Erivan Kheranbar was a Shodrae politician and diplomat, who became known for being the first ambassador of the Indoctrinate Collective to the United Republic of Cyrannus and its successors. He would remain a prominent figure in both nations, ensuring relations remained positive for many years until he was killed during the rise of the Occupied Republic, silenced by the Empire as he attempted to raise his voice for the freedom of the Cyrannian people.


Eviran is the eldest son of Supreme Advisor Wasmiah, born at 28 BNE. Raised among a family of diplomats, he became attracted to the subject and eventually became one himself. Alongside his mother, he is credited as responsible for the Shodrae race's membership in the Indoctrinate Collective, believing joining forces with the far more technologically enlightened Dracogonarious would allow them to flourish and grow as a species.

A secret rendezvous on an unknown world.

While Wasmiah was elevated to the rank of Supreme Advisor, Eviran was given the role of ambassador with the Collective's main Cyrannia ally at the time, the United Republic of Cyrannus, and as such, he spent long periods of time in the Republic Senate. During these visits, he befriended the President, Apollo, and the two would see each other as good friends.

In the ending times of the Great Cyrannus War, Eviran was present in the Republic Senate when Tyrómairon revealed himself and declared the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Suspecting foul play due to Apollo's absence to such an important announcement, Eviran sought him out with the support of the Collective, leading him to become a member of the Republic Remnant for the following years.

Eviran and Apollo discuss Project Exodus

With the formation of the New Cyrannian Republic, Erivan regained his position as ambassador and remained at the Cyrannus Galaxy for the purpose of fulfilling his task, which would include getting its help during Project Exodus. As he was already in the galaxy, Eviran also became the Collective ambassador to the Confederacy of Free Planets following its legitimization, though uncertainty still lingering from the First Great War led him to spend minimal time there.

The Second Great Cyrannus War marked the end, however, when the Republic was defeated in the Fall of the Twelve Worlds. Unable to escape with the New Republic Remnant, Eviran instead showed outrage at the Occupied Republic, publicly denouncing so-called President Zare'Anne as a traitor and an Imperial puppet. Before he had the chance to spark any sort of rebellion, Eviran was hunted down and executed by Imperial troops, a blow which further fuelled the Collective's desire to annihilate the Empire in a particularly violent fashion.

Physical Appearance[]

Eviran was, by Shodrae standards, of average appearance. He often wore a suit fit for an ambassador, which held an insignia of the Collective on the right of his chest and an emblem of the Cyrannian Republic right below it, symbolizing their partnership.

Personality and Traits[]

Eviran was head-strong and not afraid of the consequences if it meant the greater good, traits considered valuable by the Indoctrinate Collective. Most described him as an amible person to talk to, who was exceptionally charismatic and intelligent. While he had no combat training of any sort, he often claimed that words could sting as much, if not more so, than blades.



Green face.pngGreetings, good friend.


Red face.pngHow dare you!


Eviran is a great man. I hope he succeeds in his mission to aid Apollo.

- Jerkon

One of my few remaining allies. I hope he is ready for the great perils ahead.

- Apollo




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