I am one individual, but I will do my best. I see the best for the Unified Nation, and its enemies shall be annihilated.

- Feldosia

Feldosia was the leader of the Technobian, as a leader in the Unified Nation of Ottzello.


Early lifeEdit

Feldosia grew up in a Technobian family. The area, however, was filled with crime and unfriendly individuals. Feldosia grew up in an incredibly rough area, and saw friends and family die, as well as being badly hurt herself. Even after moving, she had been scarred for life.

Being interested in music her entire life, Feldosia became a singer-songwriter and a DJ, with her stage name simply Feldosia.


After her initial life as a musician, she went into politics, when she was asked to make a speech due to her high reputation, and did surprisingly well in this. Due to her strong ideals and excellent speeches, it took her only a few years until she became president of the Technobians. However, this was also the time that the Kralgon Invasion Force set about to take over Ottzello. It wasn't long before Feldosia joined United Nations of Ottzello.


Feldosia found her real home in UNO. She took the job as the leader of the Technobians, and fitted this role perfectly, as well as the leader of the economics division in UNOL.

Dark FeldosiaEdit

During the Corrupt Occurance, she was captured by Kolossus, and her DNA was corrupted with Dark Chronoscopic. She worked for Kolossus for a while, until her corruption was healed by Tuolog and Mac. She had not totally lost her old darkness, and became an assassin, but still a member of UNOL.



Feldosia is kind, and friendly to others, but doesn't hesitate to be aggressive at times. She tends to hit others and swear when aggressive or when provoked, which useful when she does jobs for the military. Feldosia also spends a lot of time choosing her outfits. She is a huge perfectionist, and often tries to help others when designing things. Outside the military, she is a talented musician, and good at IT and foreign languages.


Feldosia, in light mode, is similar to most Technobians. She is quite tall, and can often be seen wearing jewellery and elegant clothing, as well as makeup.

Feldosia, in dark appearance, is a being with rough skin, and with an intimidating appearance and incredibly sharp mouth.


Feldosia wears captain weaponry, as well as UNO weaponry. She hasn't been seen carrying anything specific, besides normal soldier weaponry. Feldosia's armour is similar to that of bounty hunters an assassins.


Feldosia is an expert at Chronoscopic and Dark Chronoscopic, which is useful in combat. She was trained by several Chronoscopic experts from a young age. She is very good at close range combat, but not so good without her weapons for help. At range combat, she hasn't got the best aim, but can use missiles well.

When in Dark, she is a master of Dark essences, and most notably a stealthy character, who hides from sight, but comes out to eliminate the target. She is a notable assassin, and a fighter.



Green faceI have utmost respect for you.

  • UNOL - We work together to create perfection out of imperfection.


Yellow faceErm... who are you?


Red faceI will rip you apart!


*maniacal, cruel laugher*

- Kolossus



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