I used to be another stupid soldier who served his nation without penalty or doubt... But the secrets of the mystics showed me another way.

- Edelmut about himself

Edelmut Ren is the Supreme Guru of the Federation and one of the most important military leaders in the ISS. Also he is the founder of the order of the Elementalists and his main leader.



Edelmut was born in a wealthy family of ministers in one of the richest planets in the old Federation's universe. In his early childhood, his parents started to teach him phylosophy and diplomacy, to makes him a future political leader for the Federation. The young Edelmut, going agnaist his parents hopes and wishes, enlisted himself into the ISS, starting a live as a soldier.

Quickly, Edelmut became into one of the most respectful and powerful military leader in the whole Federation's galaxy.

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Edelmut isn't very different from most of the Giomus. He is tall and slim, may be shorter than a common member of his race. His eyes are deep and someones says that expressionless, as everything in the universe bore him. Most of the Edelmut's body is usually covered by several layers of robes, but during the battles he uses his own Steel Mask.


Edelmut is usually silent and uncommunicative with the most of the peapole, and generally he only talk in very important situations. However he can be very friendly in his own way with his closest friends and allies, being protective with them, but also he can be very selfish at the time to take decisions, taking with mosre importance his own interests and morality over the others.

Edelmut is known for being very sarcastic to his friends and colleagues with whom he have more confidence, reaching sometimes to be quite irritating and annoying. He is very fond of to the black humour, often saying jokes about a crude and dark reality or about his cynical interpretation of the universe.


Edelmut is one of most, if not the most powerful essence user in the Federation. He is a master in the use of the pyromancy and the small scale reality warping, as well in the mind read and the detection of the essence prints. This means that Edelmut is almost impossible to be deceived, thing that help him during the Great Deceiver.

During the 24th December Revolution, Edelmut has developed his powers at the bordeline with the ascension, being able to move at nearly impossible speeds and warp the reality. Apart of his powers in the essence, he is a great engineer and warrior, being trained as the third most powerful fighter in the Federation.


Edelmut usually don't use any equipment apart of his talismans and clothes. Althought he is able to use the highest Federation weapons and armours, and he is fond of to use some technological elements to fight another type of technology, mainly because his essence can't control the machines.



Green face:"You are amusing"

  • Vankalian- Vankie, Vankie, Vankie, you are so... ruthless.
  • Aranelia Brinal- Aranelia...
  • Zein Zatock- Master...


Blue face: "Meh"


Yellow face "..."



Orange face "Really?"



Red face "I have twenty ways to use my powers to destroy you..."



Meh, the reality is too complex for our understanding... But, in the end, it is important to understand it?


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