Flo'Sikka is a well renowned Loron crunk DJ and rapper, who is notable for having multiple #1 singles in various territories. His music is often used in the military and nightclubs, due to the lyrics, call & response shouting vocals, and his catchy beats, getting people in a lively mood (and, for the military, an aggressive one). He has recently joined the Intergalactic Band.


Early lifeEdit

Flo'Sikka was born into a family of Mekks. His entire family was a lot smarter than other Loron were, and were famed for creating some of Da Propa Big Loron Empire's best ships, as well as the 'geekiest loron eva'. Flo'Sikka would often get into fights with his peers at 'Da Loron Skool', and had to trade drugs in order to buy weapons. While this was typical Loron behaviour, Flo'Sikka had a very emotional past, as he was never received into a Gang, and spent more time around Da Chikz. This arguably made him the smartest Loron at the time.

Flo'Sikka learnt how to rhyme and rap in his school, and on his first rap battle, beat the champion at the time. This often resulted in him getting caught up in the Propa Big Loron Empire's toughest gangz. He was also notable for creating the best beats, as he knew how to match tempo and pitch correctly with vocals, meaning his were always in time, let alone catchy. He was also the fastest rapper in his local area, let alone having the best lyrics, and so went on to pursue a career in music.

Early careerEdit

Despite his lone wolf reputation, his first career was earned as the front many of the group Da Badman Doods, who he had beaten in a rap battle and later beaten in a fist fight. The Badman Doods were a praised Loron Crunk and hip hop group, and on their first 3 albums, they recieved high popularity even outside the many Loron empires. However, as Flo'Sikka was often wanted to feature on other people's tracks and produce other artists' tracks, the rest of Da Badman Doods fired him as they were jealous. Since then, the band's next album had production handled by other Loron DJs, and thus, they were criticized.

Flo'Sikka began his solo career, with the emotional album Dis Is Dum. The album recieved positive reviews, due to its emotional feeling that, unlike other Loron rappers, non-Loron listeners can really feel the vibe an emotion Flo'Skka was putting across. It also showed a new production style, and featured famous Galot singers to add to the sad feeling of the album. The success changed Flo'Sikka's life who left the Propa Big Loron Empire to build a spaceship in no man's territory. While working on his next album, however, he was captured by the Kralgon Invasion Force.

Career peakEdit

The Kralgon Invasion Force gave him The System, which improved his intellect and strength. He was kept alive due to his ability to control other Loron through lyrics and music. His next album, Da March of Da Boyz, featured shouting vocals in call and response style, and beats similar to those of the old Badman Doods (who had been killed during the war). This album was often played on Loron radio during war, to put Loron in the mood to fight.

His next album, Da Sikkest Eva, was used to help Loron during the Third Ottzello Galactic War, and later when the Loron joined the Unified Nation of Ottzello, Flo'Sikka was still given the System, but granted freedom from any empire. Flo'Sikka made a space station in Borealis Galaxy, at around the time of early Terminal Point. His new music was in the same style as Da Sikkest Eva, and has had even higher critical acclaim and sales. Also, when the Cold Loron joined the Rogue Boyz, several Cold Loron worked with him to create drum & bass music with rap, as well as newer directions for Flo'Sikka's crunk music.

Intergalactic BandEdit

At the request of Zr'Ahgloth, a fan of Flo'Sikka, Flo'Sikka joined the talented Intergalactic Band as a producer, and often as a rapper. At this point, Flo'Skka had already reached his possible career peak, with every one of his singles and albums charting at number 1 in the Unified Nation of Ottzello, Da Rogue Boyz and Legion of Badmanz, and scoring multiple number 1 and number 10s in other galaxies.



Flo'Sikka's style varies, but his most famous work is his crunk composition. His vocals are made mostly of call & response shouting in these songs, with catchy beats and strong bassline. The results were a sound that put people in a mood to go wild, making them useful for military purposes (in UNO, they are played in the soldier's minds via The System), as well as good in night clubs.

In his album Dis Is Dum, his rapping was dominant, and expressed emotional feelings about his past life. It featured performances from other singers in the choruses, to increase its emotional feeling. The lyrical content often talked not only about him wanting to 'smash peepz', but why he did.

Notable songsEdit



  • Dis Is Dum
  • Da March of Da Boyz
  • Da Sikkest Eva
  • Da Sikkest Eva 2
With Da Badman Doods
  • We Is Da Best
  • Yor Dum
  • Go Ta Hell
With Intergalactic Band
  • None yet



  • The creation was, in fact, just a few minor modifications by Technobliterator on Wormulon's original Loron outfit
  • His name is inspired by rapper Flo Rida, but everything else is based on DJ/rapper Lil Jon and on rapper Busta Rhymes
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