Two beings in one. Equally insane and equally deadly...

- Andrin-draco

Among the enemies of the Empire, there are rumours of a deadly, supernatural warrior coming to claim the lives of those who oppose the will of Tyrómairon where even the unlimited power of the Imperial Military fails, the Emperor's Wrath. These rumours are, in fact, true, and the warrior who carries that title is in reality one of Tyrómairon's deadly acolytes. One, however, is not the best word to describe the Emperor's Wrath, for two minds inhabit this acolyte's body: Jiha'Rana, a former servant of the Dark Lord returned from death to prove herself worthy, and Telfinne, a Radeon warrior of the Deathmarch whose body she possessed. Combining Jiha'Rana's vast psychic powers and Telfinne's warrior prowess, Wrath, while lacking in subtlety, is perhaps one of the most deadly Mornûnenduran acolytes in combat.


Dark TimesEdit

The Emperor's Wrath originated from a single shard of Jiha'Rana's severed consciousness, which was drifting through time and space helplessly after her body destroyed by Agonânghâsh, spending an eternity feeling the same thing she felt at the moment of her death: fear, pain, and despair: the only thing that kept this last remnant of the Radeon acolyte's mind intact was her burning desire to prove herself worthy to her former master and fight in the name of the Revelation yet again. Eventually, this shard found its way to an unknown planet, attracted to a being with a similar fate: Telfinne, a Radeon warrior of the Legion of the Deathmarch. Seeing a potential way to find a new body, Jiha'rana appeared to the Xhodocto's servant in a form of a ghostly light.

Feeling somewhat inspired, Jiha'Rana's apparition talked about the source of salvation for Telfinne, a new power, of how her master, Tyrómairon, could change the universe to be better. Contemplating, Telfinne felt somewhat confused, but as Jiha'rana continued speaking, she was finally swayed and stepped to Jiha'rana. Two Radeons lifted themselves into the air and unified, their consciousness and powers merging into something... different; something more powerful, something stranger. Now that the rejected ones have united, the universe may only know one thing for sure; they will prove themselves worthy.


Emperor's Wrath inhabits Telfinne's body and as such is generally similar in look: a tall, disfigured young Radeon female covered in scars. Since she turned to Tyrómairon, Wrath has however changed her apparel, now donning black, decorated armour, a source of intimidation and horror to the Emperor's enemies, shining brightly with Mornûnenduran energies. A dark mask hides her face, a sign of two personalities conflicting with her, both personifying the Emperor's power.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Emperor's Wrath has two minds inside her body: Telfinne's insane antics and unlimited fury balanced by Jiha'rana's zealous determination and cold wrath; these minds tend to fight for control most of the time, with Wrath's personality changing quickly under certain conditions. Although this apparent insanity gives Wrath power and serves as yet another source of intimidation, it can also prove disastrous sometimes. As such, Jiha'rana mostly suppresses Telfinne's personality during the times caution and control is needed, such as when she recieves orders from the Emperor; however, in battle, the Hellhuntress is unleashed, and all fall beneath her brutal rage and power (and love for cupcakes and cute puppies).



Green faceWe... obey...


Yellow faceWe fight together, yes...

  • Mornûnendur - We fight for the Revelaton... can we be friends? Yay!


Orange faceWe feel pain, yes, we feel it...




She is stalking me...

- Xor Nazar


- Arrtkar Crowart

You betrayed our master's trust. It shall not go unpunished, traitor.

- Hez'Kalka

Your body is still worthless.

- Ekthrikos

Your powers do not frighten me, witch.

- Zillum

Prove your worth.

- Tyrómairon

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