I'm not making any compromises here. Two options. Agree to my terms, or die.

- Falrik Zaarkhun

Falrik Zaarkhun was the leader of the Zaarkhun Consortium (now joint leader of Borealis Consortium Network), and became the most powerful criminal in the Ottzello Sector. In fact, this soon extended to the entire Borealis Galaxy when he joined forces with General Volim, though a defeat at the hands of the Polar Crystal Alliance caused him to commit suicide, with his spirital successor being his agent Billig Oltauris.

Falrik Zaarkhun's personal flagship was the powerful Iron Fist, which runs on technology he acquired from the black markets.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Falrik was raised single-handedly by his father, as his mother died shortly after he was born in a gang fight. Zaarkhun was trained to use weapons at a young age, and his favourite of these was a revolver handgun, very similar to the human equivalent, and enjoyed using it. Like any in his family, his school taught him techniques to kill, steal and cunning, yet Zaarkhun became incredibly knowledgeable. Zaarkhun then inherited the Zaarkhun Consortium from his father at the age of 16. He was one of the most strategically adequate leaders of the Consortium. He grew up with Genrai Nal, and the two fascinated other every day; Genrai became fascinated by Falrik's family heritage, while Falrik was blown away by Genrai's capabilities as a warrior, and immunity to ageing.

Zaarkhun's Consortium failed to do well in the First Ottzello Galactic War; as everyone was so poor, his consortium didn't have anyone to earn from. As Zaarkhun's income began to go downhill, he was met by Zargoth. Zargoth promised to let Zaarkhun live, in return for being able to use Zaarkhun's body for a while. Zaarkhun accepted, and Genrai Nal became even more powerful with Dark Chronoscopic. He went a few millennia into the future for his plan to work...

As Zargoth Edit

As Zargoth, Falrik Zaarkhun worked with Zargoth to build up the Consortium larger than ever during the Second Ottzello Galactic War. When he arrived in the future, he had his genes improved by his Consortiums' version of The System and its nanomachines, and killed his descendant, Sollow. Sollow was revived using Zaarkhun's cybernetic and nanotechnology and became Zaarkhun's second most trusted friend.

Later, during the Third Ottzello Galactic War, Zaarkhun's body was completely taken over; as a result of the Second Ottzello War, Zaarkhun needed cybernetic implants, so Zaarkhun gave Zargoth full control in return for his body surviving, while secretly incredibly angry at Zargoth. Zargoth's plan in the war failed, so Zargoth left Zaarkun's body. Zaarkhun rebuilt his consortium in due time.

Post-Zargoth Edit

These were during the tmes of the Perils of Ottzello

Great Cyrannus War

The Unified Nation of Ottzello was involved in the Distant Relatives chapter. He revealed that he had secretly been behind the entire thing, but was killed by the Kralgon Emperor (again), and his plan to gain a new source of intimidation had failed.

Clash of the Crimelords

During the Clash of the Crimelords, Zaarkhun went to war with the Wranploer Legion. However, at the end, the two decided that rather than continuing their war, they'd be better off merging their organizations, although only in secret.

Borealis Consortium Network Edit

Falrik Zaarkhun joined forces with the Wranploer Legion's leader, General Volim, and slowly, the two began to trust each other. Falrik originally kept Volim only because Volim was an icon to Borealis, something the galaxy feared, but he then grew a liking to Volim. The Consortium Network together worked in the Second Borealis Galactic War, in which Zaarkhun fully took on his new role. He was responsible for the Business of War era, though his vision ultimately failed. He instead helped the team to defeat Regnatus.

During the end of the war, his defeat led him to committing suicide.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Covered in scars, Zaarkhun has a muscular build, and is often seen in a thick fur coat. He tends to wear a lot of jewellery, and can always been seen accompanied by bodyguards. He is never seen smiling, except for when he's mocking or grinning at his own achievement.

Personality Edit

Zaarkhun is a cold, strategic, methodical leader, who is arrogant, ruthless, and rarely sympathetic. He is incredibly cunning, and difficult to outsmart. If he had a feud with someone, he does not let his grudge go. He doesn't care how someone feels, only that he gets what he wants. He trusts very few people, besides Genrai Nal and Sollow. The only times he would ever spare someone would be if he deemed it not beneficial to kill them.

Equipment Edit

Zaarkhun's main weapons of choice are his revolver-style handguns, which fire bullets containing a nanogram (ng) of antimatter. This can be one-hit kill for most infantry and vehicles, and in some cases, leave a crater of a few cm2. Using implants and having a lot of training, Zaarkhun has become a skilled marksman with these weapons, aiming almost instantly. Being revovlers, however, they contain 6 shots each, and reload times are fairly long, although Zaarkhun likes them, as they make the battle more intense and exciting.

Falrik Zaarkhun uses an advanced spacetime device, which is both implanted in his body and exterior. This device causes a spacetime defect around him, that means nothing can hit him that he doesn't want to. In addition, this device can be an Essence emulator, allowing him to emulator the powers similar to that of an Ioketa.

Abilities Edit

Zaarkhun has implants and nanomachines in his body more advanced than UNOS. These allow him to think faster, calculate better and control forces better, as well as to 'multitask'. His implants and nanomachines also improve his reflexes and performance in combat, though physically he can be outdone by the more elite soldiers.

Relations Edit

Allies Edit

Blue faceWe co-operate well, for my benefit.

Neutral Edit

Yellow faceHuh.

  • Kralgon Emperor - I respect you, after that campaign out in Cyrannus. But that doesn't mean I really like you.

Enemies Edit

Red faceYou'll be sorted out... in time.

  • None, currently

Quotes from others Edit

Maybe I was wrong about you. Maybe we can even

- General Volim

Who's this guy? He seems like problem!

- Chief Major Xerkea

safe man zaarkhuns sik he gets us propa sik gunz an stoof liek dat hurhurhur

- Fre'kloar

You are pathetic, Heeyorian. Your overconfidence disgusts me greatly.

- Kolossus

Another one to torture, I see...

- King Mirras III

Heretical scum. You'll feel death's dark embrace soon enough.

- Dark Apostle Geltastra

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Trivia Edit

You can either sign this contract...
...Or die.