Not every Rovegar is a cute girl in a dress. Some of them are cute girls in dresses who can kill.

- Gardin

Gardin was an orphan Rovegar adopted by Vekaron after her family was massacred by the New Wranploer Legion who served as one of his Penumbran associates.


Early History[]

Gardin was born in 2789 at the Rovegar Matriarchy planet of Mistius. Her mothers were merely regular citizens of the colony she was born in and as such, she had a completely standard childhood. Like all Rovegar, she began developing her psychic powers at the age of 4 to 5, where she learned how to use minor telekinesis and launch small bolts of energy.

Ice Age[]

During the fourth year of the Ice Age, Gardin's home colony was attacked by Torrent after he followed Vekaron into the planet. The Wranploer under Torrent massacred the colony and destroyed Gardin's home, crushing her mothers below its rubble. Gardin would wander around the destruction until she was caught in the battle between Vekaron and Torrent. To taunt the Zoles, Torrent stabbed his fingers into Gardin's head, skewering through her right eye and leaving her near dead. Despite this, she would later use his essence to distract him, which would give Vekaron and his team an opportunity to defeat him.

With her mothers dead, Gardin was adopted by Vekaron, who took her to his ship to get her wounds healed. She grew a liking on Vekaron and his crewmates, with the exception of Vansenk, who she developed fear of. When Kirlisir met Vekaron's team and fought them, Gardin watched the fight and due to it, she grew an intense dislike on the Rovegar rogue. The following years, Kirlisir attempted training Gardin, but she refused to listen to her new teacher, much to Vekaron's worry until she changed her strategy and began treating the training as a game instead of as serious business. With time, Gardin grew a close bound with Kirlisir, to the point she considered her a new mother. She also grew very close to Kalcedia Myran following her inclusion into the team, seeing her as a dear auntie.

After growing up and fighting side by side with her parents for the following years, Gardin would meet and grow romantically involved with Hachiman during the War of the Ancient Three. However, she would be killed at the end of the conflict during a hit by Rovegar followers of Vileraz IV alongside her surrogate sister Karleia.



Gardin appearedas a relatively human-sized Rovegar woman with one of her eyes scarred and completely lacking in pigmentation due to being assaulted by Torrent when she was a child. Her armor, customized to fit her in specific, was of a notable red colouration. She was often seen wearing a circlet-like headwear on her forehead as well as a ribbon on her hair.


As a child, Gardin was described as a shy girl who did not enjoy socializing, even before she was taken by Vekaron. During the first years of her stay on his ship, she displayed a high level of shyness, but the prolonged exposure to the Zoles and his team allowed her to open up and become far more social. As she grew into a young adult, Gardin had become far more confident and somewhat perverted due to her puberty while still maintaining her typical mischievous, carefree nature and love for technology and videogames.


Like all Rovegar, Gardin possessed psychic powers. Her training under Kirlisir allowed her to fully use her potential, allowing her to use powers such as levitation, mind-reading and creating psychic pulses or barriers. She was also greatly skilled in using Witch Gauntlets, the typical weapon of Rovegar warriors, mimicking her teacher and fighting by using fast-paced dance moves. Like all Rovegar, Gardin could also let out extremely loud shrieks.



LoveRelation.pngWhere would I be without them?

  • Hachiman - M-Maybe we could... have a family together?
  • Vekaron - Dear father.
  • Kirlisir - Teacher. Mother. These words mean the same to me.
  • Karleia - I'll teach you all the tricks and pranks I know!


Green face.pngI'm glad to have you around.


Yellow face.pngHm?

  • N/A


Red face.pngYou deserve no mercy.

  • N/A


To think you'd fight by my side one day. If I were suggested that a few years ago, I'd tell the person they were insane.

- Vekaron

I remember when she was as big as my finger. Well, she still is, but you get my point.

- Wragrot

Your life is not my responsibility. I am not your family.

- Vansenk

You seem like a nice enough kid. Just don't touch my stuff.

- Kilchárunya





  • Gardin's child appearance was supposed to resemble a Ralts.
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