Mortalkind should stand on its own two feet rather than let itself be led by the fear and power of cruel gods and egotistical maniacs - the Devourer's Chosen and the tyrant that led them are an example of that. The Corruptor is the very reason why Essentials and the like should keep their business away from founding cults and the like, as all that comes from it is suffering and misery for all involved, both inside and out. And we only empower them by letting our fear get the better of us.

- Hachiman

Marigrax, also known as Marinox X001 was the first of the Marinox, the ruler of the Marinoxidiz and later the greatest of the Mari'verao demons of the Corruptus. Originally created to serve as a puppet king under Errr's command, he would later become a demon lord during the Plazithian Massacre and afterwards become a full demonic demigod, ruling over an empire of fanatics which would become known as the Devourer's Chosen. He would be responsible for the deaths of trillions of sapients through history, his actions affecting from the Milky Way all the way to the Borealis Galaxy.

An entity of pure malice, Marigrax was completely devoted to the will of the Devourer of Dreams and sought to cause the domination of the entire First Gigaquadrant in the name of Shu'rimrodir. And while he has been permanently destroyed by the efforts of Jerkon and later Hachiman, Marigrax's acts upon the universe left permanent wounds which still bleed to this day, causing his presence to not be something easily forgotten.



Drakley confronts Emperor Marigrax and Errr

Marigrax was the very first of all Marinox, and had the responsibility of commanding the Marinox Empire whenErrr was absent. He was also shown to other empires as the true leader of the Marinox, to hide Errr's identity from others. Marigrax commanded several attacks against their master's enemies. In the Marinox's final battle against the Dracogonarious, Emperor Marigrax fought alongside Errr against Captain Drakley. After almost killing the enemy, Marigrax was thrown into a large electric sphere, being destroyed in the process. His original brain, however, was recovered and transferred to a Marinoxidiz body by Arrtkar Crowart.

Second War of Black Fog[]

Marigrax's first encounter with Arsac

During the events of the Second War of Black Fog, Marigrax served as an internal leader for the Marinoxidiz inside the Corruptus, as well as acted as an authority for the Loron'Kikra after Kolossus. Marigrax ordered the Marinoxidiz to attack the Dracogonarious Empire and their allies, their conflict reaching its apex after the death of Kolossus. Marigrax personally led the fleet that destroyed Draka-2, turning it into little more than rubble.

Marigrax's participation after this became relatively minor, with him sending his right-hand man Commandant Karnak to deal with his enemies instead of trying to fight them himself. Marigrax would fight them, however, when the Dracogonarious Empire and their allies managed to discover the Corruptus Overworld and invaded it with the help of their allies. Marigrax opposed the allied force by using a modified Grox Mothership as his vessel, though it ultimately fell to the combined power of the armada, destroying the Marinoxidiz Emperor in one swift strike.

Second Borealis Galactic War[]

Marigrax in Baptarion's dreams

Marigrax was resurrected years later and tasked to attack the Borealis Galaxy, and he would proceed to corrupt thousands of planets during the Second Borealis Galactic War, his progress being unharmed by the Xi'Arazulha or the Vague and leading to the foundation of the Devourer's Chosen. He notably caused nightmares on Baptarion Light and Hachiman, showing a strange interest on them both.

While Marigrax himself had not appeared in person during the first 4 years of the war, he appeared to High Inquisitor Arsac during her crusade to intimidate her in the form of a planet-large nebula of entropic energy. Marigrax corrupted Arsac's crew and forced her to destroy her own flagship. He had revealed to the Inquisitor that the Chosen's faith and prayers empowered him, and he claimed to care little for their lives, finding them expendable.

Marigrax on his lava pit

During the Wrath of Gods, Marigrax's grand scheme was revealed: he desired to throw Borealis into Inferno, and cause a new Scourge. When the forces of Order attacked the Chosen homeworld, Marigrax prepared to start this Scourge by opening a rift in spacetime using one of the 7 Chronoscopic Shards. During the final battle, Marigrax nearly corrupted both Hachiman and High Inquisitor Arsac, and almost succeeded in his plan. However, his plan failed when Hachiman rebelled against his corruption and exploded Marigrax's upper jaw, weakening him enough for him to be trapped in a Kormacvar artifact, resulting in his destruction. For his failure, Shu'rimrodir devoured what remained of Marigrax's soul, ending the vile Marinox emperor's existence once and for all.



Marigrax's forms all sported more impressive physiology compared to whatever species he was turned into. As a Mari'verao, he was noted for his gigantic body frame, purple flash and blood-red eyes. Immense clawed tendrils emerged from his back, and his head was decorated with impressive sets of horns. Due to spending most of his time submerged in lava, his body retained a scarred, scorched appearance though he appeared to ignore it completely.


Marigrax devoted the entirely of his being to Shu'rimrodir, and displayed his devotion by corrupting mortals into servitude, which eventually led to the birth of the Devourer's Chosen. He displayed no sympathy for mortals nor their devices, and his detachment from them was such that he willingly destroyed his own homeworld with no remorse for doing it. During combat, he became louder and much more hot-blooded than his kin, showing extreme glee in torturing his opponents and spilling their blood in the name of his nightmarish god.


At his peak, Marigrax was the most powerful of the Mari'verao demons and one of the most powerful demons of the Corruptus, sporting great power over entropic energy which allowed him to destroy entire worlds if he so pleased. Marigrax displayed the rare Aura of Corruption power which allowed him to mutate and brainwash other individuals through his sheer presence, and his endurance was such that it took Hachiman to activate his Radiant State to be able to fight him on equal terms. Marigrax was also seen marking individuals in order to always track their exact locations and slowly corrupt them, with an example of such mark being High Inquisitor Arsac.



Yellow face.pngYour life may be of use.

  • Shu'rimrodir - The Devourer blesses us this day.
  • Geltastra - You lead my legions as long as I deem you fit.


Orange face.pngServe my dark light.

  • N/A


Red face.pngThe fires of Hell itself move against your existence.


A ruler, I would not claim the tyrant was. The pitiful bootlick of a greater nightmare - and a mistake I would hope never to be repeated.

- Tyraz

Stories and myths of the Devourer's Chosen and their accursed prophet send shivers throughout my spine. We should all be thankful that the Gigaquadrant has yet to see another take the bastard's place.

- Kirlisir




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