Cross not my path, where I prey on what is mine.

- Fostrak

Fostrak is a member of the Borealis Consortium Network's Guild of Shadows. A mutant beast, Fostrak is incredibly tough, strong, and can mutate to becoming a 10m tall monstrosity who, with his titanium claws, can tear apart all his foes. Having been made to believe he's fighting to protect his 'cubs' and his 'people', Fostrak is loyal, brave, and one of the greatest soldiers and assassins of the BCN. Anyone who doesn't watch their back while in the jungle will not know what hit them as a claw pierces their spine and brain.



Born on Groodrub, Fostrak was originally a simple ape-like creature. He wrestled with a hunting Loron scientist and nearly won, until the scientist electructed him and took him back. Being mad, this Loron scientist twisted him and mutated him, obviously with the help of Norol. He was used first in gladitorial combat (where he was undefeated), but was then kidnapped by another Loron for use in a gang.

Further mutation[]

Fostrak was unstable and very close to death, until some Galot environmentalists found him and took pity on him. He was 'healed' and frozen, then displayed in a museum. When the Kralgon Invasion Force took the Ottzello Galaxy by storm, they took him once again and mutated him for the third time, before Falrik Zaarkhun took him and perfected him, with Genrai Nal's consultancy, and froze him for further use.


Later, during the Second Borealis Galactic War's Wrath of Gods era, in the Borealis Consortium Network, Zaarkhun wanted to set up his private group of assassins, feeling that General Volim's weren't sufficient enough, and as Volim wasn't an idealist, wasn't able to create the desired group. Falrik remembered Fostrak, unfroze him, and then prepared him. Fostrak was now the strongest individual in the entire Network.



Fostrak is a brown-red-ish creature, with twisted horns. He is also visibly well armoured. Fostrak's face frigthens many; he is one of the most feared creatures in Borealis.


Fostrak is a rather polite, well-mannnered and nice individual...to those he likes. He has a deal of respect, honour and care for those he favours, but for those he dislikes, while he still shows honour, he makes it very clear he doesn't care for them before he rips them apart with his claws.


Aside from thick armour and very tough deflector shields, Fostrak has no equipment. It is believed that his muscles are cybernetic and his claws energy infused, although there is no confirmation.


With the swiftness of his titanium claws, Fostrak can rip apart any foe in seconds. Fostrak is incredibly strong, being able to lift at least a thousand kg. Fostrak is also rather fast considering his size and weight. Due to his immense toughness, he is often known as the "tank". However, his most deadly ability is his abiltiy to switch to a smaller form as a smaller ape-like creature who could pass off as a civilian; this disguise is what makes him a deadly assassin.



Green face.pngMy friends deserve protection.


Yellow face.pngBe weary...

  • Vailisa - Though on opposite sides, I admit I like you.


Red face.pngMy claws will be red with your blood!

  • None currently
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