Garlboz is a mysterious individual who was once a Governor in the Confederacy of Allied Systems, but now serves as the Imperial Grand Mandator of the Quadrant Galaxies. He is a Carnthedain Elf, but he refuses to tell anyone. The Confederates didn't care, as he is quite wealthy and is well known in the Quadrant Galaxies.

After his disappearance in the Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui in the Great Cyrannus War, Garlboz was sought out by Tyrómairon, who had a plan for him.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Garlboz, born in ancient times on Carnthedain (rumors have it before 82.000 BQF) and was of royal blood. As such he was a prince for many years until he recieved the throne from his father, as he was his eldest son. Over time the elven kingdom wealth grew more and more under his rule until the dragons came and the elves and dragons were at war. Shortly before 22.500 his daughter, Lourdes was born and he was very proud of it. During following war with the dragons he led his men into many battles, including the final battle but vanished shortly afterwards, believed to have perished during the that battle.

The truth is far more differant as Garlboz survived and wandered the known galaxy for many years, learning dark magics and explored the nearby Quadrants and Cyrannus galaxies. As such he eventually became a Governor in service of the Confederacy of Allied Systems.

Confederate Service Edit

Garlboz's early history is completely unknown, though after joining the Confederacy of Allied Systems, he soon became an important advisor to captains and admirals about various tactics. In fact, he studied Rambo, Hutter and URC tactics and with it he hoped to counter attack them and predict them. He wears an armor to protect himself, the suit can also provide a limited survival in outer space.

Though not all captain, especially admirals do not need his advice (or at least in their own opinion) he soon grew bored. But with Lizaconda's victory over Karzhamahri-Nui he had a new job, he was allowed to become the Confederate Governor of Karzhamahri Nui. His plan worked well, he allowed to citizens of the colony to live their own lives, and on occasions Confederate patrols would fly over or drive through the cities.

Quadrantia Disorder 40

Facing Claire and Zabiela

This favored him by the citizens of Karzhamahri Nui. Yet he still realises the citizens are still Rambo Nation citizens and would siege any change at rebellion. As Governor of Karzhamahri-Nui, he sees it as his first step to realize his wish to rule over the Rambo Nation sector when it fall under complete Confederate rule.

As he ruled over Karzamahri Nui with an iron fist eventually the Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui arrived and hit the planet. Trapped in Ga-Laiquendi, which was taken over by Rambo Nation troopers he found himself facing Claire Rambo and a trooper named Zabiela. Yet his Mortalitas soldiers managed to trap them, though a number of them were killed by Zabiela and an acrobatic move by Claire Rambo. Mocking them and raising his sword he prepared himself to finish the job when a massive shockwave send him, Zabiela and Claire flying.

After waking up he noticed that all of his Mortalitas soldiers were dead, though Zabiela and Claire were not. Powering up his magical blade he dispatched with unleashing painful energies, Claire was hit in her midsection while Zabiela was hit with the magical energies straight on his head. Both fell unconcious after an agony yell of pain, which pleased Garlboz.

Quadrantia Disorder 44

Facing the entity

When he asked Lizaconda what the status was of the battle, he revealed what happened and that destruction of the Suiliagothrond and the burning red sky was a result of it.

Quadrantia Disorder 46

Garlboz defeated!

Garlboz then walked for hours when he reached a special spot, there he summoned an ancient entity that would do his bidding. However the experience with the entity drove Garlboz nuts and the creature blessed him with ancient powers of darkness before leaving to the Realms of the Gods again. Garlboz then recieved ideas that he could rule the Confederacy and began his quest to do so.

He travelled to Arthrastral to mobilize his remaining forces to counter attack the Rambo forces at Karzamahri Nui. However the Rambo already laid siege upon the planet and coordinating the attack Garlboz himself came under attack by various Rambo airborne troopers and Claire Rambo. Killing most airborne troopers with his magic at gruesome ways he was eventually defeated by Claire and remaining airborne troopers. In the resulting explosion he mysteriously vanished and became missing in action.

Imperial Service Edit

Fall of Hope 06

Zillum and Nirndal talk with Garlboz.

Garlboz went into hiding, away from the war and away from the Confederacy. However, he was soon approached by Tyrómairon who offered him a new, highly secretive job. Garlboz, not wanting to irk Tyrómairon's wrath agreed, and would soon be glad he did. He boarded Zillum's ship and was happy to see a former friend. The two helped coordinate the battles against Rambo Nation.

