Emperor Aoblix is the fearsome ruler of the United Lanat Empire. Aoblix rose to power during the turmoil shortly after the old Tralor Empire's defeat during the Second Galactic War. Using his various connections, he was able to get the civil and military population to turn completely against the current emperor, Lord Lino.


Early LifeEdit

Little is known about Aoblix's early life, what is known is that he was raised by his grandfather, Aur the Fearless (A great war hero) in the city of Tar on the Tralor homeworld of Lanat Prime. Other then that its a mystery, but it is widely accepted that he was once an adviser for Lord Lino, former emperor of the Tralor Empire.

Rise to powerEdit

Aoblix's rise to power was mostly due to the civil unrest in the Tralor empire, the Tralor people was ashamed at their lost at the Second galactic war and Lino's foolish attempt to betray the Dagians and make them slaves. As soon as armed riots engulfed Lanat Prime Aoblix seen an opening for great power. Aoblix's manipulating skills was tested when he won the hearts and minds of the civilians and then the military. Once the uprising began Aoblix watched as his forces sacked the old capital.

Tralor Civil War and First Wranploer WarEdit

Several years after the foundation of the United Lanat Empire a group of rebels and freedom fighters though that it would be the right time to start a civil war. The civil war was fairly short but brutal and dispute the rebels having aid from several intergalactic powers they where still defeated and crushed. A few years passed and the United Lanat Empire had begun to expand into alien galaxies. One of them being the Borealis galaxy. Everything was smooth in the Borealis until an empire of pirates attacked a ULE trading convoy and sparked a war between the two empires. After awhile of fighting it was reviled that the war was started by the former Tralor emperor Lino in an attempt to weaken the ULE for whatever reason. After Lino's reveal, both sides quit fighting.

Isolationist Policy and DeathEdit

Personality and traitsEdit

Emperor Aoblix is an intelligent and mysterious figure. Quite and calculating, but also a great public speaker when need be. Little is known of him prior to him becoming emperor and many files of him have been erased from the public domain. Aoblix is a strong leader and possesses sharp political wit and cunning.

Rule As EmperorEdit

Aoblix is the first ruler of his reformed version of the Tralor Empire, the United Lanat Empire. Aoblix's first matter of business was to reconstruct the political structure of the Empire. He did so by eliminating the strict central despotism that was instituted by Lino and, instead, brought forth a system of government similar to the pre-Lino Tralor Empire. He set up a 'three ring' central government which consisted of three parts; The Throne, Upper Council, and Lower Council. The lower council would be reasonable for the creation of civil laws and handing the majority of civil matters, the upper council consisted of the closest advisers to the throne as well at the leaders of various departments of the governments. The upper council also votes on laws suggested by the lower council to decide if they were in the best interest of the Empire. The throne is the head of the state and has supreme authority over the other two 'rings' and the Empire as a whole. The throne's main responsibility is to conduct diplomacy, maintain order, expand the empire's influence, and keep the prestige of the Empire as a whole.

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