I'm the last of my kind. That means I get all the ladies.

- Erureidan

Erureidan Darach is the current generation of Gallarade, who is the Matriarch's personal and most powerful bodyguard in the Rovegar Matriarchy, as well as the last remaining male Rovegar in the entirety of existence.


Early History[]

Erureidan was born around 200 years in the past, being the most recent son of the Darach family, the last remaining family of male Rovegar still existing. His father served for Gallarade for 632 years before him, before he was killed by unknown means. Erureidan was then trained to follow his father's footsteps as the guardian of the Matriarch. At first displaying medium to poor results due to his easy-going and lazy attitude, Erureidan would surprise his superiors when he demonstrated Essence capability above that of his father's and even the Matriarch herself.

At around the age of 30, Erureidan's training ended and he began serving directly under Matriarch Vileraz IV. While loyal, Erureidan showed distrust toward the Matriarch and her malevolent personality, as well as feared she would use him for her own selfish goals in the future. When Vileraz IV gave birth to Kirlisir and attempted to kill her, Erureidan took the baby before she had the chance and secretly rose her, teaching her how to fight so she may one day get back at her cruel mother.

When Vileraz IV approached the Polar Crystal Alliance to further her goals, Erureidan was forced to observe, being unable to stop her. Participating in battles against the Children of Synthesis and Zarkhator, he made a name for himself across the Alliance, becoming one of its greatest soldiers. During the War of the Ancient Three, he was finally given the chance of rising against Vileraz IV, assisting Kirlisir in leading the Rovegari insurrection up to its success, though he would be devastated by his adoptive "little sister" being killed by the Matriarch. With the end of the war, Erureidan now serves the new Matriarch.



As a male Rovegar, Erureidan's appearance is quite contrasting compared to the rest of his race. He is nearly twice the size of an average Rovegar, this being attributed to his heritage. While he possesses hair and the usual Rovegar crest, these are usually left unseen under his armor. Erureidan's hands are unlike the slender, frail hands of the females, being much more heavy-looking and larger, and lacking the females' sharp nails. Like the females, he possesses fin-like horns coming out of his chest and back, those being protected by his armor as well.


Despite his power, influence and position within society, Erureidan possesses a sense of honour and will often apologize to his foes and enemies if he knows that they are incapable of standing up to him in conflict as he has knowledge over how much power he has and how destructive he can be. Erureidan will give his opponents a fair chance however and will only use the full extent of his strength if the situation he is exposed to absolutely requires it. He possesses a good sense of humour and charm, allowing him to make friendly relations somewhat easily especially with some enemies who he is likely to compliment in battle if they can match him somewhat. He is capable of independent thinking although prefers to keep his more negative thoughts to himself and will follow orders loyally and without hesitance, even if such involves injury or death. Erureidan is well aware of his position as the last male and takes full advantage of it when out of duty and talking to females, him being an object of lust across the entire Matriarchy.


Erureidan is considered to be the most powerful Rovegar in current existence as well throughout the history of the Matriarchy due to his astonishing level of control and power over Essence as well as his astounding physical strength which is capable of matching some of the strongest of races. His capability over Essence allows him to be nigh-invulnerable while dealing massive amounts of damage towards his foes with excellent precision and accuracy, requiring no guns or any form of ranged weaponry in order to fight and complete missions. He is an expert in melee combat and makes use of highly modified Witch Gauntlets equipped with blades that vibrate at a nigh-microscopic level, allowing them to deal extra amounts of damage towards enemies.



Green face.pngHey, you're okay!

  • Vekaron - My little sister found herself a man worthy of her before she went away. I'm glad for that.
  • Tetra - Funky little guy, that one.
  • Nayanur - Enough with the attitude, then? Call me, heh.


Yellow face.pngUnless you have business with me, you should probably keep your distance.


Red face.pngSorry buddy, but you gotta go.

  • N/A


There is one man, who's big and strong and serves the Great Mother! He's the strongest of the strongest!

- Gardin





  • Erureidan's appearance was inspired by the Pokémon Gallade.
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