Fall of Hope 04

Zillum, Garlboz and Nirndal corner Ramashe.

Eventually, they were joined by Nirndal, who was also happy to see Garlboz. Garlboz had gathered information about the location of Ramashe and happily shared them with Zillum and Nirndal. After the battles had died down, Garlboz accopanied Nirndal and Zillum to Ramashe's Throne Room, where Zillum demanded her surrender. She soon accepted, signing the Nim-Glaré Concordat, making Garlboz the Grand Mandator of Quadrant 82 and an advisor to Ramashe.

To ensure Empire dominance he ordered Zillum not to engage any planets unwilling to submit, instead he showed the Empire her good will by sending carge freighters with trade, food and medical supplies to all planets of Rambo Nation. This way some gave up their reluctance, showing faith in Ramashe her words and decisions. Orders did not and Garlboz decided to deal with them later. First he had to ensure those who submitted remained loyal to his and the Emperor his cause.

Garlboz plot 01

Garlboz meets Aviataryal at Rowar, to ensure the yards loyalty to the Empire

As such he ordered the Shipyards of Rowar to stop all production and only finish ships who were already in constructions and to finish repairs. He knew the senator, Aviaratyal would be furious at him and as such he travelled to Rowar. There he enlighted the senator for his plans to create two new ships, a sign to show the Rambo-Empire new Union of Peace and Prosparity. The senator, persued by the words of the Grand Mandator complied and began making preperations. Garlboz left Rowar again, happy that the yards now stood under the Empire's control, they were a dangerous potential rebel after all. When the fifth month started Garlboz continued his mission for the Emperor with summoning the Angforst to the Rambo Capital. The station remained in orbit and acted as Garlboz his office to oversee the Quadrant 82 sector. With it he asked Zillum to hunt down vice-admiral Rambas, to prevent some fleet attack by him.

Lacrima 04

Treaty of Rambo Prime

Later Garlboz travelled with his new aid, Kya to Rambo Prime to continue his plans to gain more power for the Empire in Quadrant 82. It was vital to stop the rising tensions between the Empire and other empires, as Garlboz couldn't use another conflict in Quadrants.

Travelling to Rambo Prime Garlboz summoned various representatives, arriving at the Rambo colony together with his new aid Kya he greeted those who awaited him. Among them were Senator Lord Ram'Lendilia, recently freed from Imperial custody, Rambo Prime Ambassador Ram'Ain, a Hutter ambassodor, a Xiaan ambassador, a Creckel ambassador and Imperial Remnant High Prophet Ramodarth. The meeting was long, slow and a lot of arguments between the Xiaans, Hutters and the High Prophet happened. However all listened to Garlboz and his arguments, who started high with the dissolve of the Cyrandia Alliance which led to great resistance by the others, even by the Rambo Nation representatives. Garlboz smiled behind his helmet, they all fell for his trap as the others were trying for other matters Garlboz had already won the discussion as he never intented for the dissolve of the Cyrandia Alliance, he merely wanted a truce of peace and didn't want start new conflicts. As such the proposal was turned down and all present began discussing other matters.

Lacrima 05

Giving promotions to Ramtainus and Kya

Eventually he conviced all and the Treaty of Rambo Prime became a fact, peace was settled for now. After the meeting Garlboz returned to the Rambo Capital and informed the Emperor. Now he began making plans to investigate and map the areas of Quadrant 89 and 21.

He later summoned various officers and Empress Ramashe to her throne room. There he proclaimed that Rambas was a traitor, that Ramtainus was promoted to vice-admiral to replace the renegade Rambas. Further more he also proclaimed that the girl he took a likeness in was promoted to Marscalcus, the highest militairy position of Rambo Nation. Through her Garlboz now had complete control over the Rambo navy and militairy. During the conversation it turned out that admiral Ramaxar didn't agree with him and Garlboz became greatly annoyed with him. After the meeting he joined Ramashe in a discussion about his wishes and further plans. Something Garlboz was amused to do.

