I undertake only the most succulent huntss.

- Garnossk

Garnossk is a male Tra'ssahk considered by many to the most deadly of his kind in existence and indeed, one of the most infamous bounty hunters ever to grace the Cyrannus Galaxy underworld. Garnossk was born on the Tra'ssahk homeworld of Ssahk in the year 34 BNE, making him relatively young. Like many Tra'ssahk, Garnossk proved his strength minutes after birth by killing and consuming his siblings, a rather unfortunate trait for which he later became infamous in his life as a bounty hunter for occasionally eating his bounty, either with or without his contact's wishing.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life

Garnossk takes his shot.

Born on the Tra'ssahk homeworld of Ssahk in the Mid Rim in 34 BNE, Garnossk began life typical to most Tra'ssahk that survive into adulthood, by devouring his siblings as a means to test his strength in the eyes of his parents. From these bloody origins, Garnossk was trained in the traditional arts of killing utilised by his people. Eventually, Garnossk travelled to the ecumenopolis of Tar Kuuraen in the Outer Rim, where he became infamous for his ruthlessness in bounty hunts, occasionally being known to eat his victims. During the Dark Times, Garnossk came to prominence when he was hired by disgruntled Cogsangui within the Cognatus Remnant to kill Voro Acetenus. Travelling to Condooine, Garnossk managed to kill Acetenus' decoy and was paid handsomely by his benefactor, unaware that Voro had in actuality escaped to join the Republic Remnant.

New Cyrandia Wars

It would not be until the New Cyrandia Wars that Garnossk learned that Voro had in fact survived and now led the Unified Order of Cognalorilos. During the New Cyrandia Wars, Garnossk was hired by Imperial Intelligence agent Agrehele to disrupt peace negotiations between Rambo Nation and the Indoctrinate Collective. During their infiltration of the Royal Palace on the Rambo Capital, Garnossk and his fellow bounty hunters managed to cause much damage, though were ultimately repelled by Ramashe's mystical powers.

Agrehele argues with her bounty hunter underlings.

Cyrannian Cold War

You filthy Tra'ssakh! Do I as command!
"I agreed to this job for the cubitsss, not to be ordered about like ssssome lackey.

- Agrehele and Garnossk during the Senate Crisis

Many years later, Garnossk would be hired for another job by Agent Agrehele, who sought to assassinate members of the New Republic Galactic Senate in order to tip the scale of power in favour of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Offered a vast amount of cubits, Garnossk reluctantly agreed, joining the infiltration of the Senate and working to ensure that the senators were not rescued by Republic special forces. Ultimately however, Garnossk and the other bounty hunters would abandon Agrehele when the mysterious Master Ryen drove them off with his powers.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

A large reptilian alien, Garnossk is known to frighten enemies into submission by merely baring his teeth, highlighting the fear that the barbarous bounty hunter inspires in his victims. A harsh and unforgiving people, the Tra'ssahk tolerate only the most powerful of their kind surviving to adulthood and Garnossk is by extension a symbol of this power, being widely considered the most feared Tra'ssahk in existence, whose vicious visage and demeanour enough to unnerve even the Imperial Mandator of Ssahk.

Personality and Traits[edit | edit source]

Garnossk is a feared, vicious and deadly warrior who embodies many of the characteristics that mark the Tra'ssahk as pariah amongst the galactic community of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Speaking with distinctive serpentine quality that causes him to elongate his "s" sounds, Garnossk is commonly perceived by other bounty hunters are being somewhat unintelligent; a blunt tool useful for few other things than killing. Nevertheless, Garnossk is quite capable of concocting cunning schemes to catch his prey, which he often eats as part of his payment for a particular bounty.

Acquaintances[edit | edit source]

Friends[edit | edit source]

Green face.pngYou messs with them, you messs with Garnossk.

  • Mist: "Sshe fightss well."

Liked[edit | edit source]

Blue face.pngSsspeak, friend.

Disliked[edit | edit source]

Orange face.pngYour ssskin will make an excellent trophy.

Hated[edit | edit source]

Red face.pngI will enjoy carving you into piecesss!

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Dishonourable spawler, my blade shall pierce your miserable hide!

- Voro Acetenus

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