Cyrannus is mine.

- Flovos Pretio

Flovos Pretio is Cyrannus' greatest crime lord, commanding the Cyrannian Syndicate, the strongest criminal organization in the Cyrannus Galaxy. Like many of his people, the Fernei-Tuu, Pretio is a cut-throat business man that puts his business ahead of personal gain. Despite the fact he is more than capable of killing someone in cold blood, or sending out bounty hunters, Pretio can also be considered honourable, and tries to never harm innocent civilians, unlike many of his associates.

History Edit

Early HistoryEdit

Flovos Escape

Fernei's Hand escapes.

Pretio was born into a wealthy and influential family on his people's homeoworld of Fernei. Traditionally, the offspring of a businessman would be required to become one himself, something that Pretio had no intention of doing. Eventually, Pretio rebelled against his family, forming a gang, which eventually grew into a criminal cartel. At this point, his actions already provoked his mother and father into disowning him, while rival crime lords began to take notice.

Eventually, his criminal cartel merged with the Cyrannian Syndicate, the largest criminal organization in the Cyrannus Galaxy. Within ten years of joining, Pretio became the leader of the entire Syndicate. However, when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, Pretio was captured and held aboard the Imperial Prison Ship, Constrictor.

Leadership Edit

Eventually however, Pretio's associates aided in his escape from the Constrictor aboard his personal starship, Fernei's Hand. However, the ease of their escape troubled Pretio, who began to feel that the Empire let him escape, so that they could use him for their own dastardly purposes. However, as Pretio approached his secret hiding place, he promised himself that he wouldn't let them. Eventually, when he reached his headquarters on the infamous Lohkria Resort, he told his comrades Rivergron and Drelas about his concerns, as well as telling them about his plans to strike a blow to the Emperor.


Pretio contacts his Quadrantia counterparts.

Eventually, Pretio managed to gain control over three Imperial Aggressor-class Destroyers soon afterwards, cementing his place as Cyrannus' greatest crimelord. In the third year of the Dark Times, Pretio became involved with the feared Morglûkia of Rambo Nation and managed to convince him to send a bounty hunter to rescue his old ally Adelheidis from the grasps of the New Cyrannian Republic. Concurrent to this meeting, Pretio travelled to Rambo Nation in secret alongwith Queen Asenath of the Panthrea Slaver Guild.

During the New Cyrandia Wars, Flovos saw the Syndicate expand far beyond his wildest expectations. During the final months of 04 NE, he was contacted by Adelheidis and the Zare'Anne with the aim of disgracing the current New Republic leadership. Using one of his stolen Aggressor-class destroyers, Pretio stormed a diplomatic meeting between the Republic, the Empire and the Confederacy of Free Planets though unfortunately for the criminals, the unexpected aid of the Adjunct allowed the diplomats to thwart the Syndicate's plans.



Tyermaillin, Rivergron and Flovos Pretio conspire.

Though disappointed with his failure, Pretio was surprised to learn a few months later that the Cyrannian Imperial State required his services for a similar, though far larger, operation to spark war between the Empire and the Republic. Along with Rivergron, Pretio orchestrated a vast conspiracy which almost resulted in the galaxy's decline into perpetual war between the Republic and the Empire. However, unbeknownst to Pretio while plotting against the superpowers, elements within his own organisation plotted against him. By revealing the nature of the conspiracy to both the Empire and the Republic, Éaltar Gauisa and his employer Aiora Xaeymea successfully brought Pretio's leadership to its knees resulting in his capture by the New Republic in the Cianbur System.

Flovos Pretio is currently detained indefinitely by the New Republic for crimes against the galaxy.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Arguably, Pretio is Cyrannus' most feared criminal. Cold, egotistical and completely confident in himself, Flovos can be considered harsh and yet good natured at the same time, making him an efficient and popular leader to those beneath him in the hieroarchy of the Cyrannian Syndicate. However, he doesn't hesitate to kill those who have wronged him in the past, and the grudges which he creates often last many years, until the opposing party is either dead, or repays him.



Blue faceYou are useful to my ultimate plan.


Orange faceKeep away from me.

  • Apollo - Not the worst.
  • Apaltar - Perhaps I can manipulate him. I always wanted to own a President.


Red faceMy blaster grows restless.



- Tyrómairon


- Carandial

A powerful local, crimelord, allying him would be very profitable. (thinking to himself:Pretty-O? What kind of a name is THAT?)

- Zarveltyr


  • Flovos Pretio's character was original a Jabba the Hutt-esque crime lord.
  • He is the first major Fernei-Tuu character on the wiki.


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