Republics. What good do they do when none of the senators can agree on anything and only care about their own popularity?

Mandator Geleriva Delsacrian is the elected governor of the draconid colonies within the Oligarchy of Praetinna. Serving as one of the few non-cyrannian mandators in the Imperium she has taken it upon herself to make the Draconis respected members of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.


Geleriva was born to Elvanna Delsacrian on the outer sectors of the Imperium. Growing up she never had any real experience with the polotics that surrounded her parents and relatives. She lived a quiet and rustic life and what knowledge of politics she didn't have she made up for it with a dedication to doing things on her own, becoming highly self-reliant.

Like many Draconis she had spent a decade serving in the Imperial Talon Navy. It was here she learned what life in the imperium's borders was really like. This bolstered her developing opinion that most politicians spend their days talking with little knowledge on what is going on where their work should have mattered. After her decade of service she kept a rapier that once belonged to her father, she returned ot the outer-rim to support her family in bolstering their position amongst the public.

The next twenty years of her life were something of a bore for her. She had exchanged a military lifestyle for politics, a profession she had grown to greatly hate for the ineptitude of those around her. It was on this tour she met Uriel Ultanos for the first and so-far only time. Uriel applauded her for her work in the outer rim and when the imperium made contact with the Cyrannus Galaxy, house Delsacrian were elected to be the best choice to govern the newly established outposts in Cyrannus. Geleriva was chosen by her own mother for her sense of ambition and dedication to a cause.

For the first few months she was pleased she could work unhindered, a feeling that she was doing the Draconid Imperium a service for taming the region around the newly-constructed wormhole. This happiness quickly faded when she learned the United Republic of Cyrannus was even more of a democracy than the Imperium. She quickly learned to despise the ineptitude of the URC government as the Great Cyrannus War came to a close and when it was announced the war would end by unifying the war's two primary powers she was unsure how to take it. When Tyrómairon announced for all extragalactic species to leave Cyrannus she rushed into action gathering what Draconid citizens were in Cyrannus at the time, establishing a provisional oligarchy as the Imperial Talon Navy pulled back to the province's gateway system. She gained a close relation to Admiral Karamus, declaring him a provisional marshal as the retreat continued.

Time was up and fleets that had been dispatched by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus arrived over Praetinna. Geleriva acted fast and hastily contacted the fleet, asking for preservation of the systems if the population could join the empire. After several talks an agreement was made, turning the provisional oligarchy into a fully-fledged state of the Empire. After learning of the more heirarchical system used by the Empire, she was delighted that the effects of democracy would not affect the power she had just joined.

Imperial Era[]

After recieving the title of 'mandator', Geleriva engaged paradigm shifts to reform her new charge into a state that satisfied her and the emperor. Gone were sector and planetary councils, the Oligarchy of Praetinna was ruled by members of House Delsacrian she had specifically chosen. Admiral Karamus (who was automatically discharged when the colonies broke off) became marshal and her second-in-command. Geleriva wanted a state that could show a state of usefulness to the empire and combined use of technology from both her former and current hosts turned Praetinna into a 'new Alcanti'.

After her rise and aestablishment, Gelariva hatched a new plan in motion. Seeing how certain individuals in the Imperial Government looked at the Draconis with disapproval, Gelariva set herself a self-imposed challenge to increase Draconis standing within the Empire though a number of ways. Her first act was to stage an announcement in order to increase the loyalty and fervor of ehr peopel to the Empire as well as send a message to the inhabitants of Cyrannus of the greatness of the Draconid Imperium. Within the Oligarchy the drive was met with rousing success. In early 03 NE, Gelariva had engineers push to develop the Adeile-class Star Destroyer, using a mix of Draconid and Cyrannian technology and design concepts. Amongst the first batch of Star Destroyers made she pulled strings to have one - the ICS Praetinna - as Karamus' personal command starship.

Geleriva as she meets with Guolivian in the Impeiral Senate, one of several new political allies

With a solid military connectio to the Empire made, Geleriva set out to make her name known in the government. She met with such political figures as Guolivian and Nenabie, playing on their desires and passions in order to win them over to her side. With each one she discussed the Draconis' standing within the Empire and ways to improve their reputation, learning - with disgust - that the deeds of the Imperium were not enough to gain the respect of certain politicians.

Geleriva played her cards best she could, hoping to win over her newfound allies and finding a special alliance with Praetor Nenabie as both were highly spiritual and felt their species were unjustly wronged. With each meetinh she carefully planned her next step, playing her cards close to her chest.



Fond of wearing elegant clothes for fine silk and velvet, she typicalyl enjoys wearing jewelery believing that her status grants her some level of social privelige. her back is lined with glossy sandstone-coloured scales and her eyes are a clear hazel. herposture denotes her as a prideful woman.


Geleriva is a shrewd and tactful woman unafraid to conduct affairs herself and secretly desires to turn the Oligrachy into her own vision of the Imperium. Spending years living o nthe outer-rim has helped her understand how things work in the les civilized and more rustic parts of society

Growin up in the world of politics, Geleriva became extremely familiar with the Grand Game of the Imperium; the convoluted political war between nobles of all levels to rise in station above their peers. During her time i nthe Imperium she learned the tricks needed to rise in station and the tricks to get herself noticed or keep herself hidden. She has so far translated this knowledge to her efforts to improve her erputation in the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, although to what real end she keeps close to herself.


Her deep-seated distaste for the full democratic process has ensured her loyalty to the imperial governemnt aslthough she Depite apparent loyalties, she still greatly respects the Draconid Imperium as an ideal and will not hesitate to remind anyone should they say otherwise. When agitated she is known to fiddle with rings on her finger.



Green face.png - I can see we have matters in common

  • Emperor Tyrómairon - I will do what is required of me, your majesty.
  • Marshal Karamus - I will master peace, you will master war in my and the empire's name.


Yellow face.png - You are either useful or an obstacle, I cannot be sure


Red face.png - My civility keeps me from tearing your throat out with my teeth!

  • Larnus Vontarion - You had the nevy abandon us, think yourself lucky you are millions of light years away!
  • Imperator Tyranus - A traitor, I was grateful to you and this is how you repay loyalty?


I met her once on a tour in the outer-rim. She is a dedicated idealist, that is something I can admire.

- Uriel Ultanos

I share my beliefs with her. Our new empire shall be built on iron will and perfect order.

- Commissar Aerlon

So that's where all those complementary cakes after Mandator meetings went.

- Erissare


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