Seriously? How many of you do I have to kill. I'm running out of ammo, and I want something new to kill.

- Forbila, in battle.

Forbila O'Canor'Kad is a Ugandalorian Defender, wife of the famous Barda Clett, and a famous warrior in her own right. She is a noted Tactician, capable leader, and resourceful swordsmaster, as identified by her twin blades she carries into battle, and more, famously, her Chain-sword she once picked up in battle, and started using for the heck of it.

A strong, powerful warrior, and more then an equal to her husband, Forbila is somewhat mentally unstable, but none the less an extremely powerful commander and a surprisingly well tuned political player. It is said that, while deadly apart, Forbila and Barda became a "God" on the battlefield, with religious leaders saying the 2 are halves of a God's soul, brought together in this life for some unknown purpose.

Forbila herself usually laughs at these "half-baked ideas".

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Much of Forbila's life is left a mystery by most who know her. She came from the First Southern Continent of Ugandalore, from the Town of Shidora. All that is known is she is among the last of the Clan of Canor, a Clan that has pushed itself to the brink by wars with other clans. No one is sure where she came from, as she claims to be descended from the gods, though this is often used to represent a certain deity who personifies one's clan. As such, no one knows much about her, other then her obvious, out-going, some would say, insane attitude. When the need arose during the war against the Unified Nations of Spode, Forbila was allowed to join the military, using her knowledge of swords to assist her people.

Forbila also kept up rigorously with fighting the Zarbania Powers and other threats to Ugandal safety. She became infamous when she found a Chain-Sword in battle once, and used it to hack her way through a division of Grox Follower warriors, by herself. She became known as Chainsaw Canor, and left many of her enemies in pieces.

During a battle with another faction, she rescued Barda Clett and the 2 alongside each other for the remainder of the war. After this, the 2 struck up a further romance, and married soon after, most likely due to Forbila saving him several times throughout their battles together. With his skill in sharpshooting, and her mastery of swords, the 2 proved a deadly combination when together on the field.

After 2 years, their first child was born, followed by a second 3 years later.

Nebulorian War Edit

Forbila was not in active service for the Nebulorian-Alpha war, and could not fight on the front lines. She was tasked with leading the planetary militia in case of an attack getting to the homeworld.

Infectant War Edit

During the Infectant War, Forbila was in charge of defending the Ugandalorian's home territories in the Mirus, and saw little actual combat, that was in the Milky Way.

Enlightenment War Edit

Forbila was later involved with getting the Ugandalorian Militia together to defend the planet during an Alpha Cyber Collective raid during the Enlightenment War and fought her way through several enemies, not really caring about her injurious, until she was forced by Barda to go seek medical treatment.

After the Multus Esse reawakened on the planet, Forbila was rather neutral to them, only caring if they could help them fight off the collective. However, when they proved effective, Forbila grew to respect them even more.

Aterro Dominatus Edit

Return of THEM Edit

Traits Edit

Personality Edit

Forbila often comes across as a little unstable, and can often be gruff and a little rude. However, deep down, she is a caring person, who simply wants to see her people, and her family, prosper. She extends this to all members of the Federation, and their allies. She is out-going, and fun-loving, but knows when to tow the line, and get in gear. Because of this, she is highly respected among her peers.

Forbila is respectful towards her peers, including those under her command, but also can be rude, and often shows little respect for those who act high and uppity. She is most noted for keeping her past to herself, and, while she is usually seen as fun-loving, and respectful of her cultural traditions, she is also noted for being unpredictable in battle and around her foes.

Abilities Edit

Forbila has control over the element of Water, and can manipulate, absorb, and control water in combat. She can also fire a Pulse blast from her body, of pure elemental energy. However, her skills with her element are actually not as well developed, and she relies more on her combat skill, being quite effective with her duel blades. It is said that when she and Barda come together in battle, the 2 become nearly invincible, with many saying they are two halves of a God of war, destined to come together again. Forbila is considered equivalent to a Blade master in skill, and is not one to be under-estimated.

She is an expert in nearly 7 marital arts, but often uses rather basic techniques to break her foes. Though she does not like fighting bare-handed, she can make due until she gets her weapons back.

Equipment Edit

The Ugandal Queen often carries twin blasters, and other various weapons and gadgets in her Elemental immune armor. She also carries Chainsaw/Sword into battle, which fits over her right arm.

Appearance Edit

Forbila is attractive, for her species, and often appears in simple, sea-blue armor. She prefers to dress in this armor, and like many of her kind, sees it as a multi-purpose suit for any occasion.

Relations Edit

Blue face Family Edit

We're in this together.

Yellow face Neutral Edit


  • W'tze - Sometimes, mercy is a weakness.
  • Akanri - Dang, you are FUN!

Red face Disliked Edit

I'm gonna smash your face in.

Red face Enemies Edit

Say. Hello. To. My. CHAINSAW!

Quotes from others Edit

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A little nutty, but that's why I love her.

- Barda Clett

"Say hello to my chainsaw?" Ehhh...not sure if I should stay near her when she is angry...

- W'tze

Then come at me! Let us battle, chainsaw against chainsaw! Let us enjoy the thrill of bloody melee combat! And so, as we fight...I'LL CLEAVE YOU APART!

- Imperator Caligustus

Trivia Edit

  • Some of her aspects where inspired by the Queen song, Killer Queen.
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