Dai'a nia chelthar'ath. All have a role to play. The system that our people devised many years ago in accordance to the tenets of Masaari has served the Holy Empire for generations. From their birth and until their reunion with Dei'Nar, an individual is but a part of a greater whole - defined solely by caste, by the role he or she plays under Spode's realm. Free from meaningless struggles with life, from corruption and greed that other nations suffer from, from doubt and uncertainty - what else could one wish for? For all these years, we have thought ourselves infallible, our way of life utopian. Yet, there is one fatal flaw in it, one that was unraveled by the recent cataclysms. What happens with an instrument once the craftsman no longer has a need for it? It is discarded. That is what we felt once the Divinarium was shattered following the Demon War. It is only natural that with the edifice of the Divinarium brought down... some chose a darker purpose.

- Amathea Anhedi, Radeon philosopher and dissident, on Dominion Radeons in general and Geltastra in particular.

Among the Devourer's Warrior's seven most devoted servants and acolytes, those connected directly to its very being, is Geltastra Sheol'rephai, known as the Dark Apostle - a title that is more than fitting for that aloof, cold, yet fiercely devout Radeon. Formerly a zealous chaplain of Masaari faith that led entire armies of Masaari warriors into the fray with her fiery speeches, Geltastra lost her only purpose in life after her people's genocide, and, beset by desperation and sorrow, swore an oath to a different god. Now her holy sermons are directed towards a new, darker master, and the faithful crusaders she commands are not the devotees of Dei'Nar but rather demons, fiends and madmen.

While Geltastra and her masters were defeated numerous times, first in Borealis and then in Andromeda, she neverthless continues to tend to her unholy flock, driven to bring about the end of all things with unholy ardor. Charismatic, silver-tongued and seductive, the Dark Apostle may not be Shu'wokerama's strongest acolyte, but her talent for oratory and persuasion more than make up for that. Even now, her cults are growing in number, and more innocent souls are brought by her into the Corruptus's fold. The demonic Radeon has only one goal in mind and only one certainty in her soul: in due time, all will serve Shu'rimordir.


Chaplain Militant[]

Second Borealis Galactic War[]

As the Devourer's Chosen's leader, Geltastra waged war against the Borealis Galaxy, being influenced by the Traffphyd Kolossus into aiding him in his plans. Geltastra has led the Chosen personally in battle multiple times, being aided in some by fellow servant Genrai Nal.

Geltastra watched and did her best to aid the Xi'Arazulha invasion, believing it to be her god's doing. Her efforts caused much chaos around the galaxy, but would not stop her enemies from opposing the Xi'Arazulha. Geltastra herself led a massive fleet against the forcers of Order, but was defeated in battle by Sollow.

Geltastra in her throne, in the Chosen homeworld

When the Vague arrived, Geltastra was instructed to not intervene in their way, and only watched as they attacked one of Geltastra's greatest enemies, the Unified Nation of Ottzello. After Ottzello was quarantined, Geltastra left her neutral stance and joined forces with Dakster, forming a brief but extremely deadly alliance. This alliance, however, was dissolved after Ottzello's quarantine was removed. When Zargoth revealed his master plan, Geltastra watched him with pride for her efforts. When the 7 Gyronic shards were created, Geltastra got one of them and disappeared.

During the Wrath of Gods, Geltastra led the Chosen into war for the final time, where she bought back for Emperor Marigrax to open a rift that would suck Borealis into Hell itself. She also constantly haunted Hachiman's dreams, trying to corrupt him. However, her headquarters were eventually found, and she was confronted by the forces of Order. In a fierce battle, Geltastra heavily wounded Iovera IX, leaving her near dead. However, Geltastra would ironically be killed by Hachiman, who enfused his blade in Dream Energy and pierced it through her heart. Geltastra's body faded away in a black fog, but due to her link with Shu'wokerama, she eventually revived.

Tantummodo Mortem[]

Geltastra, along with the rest of Shu'wokerama's servants, played a fundamental role in the formation of the Dominion of the Xhodocto, where he aided in uniting the demon armies of the defunct Cult of the Deathmarch, Mali'Nar and Xi'Arazulha together under the direct rule of the Xhodocto. Geltastra would be the one who would search for the remnants of the Devourer's Chosen and then led them to the Dominion so they could be mass-cloned to serve the new empire. Geltastra would later appear in the Realm of Dreams, being part of Shu'ytrogarva's attack force, where she forced the Onuris team to fight "dreamy" versions of Sarec and High Inquisitor Arsac. After these were defeated, Geltastra used the opportunity and converted Arsac into a member of the Dominion, following her questioning if her mission was really worth her effort. After doing so, she disappeared, mocking the team over how she the High Inquisitor was finally "hers". Following the end of the Realm invasion, Geltastra appeared as a shade to the Highlords of the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth to taunt and provoke them over how she had corrupted Arsac.