Informing the Emperor

Informing the Emperor about troublesome events in the Quadrants

Later on, Garlboz had a difficult time stopping the various incursions (-Hutter and Quadrantia Grox attacks) within Quadrant 82 when Ramashe decided to inform the Emperor of it, much to his dismay. Together with the Empress and Kya he faced the Emperor and allowed Kya to inform the Emperor- hoping he would escape his anger. Instead the Emperor raged upon Garlboz that his efforts were not effective enough, though was given the authority to destroy an enemy planet to show the Empire' true might. If Garlboz would not succeed the Emperor would send the full might of the Imperial Navy upon Quadrant 82- something Garlboz didn't want at all!

Dark Times Garlboz Shot

Garlboz shot in the back by Zevracence

When Zillum destroyed Tigma IV, a colony belonging to the Hutter Garlboz wasn't happy as it would bring distrust of the Empire in Quadrant 89. And such a distrust would be the first signs of a possible rebellion against his rule. However the Hutters did not continue their attack and retreated back to the K-7 station, where they seemingly waited for their next chance.

A month later, without much events Garlboz learned that the Shipyards had created various new vessels without his approval. Angered he wanted to know the reasons though the Senate refused to give their reasons for it. Garlboz decided to walk around with two Dread Lord Trooper guards when he was suddenly shot in the back by the bounty hunter Zevracence. With blood coming out of his chest Garlboz was found by medical personel and brought to a hospital. Though Garlboz survived the attack he spend another three weeks in the hospital before he was recovered.
K7 2nd battle

Empire takes back the K-7 station from the Hutters

During the attack one of his lungs was pierced, though it was fixed by Rambo doctors, every breath remained in pain. Near the end of the 3rd month of 02 NE Garlboz decided he had to prove his worth again to the Emperor. As such he contacted his old friend- Commander Mortikran and together they decided to take back the conquered K-7 station from the Hutters.

Escorted by two Ifrit-class star destroyers and Mortikran his Secutor-class star dreadnought they attacked the Hutter fleet at the station. The following battle was short but intense. Losing one of the Ifrit-class star destroyers, the fire power of the star dreadnought Infernal proved to much for the Hutters and they retreated. Afterwards Garlboz informed both Ramashe and the Emperor of the victory.


Ramtilsae is crowned Regent of the Nation

Later on, in the fourth month of 02 NE Garlboz was informed that the Empress was abducted by a Paradox Creature. Fearing for another power vacuum in the Quadrants- first the Rambo "protectrive" status and now the missing Empress. As such Garlboz wanted a quick resolution and was present when Ramashe her niece- Ramtilsae was crowned Regent of the Nation until Ramashe was either found alive or confirmed dead.


Cyrandia Conference

He later send Mortikran to attack Kreeta, where a New Rambo Resistance fleet was stationed. After Mortikran gained victory- he reported the news back to Garlboz who was highly pleased.

During the 4th month of 03 NE/06 AQF, Garlboz attented the Cyrannia Conferece but was very annoyed at doing so. When the Conference announched that the New Cyrannian Republic was formed, he remained calm but disliked another possible enemy so close to his "protectrate" borders. While remaining onboard the Angforst he was informed of the death of Grand Mandator Tyrannus due to the Basileus trying to betray the Emperor. Saddened by his death, Galrboz grew even more disatisfied when a female Basileus known as Erissare became the new Grand Mandator for that Region. He didn't like her, and felt that a Basileus should not be given a new seat of power after one of their own tried to betray the Empire.


Garlboz apprehended

In the 12th month of 06 AQF, during the Ortum a Dynastia and the New Cyrandia Wars he was visited by Mortikran and Hand of the Monarch, Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo. Both confronted the Grand Mandator about the possibilty to support Rambo's upcoming request to lift the "protectrate" status, while in secret switching sides and pledge loyalty to the Cyrannian Imperial State and to act against the emperor and the Libertus domination. At first hesistant, Mortikran convinced him it could be done, if he would use his ship to take control over Lianna-station and the wormhole nearby, he could send Angforst to blockade the Q82-Cyrannus wormhole.

Garlboz first decided to close the wormhole leading to the Milky Way Galaxy, at the wormhole plateau near Rambo Prime to prevent the Delpha Coalition of Planets of ever entering the Quadrants from their own galaxy. At the wormhole plateau, Angforst destroyed the Rambo Prime Space Station and came under attack by a joined Imperial and Rambo task force. With the defenses of Angforst down, Garlboz' forces were soon defeated and Garlboz himself was apprehended by captain Apanoida of the USS Excelsior. Placed under arrest the current fate of Garlboz is unknown.

