Battle is all that will suffice.

- Genrai Nal

Genrai Nal is the non-demonic clone of Murangon Nal. Formerly a high ranking leader in the Borealis Consortium Network, he currently leads the Guild of Shadows.

For the original Genrai Nal pre-cloning and history, see Captain:Murangon Nal.



When the original Genrai Nal saw the possibility of Shu'wokerama taking him away from the Borealis Consortium Network, he started an underground development with a group of scientists to create a clone of him. This clone would have Genrai's Dark Chronoscopic abilities as well as special enhancements to replace his entropic powers which could not be passed to it.

Genrai's fear eventually came true when Shu'wokerama appeared to him in the Second Borealis Galactic War, removing him from the Consortium permanently. The clone was then awoken and took Genrai Nal's original place as a warrior and friend of Falrik Zaarkhun.

Second Borealis Galactic War[]

Genrai Nal remained in the Borealis Consortium Network for the rest of the Second Borealis Galactic War, where he eventually obtained General Volim's respect. Genrai acted as Falrik Zaarkhun's right hand man and when the Guild of Shadows was formed, he was chosen to be its leader. The Zoles commandant Vekaron actually found Genrai respectable, but stated he followed the wrong side. In the fake final battle Genrai had a leading role and led the team through Zargoth's realm. Following this, time was reversed and the BCN capital of Vijaha was attacked by the Polar Crystal Alliance and Kolossus. Genrai was sent to fight off Kolossus, but stood no match against him and was defeated.

Following the deaths of Falrik Zaarkhun and Volim, Genrai Nal was taken under arrest by the Draconid Imperium.

Ice Age[]

Sometime after the end of the war, Genrai Nal escaped imprisonment and returned to the Guild of Shadows, now working independantly of all Wranploer remnants. He eventually got in touch with the now-warlord Torrent and made him an associate of the Guild, and was also employed by the Wranploer Billig Oltauris. Genrai would kidnap various scientists across the galaxy, including the Radeon scientist Baptarion Light for Torrent, with the objective of cloning the Kvargo species back to life.



Genrai Nal is incredibly well armed, armoured and filled with weaponry. No one knows Genrai's true appearance besides Falrik Zaarkhun, as he is always lurking in the shadows, and when he isn't, he is using is Dark Gyroinc powers to hide himself from time.


Genrai Nal is a murderous warrior who takes joy in battle, as he was bred for it. It is in fact believed that he was literally born on a battlefield, and given emergency birth to just before the battle. He is an ancient and proud warrior, who has a distaste for those who don't put up enough of a good fight. He prefers (and enjoys more) killing enemies rather than seeing a reason to let them live. He prefers melee combat to ranged, saying that ranged combat is for 'untrue warriors who cannot face the enemy head on'. He is almost as methodical as Falrik, due to his experience with the Consortium.


Genrai Nal's blades are incredibly effective, and can cut through most substances. It is unknown what the blades are made of, but they have been seen to have an electronic appearance. It is thought that his unique heavy blades are similar to the legendary Master Kroc, but there is no true confirmation.

Genrai Nal also has mechanical eyes, which allow him to scan anything ahead of him. They can, for example, examine the movement of muscles to predict the enemies' next attack, as well as the movement of guns to predict incoming shots. In addition, he is capable of looking through walls and gaining instant access to real-time battle information and open it up in his own vision.


Using some unique spacetime technology (that has been declared illegal in parts), Genrai is capable of complete stealth and teleportation without needing to use Dark Chronoscopic. They allow for him to also perform mind trickery, making it hard for him to ever be detected. Using cybertechnology boosting his muscle performances and capabilities, as well as nanotechnology improving the speed for his central nervous system, Genrai's reflexes are almost perfectly spot on, and his strength matches Sollow's.

Genrai Nal's abilities match those of Murangon Nal and in some cases improve on them, using cutting-edge technology as a replacement for Essence. While Murangon Nal is considered stronger and can use Dark Chronoscopic and Nightmare powers on his foes, Genrai Nal is considered to have sharper reflexes and his ability to predict his opponents' moves gives him an edge in battle. His technology is also considered to allow him to be superior at stealth.


The Klayik breed of Inalton are an elite, timeless breed. They are Inalton who evolved near to their final stage, with near perfect genes. This results in rapid regeneration, immunity to aging, extremely strong and fast builds, as well as limited Dark Chronoscopic powers (which i a default for Chronoscopic organisms anyway). Genrai is the last of this breed, the rest died of unknown reasons.



Blue face.pngAh, excellent. Someone to work with.

  • Torrent - We share many things in common. A good employer and friend.
  • Billig Oltauris - You claim to be Falrik's successor. I care little for your goals, but the Guild code states I must respect my employers.


Yellow face.pngNothing to say about them.

  • Tuolog - A wise entity. But he is not my problem.
  • Kralgon Emperor - We have a past. But he is not my problem.
  • Fre'kloar - An absolute idiot. But he is an useful idiot.
  • Murangon Nal - I do not know what would happen were we to meet in battle.
  • Vekaron - You are honoured, but your goals mean nothing to me.
  • Xerkea - You are skilled in what you do, but I will not be arrested by you.
  • Baptarion Light - 'You are Torrent's business, not mine.


Orange face.pngIf you want to be cut down, so be it. Just as long as the fight is satisfactory.

  • N/A


Along with Falrik and General Volim, this guy is probably one of the bigger obstacles to the Imperium's mission in Borealis. We should keep watch on him.

- Larnus Vontarion

I'll be the one judging if you're a successful clone or not.

- General Volim

Keep doing your thing and don't turn your back on me.

- Torrent

A capable warrior, one who has used his ingenuity and iniative to use chemicals to best a superior opponent, still his skill in battle surpasses the vast majority of even those who would call them warriors in this Gigaquadrant. He has proven himself worthy, and i hope we can meetagain.

- Wolframicht Stahl



  • Based on many sci-fi characters, mostly Urai Fen


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