I always have a plan B. Granted it's normally 'fix or adapt from plan A' because everyone knows plan A will fail first time around.

- General Gerden Kole

General Gerden Kole (or Gerede to his friends) is an officer of the Guardian League, the Theian Technocracy's military. A war hero from before the evacuation he has gained a reputation amongst his people for unshaking faith in the cause and for his efforts prior to the evacuation.


Gerden was born on one of the outer colonies of the former Theian Empire and had served in the military since he was 14. By the time he was 26 the cataclysm had begun and he helped defend and evacuate countless worlds. Over the course og his operations he became close with Develani Thranga who had been serving on clocal circles as a therapist and mediator. Depite being 15 years younger than he was the two would meet cordially for the next several years. Six months prior to the evacuation, because of his close relation to Develani, he was chosen as a security chief for Ark Alvaleth for his proven skills and competentce under stress. WHen the ark was attacked he risked himself to keep the ship running. As the ship approached the wormhole he only just managed to secure himself inside a cryopod and emerged with the others into the present day.

After planetfall he was assigned as a commander under High Marshal Drevdex and swore that no more Theians would die needlessly so long as he had the capacity. Gerden currently aids Admiral Garvashta in securing the southern perimeter systems. Returning to Nova Theia to see Develani personally and to comfort her.



Gerden is a muscular figure for his people, keeping fit through regular exercise regimes, his body bears a few scars, one of which runs down his left arm. The way generals perform in the field means he has rarely been exposed to any true danger. He is never seen outside of his armour whenever he is on duty or out in the wilderness and when he is off-duty he prefers padded jackets and slim trousers with high boots.


He is a practical man, preferring to solve situations on-the-fly than having to wait for a detailed plan. A naturally quick thinker he often acts as though he thinks he knows what he is doing when there may be evidence to the contrary. While he can keep his composure visible acts of stupidity or ignorance tends to annoy him - which he will signify by tilting his head back, shielding his face with his hands and letting out a croaking groan whenever he is frustrated.

Because of his traumatic experiences he tends to keep to keep his past to himself and is closeted war philosipher and is dedicated to keeping those around him safe from actual harm (he is not so compromising to mechs or others commanding remotely).


Like all organic officers of the technocracy he undergoes field missions via commanding a psi-tech controlled battle droid which he operates it through VR display at the command centre. He sees no quarrel with this idea and has his own custom blueprints meaning he can potentially create infinite numbers of them. Along with this he wears a suit of smart armour which provides battlefield analysis and can self-repair in the event of damage, a pair of bracers with retractable electrified blades and wrist-mounted plasma catapults and cybernetics.


Despite the fact he is rarely in the field himself, Gerden has honed several compbat abilities that make him a competent fighter. When in close-range he uses his blades to often create a whirlwind of devastation, slicting through and electrifying whatever the blades hit. He is also a ompetent marksman (something that shows up when commanding a battle droid)




  • I have no problem with using Mechs, they made war safer... Well for us anyway.
  • You can act now or wait until we transcend.
  • Nice try, but I can just come back with another one.
  • Not exactly the worst situation i've ever been in.


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