Personality and Traits Edit

Garlboz is an evil and cunning figure, who rarely thinks about anything else but himself. Nevertheless, he has grown to respect, and even like such former comrades as Zillum and Nirndal, who he yet again serves alongside in the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. As Governor of Karzamahri Nui, he was fair and yet stern with rebels, knowing that the Rambo citizens would leave the Confederacy of Allied Systems and fight with Rambo Nation if they had the chance. He grew to hate Claire Rambo during this time, wanting revenge on her for ending his plans to become the Dark Master of the Confederacy.

Relationships Edit

Closest subjectsEdit

Lourdes Princess
  • Name:Lourdes
  • City: Elven tundra settlement
  • Age: Born in 22.500
  • Affiliation: Elven Kingdom (formerly), Elven Settlements

Lourdes is the young princess of the tundra elves and daughter of former grand king Garlboz. Born a royalty Lourdes is confident in her own abilities and that of her people, kind and sometimes even rude she is loved by her people. Born as the only child of Garlboz, former High King of the Elven Kingdom lived her life in the great palaces of the Elven Kingdom. There she learned to use magics, studies ancient scrolls and taught sword skills. Upon the desruction of the kingdom by the dragons and goblins Lourdes fled to the nearby meteor and together with some elves they settled themselves nearby.

Lourdes and her village lived in peace for a great period of peace until 0 BQF when the Sorceror of Carnthedain unified the tundra goblins and trolls and began plundering the area. In return for "protection" Lourdes met the Sorceror and her village now fell under his control. In return for their safety the elves now harvest fruit and other materials for the goblins, a fact Lourdes doesn't like but can do little against. Sadly for Garlboz, he isn't seeing Lourdes anymore and sometimes misses her greatly.

Marscalcus Kya
Lt Commander Kya 01
  • Name:Kya
  • City:Javan
  • Age: Born around 19 BQF
  • Affiliation: Rambo Nation

Kya is a young quadrantia humanoid female in service of Rambo Nation. Born in 19 BQF at the space port of Javan Kya had a nice youth and enjoyed her school time. At high school Kya grew to become a fine example of a humanoid female, and Kya was well aware of it and sometimes made use of it. She liked to party a lot, though also kept her study in high regard. During high school she also took lessons in self defense, something she continues to practice four days a week. Upon graduating from high school she joined the Rambo Acadamy as Kya proved to be an excellent science student. During her early carreer in Rambo service she served onboard the USS Dallas as a science ensign. After four years she reached the rank of lieutenant and was transffered to the Quadrant 21 Space Station. There she helped Rambo Command with mapping the empires around the Rambo Deep Space Colonial Sector and was vital in setting up an intermittent relation with the Icolians and a fine trade relation with the noble and gentle Caizini.

When the Empire took control over Rambo Nation and turned her into a protectrate, she drew the attention of Grand Mandator Garlboz who was setting up his inner council, a few persons he could trust a lot within Rambo Command. First Kya refused, as she was never fond of Cyrannians though Garlboz influenced her into serving him. Upon her agreement she was promoted to the rank of lieutenant-commander and was transffered to the Angforst and acts as the personal yeoman of Garlboz. Some within Rambo Command saw her promotion as sad as they believe she was forced into serving the Grand Mandator and is his personal amour, some believe she did it all for her carreer while others claim the two have a relation. Later on she was promoted by Garlboz to the position of Marscalcus, the command of the entire Rambo navy and army.

Kya is a kind and noble person, gifted with a natural curiousity for scientifical events, anomlies and books. As such she is quite clever and knows a lot about the Quadrants and their empires. She also likes to train herself, to keep at weight and having a sporty look.

Allies Edit

Green faceHmph. You're not the worst.

  • Tyrómairon - My Emperor. You have given me new life.
  • Mortikran - My old friend, met him on Nosiso.
  • Nirndal - Ah, Nirndal, my boy! You've come a long way.
  • Zillum - I'm glad we can work together again.

Neutral Edit

Yellow face...

Grand Mandators

Enemies Edit

Red faceGrrrr...

  • Claire Rambo - Foolish girl. I could have had so much more power.

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Quotes Edit

A cunning individual. The Empire is lucky to have him.

- Zillum

An honour serving with you, my friend.

- Nirndal

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