The Empire is the future, to think otherwise is a fool's errand.

- Gaius Prentus

Gaius Prentus is a male Libertus that serves in the Imperial Navy of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. A native of the Core World of Corulus, Prentus spent many years in the famous naval academy in the Capital City of Curamelle before finally graduating at the top of his class just in time for the Great Cyrannus War. Through hard-work, dedication and a dash of deceitful manipulation, Prentus worked his way up the ranks of his fairly modest posting until finally the Empire's creation awarded him with the powerful Imperator-class Star Destroyer, the Accuser.

His first posting as captain of the Accuser was to hunt down the Republic Remnant, though he was later assigned to the Outer Rim world of Nosiso, where he failed to contain a native rebellion orchestrated by the Confederacy of Free Planets. Nevertheless, Prentus' steely resolve and unquestioning loyalty to the Empire has made him a favourite on Orbispira, with his command of the Accuser earning him great praise amongst his colleagues in the Navy; and great fear amongst his numerous enemies. Prentus is considered to be a excellent tactician with a particular affinity for making cold and rational decisions, making both him and his Star Destroyer vital components in many Imperial campaigns.


Early LifeEdit

Born in 35 BNE on the planet Corulus, the young Gaius Prentus lived most of his early life in the northern mountains of Corulus' vast ice-covered land masses hundreds of kilometres north of the capital city of Curamelle. From a young age, Prentus excelled in education and when he became old enough, joined the elite Curamelle Naval Academy, eventually becoming a lieutenant on board a Republic Star Destroyer in the second year of the Great Cyrannus War. With a strong patriotic urge to win the war and a growing hatred of the Confederacy, Prentus was disappointed that he was unable to prove himself in battle, though using his sense of cunning intelligence, he managed to be promoted to captain by the time the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed. His reputation as a strong-willed and imaginative officer resulted in his first command a few months later, the newly constructed Imperator-class Star Destroyer Accuser.

Dark TimesEdit

Nosiso and Nex

The Accuser arrives in the Nex System, much to Orthonex's anger.

Prentus' first assignment as the captain of the mighty Accuser was over the rebel hotbed planet of Nosiso. Prentus was frustrated with the assignment, believing that as an elite warship, the Accuser should be sent to the frontlines in the highly successful Imperial campaign runs into the territory held by the Confederacy of Free Planets. However, as the third year of Imperial rule drew to a close, a surprise uprising on Nosiso instigated by Taros Cassynder forced Prentus to act. Bringing the Accuser into low orbit, Prentus was moments away from destroying the capital city of Nosiso when a Confederate fleet shot out of hyperspace, forcing the Accuser to retreat. Though Prentus desired to avenge the loss of Nosiso, Imperial Command instead directed him to the front lines of the Outer Rim War. However, an emergency situation on Nex resulted in the Accuser changing course to deal with the problem.

After being briefed by Imperial Command, Prentus took the Accuser into orbit around Nex. The planet's capital had been overrun by a viral race known as the Viralnex under the control of a mad scientist known as Orthonex, who killed Mandator Nenabie. Quickly demanding that Orthonex surrender, when the villain refused Prentus opened fire on Trucinico, destroying the entire city within a few seconds. Prentus was credited by the population of Nex for liberating them from the virus, though Orthonex was never found.

The Falcon and Halcyon

Gaius inspects the Falcon.

During the Accuser`s patrol over the Cyrannian/Quadrantia wormhole, Prentus oversaw the inspection of Claire Rambo's new freighter, the Falcon. Unbeknownst to Prentus, the ship was secretly carrying Voro Acetenus, a known fugitive of the Empire. However, the Imperial sensors did not pick up Voro's lifesign due to his advanced Cognatus cloak and sent them on their way. Prentus and the crew of the Accuser were then sent to Station Halcyon to represent Imperial interests at a large conference designed to defuse some of the Gigaquadrant's key issues. However, when the conference room exploded, evidence was found that implicated the Empire's involvement in the destruction. However, thanks to the Apalos, the true culprits were revealed to be The Civilisation.

Furious that the Civilisation ambassadors would try and blame the event on the Empire, Prentus left to the Accuser, which left Halcyon to report back to Imperial Command. Though the incident on Halcyon would have repercussions in many areas of the Gigaquadrant, the Empire and the rest of Cyrannus remained much the same, with the unrelated exception of the outbreak of the New Cyrandia Wars. Meanwhile, Prentus was sent to the Outer Rim on the front lines of the war with the Cyrannian Imperial State.

New Cyrandia WarsEdit


Apollo and Gaius Prentus converse with the Adjunct, while Cassynder insults Apoyran.

Sword of Peace

This robot of yours had better pull through, Libertus. I'd hate to see what would happen if the Republic was found responsible for not protecting the leader of the Confederacy.
"Oh yes, and I'm sure all three of your compatriots, the ones the Empire haven't yet brought to justice I mean, would write an angry letter or something. Scary.''

