Gavakar is a great woman. She always has her sight fixed on her goal, her will is a strong as diamond, and her heart is as big as her love for combat. A dear friend who I'm glad to have met, for we have been through a lot together. I wish her good luck on whatever she decides to do.

- Arberkul

Gavakar Karamul is a Dracogodasimer commandant who serves as the higher military authority of the Indoctrinate Collective's colonies of the Cyrannus Galaxy. A strong-willed warrior, she makes sure the will of the Collective is done no matter the costs, and is not afraid to use the full extent of her military might to make her point at any given situation.

Aggressive, abrasive and with a deep hatred for all criminals and space looters, Gavakar is among the Collective's most feared commandants in the criminal underground of whatever galaxy she is serving at due to her disregard for the lives of anyone she considers wrong. However, despite this, she is still capable of affection and is known to be very protective for the ones she holds dear enough to consider friends, putting her own life into peril to ensure their safety.


Early History[]

Gavakar was born on the Dracogodasimer homeworld of Dasimer II, being only one of sixty seven siblings. Despite being completely average by Dracogodasimer standards, Gavakar grew up with a great desire to serve at the military of the Dracogonarious Empire. She was motivated by the tales of the old Battle for Planet Kaizox and Captain Drakley, and aspired to one day become as great as he was. Joining the military at the age of 16, very early by Dracogodasimer standards, Gavakar trained, fought and proved herself an excellent solder, quickly ascending through the ranks until she was made an admiral by the age of 36.

In a future mission, Gavakar and her forces came with conflcit with the Vengeful Claw in a battle which resulted in the loss of most of her companions. Leading the attack was the fellow Dracogodasimer Kaeron Vangardus, and Gavakar has vowed to take his head as a trophy for it. Since this incident, Gavakar became bitter and changed from an aspiring soldier to a ruthless, unforgiving admiral.

Second War of Black Fog[]

During the Second War of Black Fog, Gavakar met Commandant Jerkon in person and fought on his side on multiple occasions. Notably, the two met when Gavakar was having an intense battle against the Lympharian known as Harbinger, after she had landed on a planet to assist it against the Marinoxidiz. Fighting side-by-side, Gavakar, Jerkon and Jerkon's team defeated Harbinger, saving the planet in the process. Gavakar grew to greatly respect Jerkon, seeing him as worthy of his family name, and remained supporting him through the rest of the war. When the Dracogonarious and their allies assaulted the Nightmare Region, Gavakar was present as one of the leaders of the Imperial army.

Following the end of the war and the reformation of the Dracogonarious Empire into the Indoctrinate Collective, Gavakar grew a very strong friendship with the Bonio commandant Arberkul. At tis time, Gavakar was promoted to the rank of Commandant for her efforts in the Corruptus war and became the highest authority in the Collective colonies in the Andromeda Galaxy. Upon hearing news that Arberkul was eventually converted by the Devourer's Chosen, Gavakar had a moment of depression, which eventually got better when she learned Arberkul was destroyed, and thus saved from being a slave, during the Second Borealis Galactic War.

Conflicts at Cyrannus[]

Gavakar and her team at Brezank

In the years following the Borealis War, Gavakar was forced into an incident alongside Thessina Venoriel involving a faction of fanatics which threatened the region she was present in. At the end of the incident, Gavakar grew disdain toward Andromeda and requested her superiors to be transferred back to the Milky Way, her wishes eventually being realized. Gavakar was later assigned to be the Collective's main military eye in the Mou'Cyran Accords, and she was given the task of enduring the safety of the Accords and provide help to the New Cyrannian Republic if needed. During the Battle of Venetia, Gavakar led the Collective against the Bisistar Domain and personally saved Senator Milinitt of the Ermitant from being murdered by Catulus.

Months later, Gavakar was also the main Collective commandant involved in the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone, in which she received control of a Presidio-class Star Cruiser named UAS Liberty. She was involved in the Sacking of Rihanae, participated in the Neraida War and also contacted the Unified Order of Cognalorilos to receive their support during Project Exodus's execution.

Second Great Cyrannus War[]

Gavakar and Voro Acetenus lead the Collective and Cognatus forces against Mortalagueis

As the Second Great Cyrannus War was declared, Grand Admiral Mortalagueis of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was tasked with ensuring that the Indoctrinate Collective's aid to the Republic ceased before it could be used to turn the tide of the conflict, at the moment firmly in the Empire's favour, toward the embattled Republic. He would proceed to battle the Collective over their Cyrannian capital of Narsul, forcing the Dracogodasimer commander Gavakar to retreat as the planet and its nearby space were subjugated by the Empire.

Gavakar would attempt retreating to the Corathon System, only to find it already taken by the Empire, with Mortalagueis waiting for her. Emerging from behind Corathon's moon, the Imperials activated an interdiction field, preventing the Collective forces from escaping, eventually leading to their ships to be disabled. Keen to ensure the destruction of the extragalactics, Mortalagueis locked onto the UAS Liberty with a tractor beam and joined a boarding party to capture Gavakar once and for all, though his efforts were foiled by the timely arrival of Voro Acetenus and the Unified Order of Cognalorilos, who came to the Collective's rescue. Following this victory, Gavakar later helped the Republic during the Battle of Coruanthor, the New Republic Civil War and Operation Liberty.

Following the Great Battle of Orbispira and the war's conclusion, Gavakar was called back to Borealis and promoted to the rank of Royal Admiral for her long streak of successful operations, the greatest honor attainable to a soldier like her. She would continue to lead the Collective's efforts in the Cyrannus Galaxy, watching over the rebuilding of their space and maintaining strong ties to the Republic military.



Gavakar appears as a large, imposing Dracogodasimer female. Being a female, she is considerable more massive than a male Dracogodasimer, and reaches almost three meters in height not counting her horns or wings. Gavakar's muscles are visible and defined, from her extensive training in the military.


Gavakar is a bitter individual from the continuous loss of her friends to her enemies, first her original teammates to the Vengeful Claw and later Commandant Arberkul to the Devourer's Chosen. However, she refuses to yield to sadness as she would consider it insulting for her dead friends. Gavakar prefers to solve problems through violence and is not sociable, opening herself to only a handful of people. However, she shows deep respect for Royal Marechal Jerkon, who serves as an inspiration for her.


Being a Dracogodasimer, Gavakar is very strong in physical terms. Her army training has made her stronger and tougher than a normal Dracogodasimer and also allows her to defend herself in hand-to-hand combat. However, Gavakar prefers to fight by using her gun, a Collective assault rifle which rips through undefended targets like if they were made of paper. Gavakar is also equipped with a blade for close-ranged combat and with commandant armor with deflector shields, making her very hard to damage with long-range weapons.



Green face.pngFor the Collective!

  • Jerkon - I hope we can meet again one day.
  • Herquie - You've proven your worth.
  • Baptarion Light - You've done a good job replacing Arberkul. And you've also done well in putting him down.
  • Voro Acetenus - You're not what I expected for a war companion, but I'm not complaining.


Yellow face.pngMove along.


Red face.pngYou may as well pretend you never lived at all.

  • N/A


Her heart is in the right place. Her gun, though? No.

- Jerkon

She's a very strong individual who does her civilisation and empress proud. Together we will protect the empires of the Mou'Cyran Accords against the darkness of the universe.

- Willelmus Cretacea




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