We do whatever is necessary, Agent Caranye Valaeris. Even if, as it so often is, thankless and... distasteful.

- Ela-Mu-Ní, speaking with Agent Caranye Valaeris

Ela-Mu-Ní, known within Imperial Intelligence simply as the Director, is a male Velociampo who serves as the Director of Intelligence within the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Within the Imperial hierarchy, the Director is, in theory the leader of ImpIntel, though in reality, his authority falls beneath that of Grand Mandator Taev Vosaetiur, the Phantom and the Imperial Overseer. With a long and illustrious career as a spymaster, Ela-Mu-Ní served for many years as the Director of the Cyrannian Investigation Bureau—the Republic's premier intelligence agency—before his appointment to President Aedanius Cretacea's cabinet during the Great Cyrannus War as Minister of Intelligence.

During the war, Ela-Mu-Ní gained a reputation as an often ruthless opponent of the Confederacy of Allied Systems, overseeing countless clandestine missions into Confederate space while foiling pro-CAS plots within the framework of the Republic's often chaotic government structures. Nevertheless, his faith in the Republic's ideals was true, as was his apprehension when the self-appointed Galactic Emperor Tyrómairon tore up the Republic constitution and declared the beginning of a new era. Forced to work alongside his former foes, Ela-Mu-Ní—who had been demoted upon the formation of the Empire—steadily worked his way up the ranks of Imperial Intelligence before his appointment in 8 NE as Director. While Ela-Mu-Ní welcomes the efficiency of the Empire, he is privately sympathetic to the New Republic.


Born in 46 BNE on the Velociampo homeworld of Vongoliensis to a wealthy family of merchants that frequented the Core Worlds, Ela-Mu-Ní aided his nestkin by selling a plethora of products from across the galactic interior. However, the young Velociampo was never interested in taking up the family business, instead successfully applying to the Cyrannus Investigation Bureau on Orbispira. For many years, Ela-Mu-Ní travelled the galaxy seeking the enemies of the Republic. Working his way up the ranks, Ela-Mu-Ní was eventually appointed the Minister of Intelligence and was offered a seat on President Apollo's war cabinet during the opening stages of the Great Cyrannus War.

As Minister of Intelligence, Ela-Mu-Ní foiled no less than twenty attempts by the Confederacy of Allied Systems to gain a foothold on the galactic capital Orbispira, personally overseeing the operations of hundreds of agents stationed throughout the galaxy. Though he gained a reputation of machiavellian ruthlessness, his subordinates, even if they disagreed with his decisions, knew that he was a fair man. He also became a close confidante to the President, with political analysts noting that he was among the most hawkish members of Apollo's administration.

Upon the end of the war and the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Ela-Mu-Ní watched in irritation as both the Cyrannian Information Bureau and Republic Intelligence became amalgamated into Imperial Intelligence—an organisation with reach spanning the known galaxy. With his leadership position revoked, Ela-Mu-Ní ascended through the ranks of the meritocracy throughout the Dark Times and the New Cyrandia Wars before his eventual appointment to the position of Director by 12 NE.

Personality and Traits[]

Craving subterfuge and intrigue, Ela-Mu-Ní is an effective leader who, while willing to put the security of the Empire over his own well being, detests the often ruthless culture of Imperial Intelligence as a counterproductive environment for an operative to work in. Indeed, while Ela-Mu-Ní enjoys verbally sparring with his subordinates to "keep them on their toes", he longs for the return of the operational freedom which came with member in either Republic Intelligence or the Cyrannus Information Bureau. Such feelings augment Ela-Mu-Ní's sympathy for the New Republic, though such feelings are hidden deep within, with the Director being responsible for foiling numerous Strategic Intelligence operations with ruthless efficiency. Though he knows to keep his subordinates at arms lengths to avoid forming attachments with people who may prove expendable in the future, Ela-Mu-Ní is fond of Agent Caranye Valaeris, viewing her as a quasi-daughter figure.



Blue face.pngYou work well.


Yellow face.png...

  • Apollo: You earned my respect long ago, though that is all I can say.


Orange face.pngYou are trying my patience.

  • Moranonúngur: You're proclivity for cruelty is well known, even if your existence is not.


He was a trusted adviser during the Great War, though I shudder to think of the atrocities committed by Imperial Intelligence under his watch.

- Apollo

I'm always eager for my next mission, Director.

- Caranye Valaeris

Your existence suffices for the time being.

- The Imperial Overseer

An unseen threat to the New Republic

- Ramdard Ramthrace



  • Ela-Mu-Ní was first introduced in 2011. His page was created in 2016 in preparation for Trust No One, the first story in which his character appears.


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