Geltastra, alongside the other servants, later joined forces with Arsac to assault on the Grand Cathedral of the Grand Inquisition, where she helped slay the Inner Circle and obtain information about the Reliquaries, with the main objective of discovering the Inquisition's secrets and finding the location of the Xhodocto Eye Terastia. She would fight the team over control of the Xhodocto Eye Diafthora at the homeworld of the Kondrakar before being defeated, and later, when Kithworto's team attempted to reach Anazopyrosi, Geltastra and all other servants of Shu'wokerama tried to stop them, but were eventually defeated in combat and forced to retreat.




Unlike other Radeon, Geltastra's skin is black and green in colour. Her eyes are bright green as well, capable of terrifying most who look at her. She also possesses two large wings. She has severla bright spots in her arms and legs, as well as Shu'rimrodir's demonic mark, which are all hidden below her clothing.


Geltastra is cold and emotionless, with nothing interfering to the goals of her master. She is also somewhat devout and religious, following the Devourer like a god. She is a skilled preacher, a talent she gained during the times she served Tadjamad, and so she can sometimes act like a "diplomat". Neverthless, Geltastra in battle is cruel and sadistic, crushing what she sees and unbelievers with ease. Geltastra has shown homosexual tendencies and frequently flirts with her female allies, despite her otherwise stoic religious visage.


Geltastra uses entropic powers as her main weapons, using them to crush the entire armies. However, she also keeps her original weapons from the times she was a Radeon Templesworn - that includes an essence-based gun firing now the blasts of pure chaos, as well as some kind of force field-powered mace, now accursed to destroy everything it touches.

Geltastra does not wear armor as she does not need to, but she uses her original robes she used before, with symbols of loyalty to Dei'Ar and Spode removed and replaced with the markings of the Corruptus.


Of Shu'wokerama's servants, Geltastra loses only to Arrtkar Crowart in mastery with Nightmare Energy. Being already adept at using Essence before meeting Shu'wokerama, Geltastra's main firepower is using the Devourer's energies for her favour. Geltastra, like the rest of Shu'wokerama's servants, is also capable of spawning blade-sharp tentacles from her back, which she can use to fight enemies in close range.



Blue face.pngFor the mighty of the one true god!


Yellow face.png...

  • N/A


Red face.pngBurn, heretic! BURN!



- Hellhuntress Telfinne

She reminds me of my greatest warrior before my imprisonment. She will serve the master well.

- Vouinas

Yes, this should be interesting...

- Shu'wokerama

She looks interesting... ...... But she's not a Zanierton, so no romance. Bleh.

- Mahedore

Oh dear, another lost mortal.

- Vyro'Narza

Ah, yes....Geltastra. We are on neutral terms. We rarely talk, but I can see why. She is the youngest member of Shu'Wokerama's servants.

- Mordati

Heheh, dark nun.

- Mar-Júun

She reminds me of...nevermind.

- Arrtkar Crowart

Well, I think she's better then Telfinne.

- Zev

Hefty price on your head lady,You should prove a worthy challenge.

- Barda Clett

If death does not realease you from your own hollow life, I'll make sure there is a pod aboard the Absolution with your name engraved on it.

- High Inquisitor Arsac

You're a powerful one...but you need to chill.

- Sollow

For true peace in this galaxy to be restored, this is one of the people we need to kill.

- Yogtam


- Fre'kloar

Huh. Another pest to be disposed of, by the looks of things. Could harm our operations, and doesn't want to co-operate with us.

- Falrik Zaarkhun

I'm going to listen to you..you have a brilliant sense of humour, we shall LAUGH TOGETHER, in the DEVOURER'S NAME!! oh an yooz propa fit imma ask yoo out one day

- Ref'kolar

*sniff* you feel my pain...you sympathise with me...we will cry, while slaughtering for the Devourer!

- Stolithik the Sorrowful

Someone needs a well-deserved punch in the face.

- Predictor Advisor Jahric

I have much to thank the Apostle for her guidance and her teachings. It was in a past life, however.

- Nai-Ar'natl




  • Imperios originally wanted Geltastra to be Station Halcyon character.
  • This is Geltastra's theme.
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