The Aldárae think they are safe. Pathetic, really. It's a lovely thought, but one by one, I'll find them. Each and every one. And when I do, hm, perhaps I'll throw a party and dance to their screams.

- Echoriax

Echoriax is a Ortella female Phaedric Lord, active during the Second Great Cyrannus War. Considered to be the most violent of her peers, Echoriax is imbued with great raw power and a proclivity toward utilising it against those who irritate her, be they enemy or Imperial. Born on Orbispira two years prior to the outbreak of the First Great War, Echoriax's power was recognised almost immediately by the Dark Lord Tyrómairon, who influenced her development from afar, nurturing her talents in the dark arts. With the growing divisions in the Cyrandia Cluster between the ascendant Dark and the resurgent Light, Echoriax began to taste a fraction of the power at her fingertips and upon murdering her family, she ascended to the title of Phaedric Lord. Under the Dark Lord's guidance, Echoriax became a nameless fear within the Empire, studying her Aldárae prey from afar, biding her time to strike against them. Indeed, her lighthearted exterior hides a deadly monster that lurks beneath, and with the outbreak of the Second Great War, she stands ready to crush those who defy her.


Early LifeEdit

The woman now known as Echoriax was born on the galactic capital Orbispira during the waning years of the United Republic of Cyrannus, prior to the outbreak of the First Great Cyrannus War, though after the ancient Oikoumene Dark Lord Tyrómairon reawakened during the Intergalactic War. From the moment of her birth, her parents knew that something was quite different about their beloved child. Though they lived in prosperity in the gleaming towers of the Palace District, she would rarely play with the other children. Instead, she found companionship with a Libertus scientist who encouraged her to share everything with him, from her interactions with her few playmates to her feelings on individual children.

When she was four, Echoriax learned that she could manipulate the minds of her peers and managed to convince a young Osteolan schoolmate she had grown to dislike to jump from the roof of the school. Keeping her involvement secret to all but the scientist, she grew to nurture her powers behind her parent's back. At the age of eighteen, at the urging of the Libertus, she utilised her telekinetic powers to kill her entire family, smashing them through the air like rag dolls and revelling in the sounds of broken bones and snapped necks. The next day, her Libertus revealed revealed himself to be Lord Vandorallen of the Phaedric Order, servant to the Dark Lord Tyrómairon, from whom her powers were believed to have originated. She was renamed Echoriax and began her life as a Phaedric Lord.

Personality and TraitsEdit


Echoriax is garbed in the black robes of the Inquisition, though shares no affiliation with it.

While most of her fellow Phaedric Lords are cold and calculating, Echoriax is an entirely different individual. Unstable and murderous, Echoriax is one of the most feared of the Phaedric Lords, often casually killing allies that disappoint her, either with her blade or through telekinesis. Indeed, she has been known to cruelly inflict pain on those that serve under her, regardless of whether or not they merited it. Echoriax, however, may not appear so violent to those that first encounter her. While she is garbed in the regal black robes often worn by members of the Imperial Inquisition, Echoriax cares not for grandiose titles or regalia and has been known to disarm people with her sunny disposition. However, when she begins to cheerfully speak of adorning the windows of her apartment with the melted glass of recently bombarded worlds, or mounting her conquered opponents as ornaments, her true personna as an insidious monster become clear.



Orange faceDon't disappoint me.


Orange faceI will dance to your screams.

  • Ryen: "You really think you can win? Ha!"
  • Aoirtae Valaeris: "Such pretty eyes. They'll look lovely in my collection."
  • Apollo: "I hear that Libertus skin makes for lovely boots. I do need a new pair."
  • Maethoruin: "Hmph."


You have your uses, child. But you will not imperil the Empire while it stands under my watch.

- Lord Maethoruin

Know your place, whelp! Our Order has no place for deranged idiots!

- Lord Meketanor



  • Based on Vaylin in Star Wars: The Old Republic.


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