together.

Following her predecessor's retirement from service, Ghalan was officially outfitted to become a member of UNOC alongside the ancient Katel warlord, Durzhan, who was selected to fulfil the role of the Skull previously held by Dalverat. Ghalan, despite finally having been accepted a place on the roster, continued to suffer from an inferiority complex developed by her experience with the former-Eye - alongside subtle nano-reprogramming in her mentality in order to foster almost irrational hostility towards her mentor - and had concluded that, until she managed to surpass her predecessor, she would not deem herself a true member of UNOC.







Green face.pngGuide me to my errands an' I'll have it done fer ye.


Blue face.pngI don't bite as long as ye don't piss me off.


Yellow face.pngYe don't wanna end up on the wrong end of my shit list if ye wanna keep yer brains in yer skull.


Orange face.pngI suggest ye watch yer back while ye still don't have any steamin' holes in it.


Red face.pngYou'll die quietly, as ye should have been while ye were alive.