We are the pinnacle of democracy! There is a level of dignity we are all expected to follow! Don't make me levitate you all again!

- Vemeryn lecturing Senators after a particularly boisterous session.

Firenhir Vemeryn was a male Chavelli who served the New Cyrannian Republic as the First Senator of the Republic Senate after his defection from the Cognatus Empire when it was reformed during the Dark Times. Tasked with ensuring that the Senate doesn't fall into chaos, Vemereyn was often the person who represented the Republic when contact with a new civilisation is made, earning him the honour of making first contact with civilisations such as the Algolurn Popular Republic. As one of the Republic's most prized diplomats, he often worked closely with Proconsul Apollo and later, Athan Apostila.

In 15 NE, Firenhir was present on Mou'Cyran during the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm—an unprovoked attack on the Republic Capital by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Vemeryn stood alongside President Nexarón Valkistair and his senatorial colleagues during the planet's destruction, dying at the age of 34.


Born on the Chavelli homeworld of the same name, Vemeryn was educated to become a priest of his race's religious order, despite the fact he viewed such a position with hostility given his interest in the politics of his planet. Vemeryn was only a child when the Chavelli joined the Cognatus Remnant, where despite his suspicion of some of the darker aspects of that civilisation, he grew to admire figures such as Voro Acetenus, though he believed that it was best if the Chavelli created their own interstellar government to deal with other species rather than swear fealty to the Cognatus. When the Cognatus Remnant reformed itself into the Cognatus Empire, Vemeryn was terrified of what the future would bring and was glad when his race formally left the Empire. However, his curiousity and intelligence led him to explore the Gigaquadrant, bringing him into contact with the Republic in Exile, which he decided to join.


Apollo and Vemeryn discuss peace with Taros Cassynder and Aporyan.

Despite his young age, Vemereyn's vast intelligence saw him rise quickly through the ranks of Republic politics, ultimately earning him the position of Chief of Staff to both Adelheidis and Apaltar. When the New Cyrannian Republic was formed, Vemereyn was given the position of Consul of the Senate, tasked with ensuring that the democratic body remains calm and dignified. Despite lacking any executive powers, Vemeryn is often the individual who first makes contact with an alien species, earning him a degree of fame throughout the Mou'Cyran Accords and beyond.

He was killed on the eve of the Second Great Cyrannus War, when the Empire destroyed Mou'Cyran in an effort to annihilate the Republic in one fell swoop.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Like many of his people, Vemeryn was cantankerous and moody at the best of times, earning him the disfavour of many of the Senators he often interrupted when their designated speaking time was up. Though many high ranking Republic officials such as Apollo enjoyed the company of the young Chavelli, others who are not accustomed to the highly unusual behaviour of the Chavelli people, could become unnerved by Vemeryn's mastery over telekinesis and other forms of abilities emanating from his mighty mind. Indeed, Vemeryn was known to levitate senators against their will when they annoyed him, much to the amusement of the HoloDomain community.

Vemeryn tended to be aggressive only when extremely annoyed and was often considered to be somewhat broody but also pleasant and enjoyable at times, especially with people he enjoys the company of. Nevertheless, due to the fact that many are disturbed when they initially meet him, Vemeryn could be somewhat lonely at times. To Vemeryn's shame, due to the fact he left the Chavelli homeworld, he became banished from ever returning, a reality that he sought to appeal by contacting Valchi, a famous Chavelli diplomat. However, his death in 15 NE put an end to such efforts.



Green faceYou actually like me?

  • Apollo: A good man who does not find my eccentricities annoying or off-putting.


Blue faceErm... hello there.

  • Valchi: I beg of you, please allow me to visit my parents and friends on Chavell.
  • Apaltar: He has a kind heart.
  • Voro Acetenus: I would like to speak with you again.


Yellow faceDon't waste my time!


Orange faceI hope you do not mind if I levitate you off the nearest cliff!


Poor guy, many find him off-putting but we all have our quirks.

- Apollo



  • Firenhir Vemeryn was once called simply "Vemer", which Cyrannian decided to change to avoid confusion with Aeralon Temer, another New Republic character.
  • Though Vemeryn was created by Cyrannian, his species is owned by Dinoman82.


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