We will not relent! We will not bow to your wishes! We will use every fleet, every army, every weapon available to us down to our own fists to bring an end to your campaign of terror! Do you hear me?! No matter the cost we will drive you back to Mirus with every fibre of our beings. There is still power enough within our hearts and those of our allies to put an end to your aggressions against innocent lifeforms. I, President Elethien, swear this to you!

- Elethien, defending the Republic against the Dominatus during the Dominatus War.

Elethien was a female Danann-Danú who served as the President of the Allied Terran Republic in the 2810s. Perhaps best known for her highly acclaimed leadership of the Republic during the dark days of the Dominatus War, Elethien was graceful, peaceful and highly intelligent, long considered to be one of the Councilors in the Republic that advocated breaking off most ties with the Orion nations of humanity, considering them disorderly and prone to internecine conflict. Though always at the forefront at calls for diplomacy and peace, Elethien was noticeably hardened by the horrors of the Dominatus War though remained benevolent and tranquil.

The Terran Republic's first unifying President, Elethien led her people for over a decade as one of the most powerful individuals in the Gigaquadrant. However, during the Second Great Cyrannus War, it was revealed that she had been replaced and impersonated by a Bisistar—putting Elethien's true fate into doubt.


Early LifeEdit

Born on the elven Danann-Danú homeworld in 350 CE, Elethien matured into a graceful and compassionate scholar in Danann's most notable library, travelling across the galaxy seeking out new life and new civilisations in the hopes of gaining more knowledge about the history and cultures of the wider galaxy. The young immortal also became involved in spreading life across the cosmos by naturing less advanced species and bringing life to lifeless worlds. Over two thousand years after her birth, Elethien first encountered Terran unificationists who settled on the planet Terrae after fleeing from the interstellar war that plagued human space in that era.

Forming an alliance with these new humanoids, Elethien watched as they grew into a mighty civilisation in their own right, encountering seemingly benevolent civilisations such as the Delpha Coalition of Planets and malevolent ones such as the Grox Empire. However, when the universe fell prey to the Xhodocto during the War of Ages, Elethien led her people into joining with the Terrans and was instrumental in the formation of the Allied Terran Republic.

Dominatus WarEdit

In accordance with the will of the Council and the people, I, Elethien of Danann do humbly take the position of President of the Allied Terran Republic. I will do my utmost to help the Republic during this time of conflict with every fibre of my being.

- Elethien being sworn in as President of the Allied Terran Republic.

As a councilor in the Grand Council of the Terran Republic, Elethien bore witness to many major intergalactic events. However, the worst period of her life would begin when the Drakodominatus Tyranny invaded and destroyed her homeworld of Danann, killing billions of her people and turning the once idyllic world into a horrific pit of disease and decay. In the aftermath, Elethien was elected as the acting President of the Republic and oversaw one of the darkest eras of the Republic leading the ATR valiantly against the horrors of the Tyranny. Though the cost was great and many defeats were had, the Terrans began to push back the Tyranny with the help of their allies, primarily the New Cyrannian Republic, ultimately being instrumental in the defeat of the Tyranny in the Milky Way and Mirus.


When the Dominatus War ended, Elethien resigned from the office of the Presidency of the Republic and resumed her role as a Councilor. With her people tattered in the aftermath of the destruction of Danann, Elethien found it difficult to coordinate relief efforts. Nevertheless, she rose to the occasion and presided over the repair and reconstruction of Danann while the Republic once again began to expand into far-off galaxies such as Cyrannus, Mirus and the Quadrants.


During the Fall of Terrae, during the Second Great Cyrannus War, Aidan Collins discovered that Elethien had been replaced years previously by an agent of the Bisistar Domain, a power native to the Cyranai Galaxy which sought supremacy over the Gigaquadrant. The agent was ultimately captured by the Empire, and implied that the true Elethien had died many years beforehand.

Physical AppearanceEdit


A profile of Elethien.

Tall, graceful and almost universally considered of striking beauty, Elethien is in many ways considered to be one of the fairest of the elven Danann-Danú. Almost always clad in elaborate gowns of pure white and gold, Elethien certainly stands out while sitting in the Council of the Republic. However, when elected as acting President of the Republic during the Dominatus War, Elethien began to sport darker clothes as a symbol of the great hardship facing the Republic.

Personality and TraitsEdit

A graceful and peaceful being, Elethien possesses a great deal of wisdom gleaned from her many long years travelling the galaxy, constantly on the search for new knowledge to enlighten both herself and her people. Though some consider her to be somewhat proud and haughty in her demeanor, she is nonetheless well regarded by most of the inhabitants of the Republic and has since become known for support for a liberal foreign policy of expansion and the growth of the Republic's culture through other races becoming members. Despite her key roles in defending the Republic against the Drakodominatus Tyranny, Elethien deplores violence and warfare and has been known to dismiss nations that she sees as sowing conflict without a substantial reason.



Green faceMay the cosmos guide you to prosperity.


Blue faceI very much hope to see you again.

  • Apollo: A leader of the ages.
  • Ramashe: May her people prosper and grow under her noble rule.
  • Maryah: She shows great wisdom for one so young.
  • Council of Life: I hope the Republic will do business with them soon.


Orange faceIt is my hope that we can mend the differences between us.

  • Unknown


Red faceThe universe would truly be better off without you.


One of the wisest and most inspirational figures I've ever had the pleasure to meet.

- Aidan Collins

She has guts for a puny humanoid.

- Monoud



  • Elethien's appearance is based on the Elves from Tolkien mythology.


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