With Admiral Thielde at the head of our Navy, the Empire's reign of terror will end in flames and ruin.

- High Chancellor Taros Cassynder

Evel Thielde is a female Arctunvahrex admiral in the naval forces of the Confederacy of Free Planets, serving as the commander of the Confederacy's dreaded flagship—the Calidusa. Hailing from Vahrexian in the Outer Rim of Cyrannus, Thielde was a political idealist in her youth, and was strongly opposed to her people's unification under the United Republic of Cyrannus. Instead, Thielde believed that each species should be a sovereign nation, united only under the barest minimum of galactic government.

By the tumultuous years of the Great Cyrannus War, Thielde was an experienced admiral in the fleet of the Confederacy of Allied Systems, and considered one of the most senior naval officers in the aspirant galactic power. With the end of the war and the subsequent rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Thielde fled into unknown space, returning only upon the establishment of the Confederacy of Free Planets as a recognised power in galactic events in 05 NE. By 10 NE, Thielde had risen to the rank of High Admiral within the Confederacy, and assigned by Chancellor Cassynder himself to head a top-secret dreadnought project intended to repel any Imperial invasion into Confederate space.


Born on the Arctunvahrex homeworld of Vahrexian in 102 BNE, Thielde distinguished herself as a political idealist in her early life, deeply valuing the traditions and culture of individualism and nationalism which permeated her people's society. Joining the Vahrexian defence force as a young adult, Thielde made her dissatisfaction clear when in 53 BNE, her government joined the newly established galactic government in the Core Worlds—the United Republic of Cyrannus.

While Thielde was similarly sceptical about the Confederacy of Allied Systems when it was formed decades later, she nonetheless sympathised with the ideology of the Confederacy's chancellor Wulff Dastirius, coming to believe that if Cyrannus truly required a galactic government, it should be the Confederacy which holds the mantle, rather than the corrupt and biased Republic. Abandoning Vahrexian when it declared its loyalty to Orbispira during the brief secessionist crisis predating the Great Cyrannus War, Thielde signed on with the Confederate Navy, and due to her experience, was granted the rank of Admiral. Throughout the First Great War, Thielde was assigned to defend the patchwork of Confederate territories in the galactic west, including the strategically vital Carindes Sector, home to the Confederacy's capital. As such, she did not experience first hand the horrors of the war until well into the third year of the conflict, when both the Republic and the Cyrannian Neraida began to launch daring attacks into the Confederacy's once secure heartland.

By the end of the war, Thielde refused to join the Empire or Taros Cassynder's meagre rebel force massing in the unexplored reaches of the Outer Rim. However, when the Confederacy of Free Planets was legitimised in 03 NE at a conference on the New Republic Star Destroyer Sword of Peace, Thielde put aside her apprehensions about joining forces with Cassynder's "merry band of misfits" and was commissioned into the New Confederacy's naval forces as a fleet admiral, assigned to oversee the top-secret Project Calidusa, to protect the Confederacy against the inevitable Imperial invasion.

Second Great WarEdit

SGCW Subjugator Attack

The Confederate dreadnought Calidusa annihilates an Imperial armada in the Namdorei Strait.

Several weeks after the Fall of the New Republic, Thielde was overseeing the final phases of construction on the new Confederate flagship, the Calidusa, in the sparsely populated Namdorei System. When construction was complete, yet receiving no instructions from Confederate High Command, Thielde set a trap for the Imperials, luring a flotilla of three Imperial Star Destroyers to the system and destroying them using the Calidusa's advanced ion hypercannon. After the battle, fear spread through the Imperial ranks about a Confederate vessel with the potential to end their conquest.

Personality and TraitsEdit

A reluctant believer in the ideals of the Confederacy, Thielde strongly advocates for the individual rights of sentient species to govern themselves, with little to no influence from wider galactic powers. As such, she believes in the Confederacy as the lesser of three evils, with the Empire's totalitarianism being utterly intolerable, and the Republic's interventionism being a mere step below it. Nevertheless, over the years, her support for the Confederacy has become expressed in deed as well as through words, with Thielde gaining a formidable reputation as the Confederacy's highest military authority, who's counsel is sought even by Chancellor Cassynder, despite lingering animosity due to Thielde's refusal to join his faction during its flight from the Empire, and instead when the war ended, when "joining was easy".




Blue faceYou aren't the worst, I suppose.


Orange faceMy patience is about to snap.

  • Apollo: "You may not be our enemy, but you're certainly not our friend."


Red faceI will bombard you into dust.

  • Tyrómairon: "Your reign will come crashing down on your head."


We have our differences, dear Evel, but you hold the keys to saving the Confederacy in your hands.

- Taros Cassynder




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