- Taros Cassynder addressing Apollo, only to be interrupted by Prentus.

During the New Cyrandia Wars, Captain Prentus was assigned to guard Grand Mandator Aporyan during a New Republic-led peace negotiation between the Empire and the Confederacy of Free Planets. Strongly distrustful of the Confederacy and Taros Cassynder, when the fleet was attacked by the Cyrannian Syndicate, Prentus automatically assumed the Confederacy was responsible. However, calmer heads in the form of Apollo and the Adjunct ultimately prevented the outbreak of a renewed war between the three powers. After the events of the Sword of Peace, Prentus returned to the front lines of the war against the Imperial State, where he fought admirably for the next year against the rebels.


The titanic Battle of Vasuband erupts.

Siege of Vasuband

During the preparations for the three-pronged strike on the Basileus homeworld of Vasuband during the final weeks of 05 NE, Captain Prentus and the crew of the Accuser were assigned by Grand Admiral Carandial to serve in his fleet alongside a long list of other Imperial captains including Tector Decimius, Marquar Cuinn and Rela Loupál, ultimately playing a part in the destruction of the Imperial State.

Second Great WarEdit

Opening Stages

In the weeks prior to the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War, Prentus was assigned with his rival, Captain Marquar Cuinn, to protect the Miluiel homeworld of Ambar. True to the Emperor's prediction, the planet soon came under assault by a joint fleet consisting of the Cyrandia Resistance and the Aldárae Order. Though backed up by five other Star Destroyers, the Accuser was forced to withdraw when the Imperial Overseer departed the planet's surface upon the arrival of Apolithanatár.

Battle of Ambar

The Accuser fought during the Battle of Ambar in the run-up to the Second Great War.

When the Second Great War erupted with the destruction of Mou'Cyran, Prentus was assigned to the fleet led by Fleet Admiral Tharnak Adraci. As part of the fleet, Prentus commanded the Accuser during the Battles of the Mou'Cyran Remnants and the Conquest of Coruaan, hoping that success would pave the way for his promotion within the Imperial ranks.

Physical AppearanceEdit

A typical male Libertus, Prentus stands 3.1 metres (10.17 feet) tall and possesses reddish-brown protofeathers with wine-coloured details on his head, chest, back and tail, the most common pigmentation of the Libertus race. Considered to be fairly attractive to fellow Libertus, Prentus often uses his looks to his advantage in his seemingly endless desire to gain notability in the mighty ranks of the Imperial Navy. He wears a typical Imperial officer uniform while on duty but he has noted on several occasions that he is never more comfortable then when hiking in the great alpine mountains of his home planet of Corulus.

Personality and TraitsEdit

A capable and ambitious Imperial, Gaius Prentus has made quite an impression of himself to the higher ranking officers in Imperial Command on Orbispira. Seemingly emulating the perfect Imperial, Prentus is cosmopolitan, ambitious, charismatic and hard-working and is on good terms with most of those serving under him on the Accuser. A noted proponant of High Cyrannian (essentially Libertus) culture, Prentus is a strong believer in the Empire and its enigmatic Emperor to the point where he may scoff at an extragalactic. However, Prentus is regarded by most he meets as being reserved and polite with a strong sense of humour and a noted Capricaerónn accent. However, Prentus also possesses a ruthless streak and views many species such as Nosisans as mere animals and was willing to orbitally bombard the Nosisan's planet from orbit when it faced a revolution against Imperial rule.




The Accuser (ICS Accuser ISD-620) is an Imperator-class Star Destroyer serving in the Imperial Navy under the command of Captain Gaius Prentus. Introduced in 01 NE at the shipyards over Cyroenia, the Accuser was the 620th Imperial Star Destroyer put into active service. With a crew of 36,000 and the firepower to conquer entire galactic sectors, the Accuser is a feared threat to the unlawful Outer Rim in which it operates, often coming into conflict with the Confederacy of Free Planets, pirates and slavers that operate behind the expansive nebulas of the region. The Accuser contains several squadrons of ASP fighters as well as a compliment of Imperial Troopers, walkers and aircraft should a ground invasion be required.



ImperialLoyaltyFaceWe bring order to the unruly cosmos.


Blue faceI admire those who have a future in the Imperial Order.


Yellow faceNeutrality is a dangerous thing.

  • Apollo - A great leader. I'll give him that.


Red faceDisloyalty to the Empire is a punishable act.


His future in the master Empire is bright.

- Grand Mandator Deoclet Caesarius

A cunning tactician to be respected. Even by his enemies.

- Tector Decimius

A brutal man who enforces the Emperor's tyrannical leadership. His days are numbered...

- Taros Cassynder

Cyrannus everlasting!

- Commissar Aerlon

Not all extragalactics are uncultured, just most of them.

- Geleriva Delsacrian


  • Gaius Prentus represents the new Libertus brought about by the creation of the Empire. He has later become one of the most important Imperial characters.



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