If you havent got that Wormulus is meant to be an ingame version Wormulon read this - this is Wormulon's page!

Emperor Wormulus II is the supreme emperor of the Grimbolsaurians and ruler of their homeworld - Mirenton and their many colonies. While in control of the Grimbolsaurians, Wormulus is not in complete control of the Delpha Coalition of Planets (as the DCP is an alliance), but does play a major role. At all times he is armed with weaponry an armour, as well as diplomatic social tools to impress or terrify other species for either an alliance or war.

Wormulus himself Edit

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Emperor Wormulus II in the DCP center with representitives from the DCP, SSA, Rambo Nation and the Cianju Alliance. The floors are made of gold, and covered with treasures found across the universe.

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His personal palace ship.

CRE Emperor Wormulus II-0a54399c ful

An alternative outfit by Sporesauce 95!

Missions/Adventures Edit

Emperor Wormulus has been in the fronts of several battlefields.

Early Exploration Edit

  • Taking over Mirenton
  • Exploring the home system
  • First contact with the Brawgle civilisation

Empire/Grox Resistence/Golden Age Era's Edit

  • Alliances with SSA, Kurgan Vithus and sci-fi empires.
  • The Grox Resistence.

Ascension Era Edit

  • The Final Battle against the Xhodocto.
  • Leading the DCP in the new universe.

Dark Era Edit

  • Battled Moxix the Butcher
  • Defeated the Warlords (see this page).

Post-cleanslate Edit

Along with the rest of the coalition, the Wormulus II is now living within an omega point.

Quotes Edit

WormulC "The DCP will get their revenge! We have not created an empire, an economy, all our history, just to be destroyed by scum like the Xhodocto! We will fight back, and I tell you we fight back hard! The Hereticulan mountains, the amber skies and the warm seas of our homeworld Mirenton beckons to be retaken. Yes, we will return to our great world, and take back what is ours, as we emerge from darkness like an oncoming storm."
WormulC The DCP will be victorious! On every front, of every battle, we have crushed all that oppose us! The Sphagarzi, lie as a pathetic mess, the Meta-Knights, quickly bowed before our military might! The Skytona, crushed under the iron fist of the empire! We have never been defeated, but we may have lost to the Xhodocto, but we will rise from the ashes, and we will sweep all who are in our way, like reeds in an angry storm! Prepare! Prepare to fight for the DCP, together, and with the help of the allies, we are an unstoppable force not be wreckond with (cheers from the crowd)!

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