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None of us are quite sure where he came from. He claims to have been raised by the Sand Drakes, yet all people know to to fear their dreadful kind for good reason. ... Young Earath, regardless of his origins, carries a certain charm wherever he goes and his attitude reflects greatly on everyone he meets, though some would say to take caution of him during a fight; he wields that heavy greatsword of his as if it was an extension of his own body and when it is time to spill blood, mercy is the first thing he throws off the table.

- Sergeant Ibirqa Ganydes of the Merovar Dynasty

Earath Drakenor, true surname Mileoveraz, is a member of the Merovar race, transformed into a Sand Drake hybrid, who serves as a wandering warrior and mercenary, whose services have gone from the Sea of Sand to the north of the Eastern Plains. An aspiring hero raised by the legendary Vixaatus, Earath does all in his power to defend the innocent and bring the corrupt to justice, seeking to prove himself a capable defender of the world to his peers, especially his adoptive father.

Rational and polite, Earath is a professional swordsman trained by the mythic Kinmorunddraver, wielding a serrated Merovar greatsword and wears a suit of armor created from dragonscale, making it harder than steel. He has always believed that all things happen for a reason and that destiny had something in store for him, which was revealed to be his inheritance of the souls and minds of his deceased dragon caretakers, who have since become one with him through his powers.


Early HistoryEdit

Earath was originally the son of a wealthy Merovar family who lived at the Merovar Dynasty capital of Sohitaria. When Earath was two months old, the family decided to travel to another city located at the Tropical Lands for business by caravan. However, the caravan would be ambushed by Khaepsha-ultan soldiers, who launched an attack on it. The attack took the attention of the Sand Drake Vixaatus, who was resting on a nearby cliff and got a good view of the battle. Believing both the Merovar and the Ankhori to be a threat, Vixaatus attacked and destroyed both forces with his sand breath.

Vixaatus was about to leave when he heard a baby's cry coming out of the destroyed caravan. As he looked closer, he found the baby Earath, surrounded by debris as the only survivor of the attack. Feeling guilty for ending up killing the baby's parents, Vixaatus took him to his lair and raised him alongside his Sand Drakes. Earath would grow to become a powerful warrior who fought for his adoptive father's Sand Drakes, while Vixaatus himself never had the courage to admit he was the one who killed his parents.

First AdventuresEdit

At the age of 19, Earath had completed training under Vixaatus and decided to become a wandering warrior in search for a purpose in life. He started by becoming a honorary soldier at the Merovar Dynasty as a way of learning more about his own people and whenever he should stay under them. After a few months, Earath was already seen as a strong candidate to be a high-ranking commander. However, earath refused and left, seeing a life under the Dynasty as too stale for his liking. However, he decided that, if they needed his help in the future, they could count on him for help. Earath later met and befriended an elven woman called Lyra Shinerun, who became his companion and follower.

Earath would travel south until he arrived at the Tropical Lands, looking for rumours of jobs. One of these led to him storming a hidden tower where a necromancer was raising young women from the dead and brainwashing them so he could take pleasure out of them. Earath defeated the necromancer by freeing the women's spirits from his magic, causing them to rebel and shred their captor to pieces. Following this, Earath met the Ondarei Mharinis Vectrom, who taught him how to use light magic and directed him to Kinmorunddraver, who taught him in the arts of swordfight.

Earath and Lyra would spend most of their time adventuring alongside two other companions, Kanna and Saranhreia, though they eventually split up after Lyra was forced to leave the group due to her father growing deathly ill.

Eschaton and Khaepsha WarEdit

Earath took part of the exploration of the Golden Necropolis alongside Pelagrios and the Sea Witch. Traveling with the Sea Witch, Clothovera Moirai, Pelagrios, Kanna, Ndrhthryr, Khadya, Sefarina Brightwing, Archaviour, Norrigan of Aynach, Ophellatar and Septimus, he explored the tomb of the Orichalcum Elves and obtained various treasures. He fought Janos Omegon, Ánnoria and Leviathan along the way. After the adventure, Earath returned to the Sea of Sand to report Janos Omegon's growth in power to Vixaatus. Afterwards, he became involved in the Eschaton.

He served as the leading man in the group assigned by the Merovar Dynasty during the Odyssey of the Desert. During its early stages, he found his dragonscale armor destroyed by an explosive, an event which left him depressed as his physical link to his family was shattered. Only through the words of his friends Kanna and Lyra did he accept to continue his life, as he believed it lost. As the group discovered wounded Sand Drakes under Khaepsha-ultan's control, the dragon Victoreth - a drake who served as an uncle figure for him since youth - unlocked a new power within the Merovar, allowing him to absorb his soul into his own. More wounded dragons who accepted they would not survive their injuries joined in these sacrifices, which led Earath to be transformed into a half-Sand Drake hybrid with vastly increased power.

Putting an end to Vorius the Afflicted and using the Idkin artifact known as the Crown of Ribs to weaken and defeat Monolith, Earath and his team recruited the help of Almonohuim and his Man-Serpents in the war against Khaepsha-ultan, which ultimately led to a final combat between his group and Pharaoh Khyannarith. With his newfound powers, Earath defeated the Pharaoh and was present as he was imprisoned inside of a sarcophagus and buried deep within the tunnels under the desert to never be set free again. Once the war was concluded, Earath killed Volim the Greedy before returning to Dar-Nahalant.



Earath is a tall Merovar with draconic features - his teeth are sharp like knives, his eyes are reptilian and reddened, and his forelimbs serve as a hybrid of arms and wings. His body is filled with scars from the mercenary jobs he did through the ages, with the largest one being a visible vertical scar passing through his right eye. He is always seen wearing his dragonscale armor, made out of the shed scales of Sand Drakes, which gives him the endurance of full steel plate without having to worry about sacrificing his flexibility.


Earath is often described as being a gentleman, being quite courteous and polite to others, while rarely losing his head over worries. He enjoys the thrill of combat, however, and finds himself more comfortable when adventuring and facing dangerous situations. Earath wants to be a hero not just to his Sand Drake family but to all of Koldenwelt, and he will do all in his power to prove his worth. Not one to sit idly to a threat, Earath acts quickly and cleverly, usually acting as a voice of reason for whatever group he is travelling with.


Training under legendary figures such as Vectrom and Kinmorunddraver have made Earath one of the greatest Merovar warriors known. Among his race, he is virtually unrivaled in swordfighting, wielding a greatsword too large for a human which he may use with one or both hands depending of how much strength he wants to put on a blow. The sword is made up of Sand Drake bone and is equipped with dragon teeth on its blade in order for it to shred through his enemies's wounds. Earath is also a novice user of light magic, which he uses to cast healing spells to cure the wounds of both himself and his allies. The warrior's most powerful ability, however, is to use a force breath much like a Sand Drake which allows him to blast a wave of force out of his mouth which can send even heavy opponents flying great distances back.



Green faceI will defend my companions with my very life.

  • Vixaatus - Father.
  • Lyra Shinerun - Always as perky as the day we met.
  • Kanna - Cheer up, you grouch.
  • Saranhreia - She has a good heart under all that muscle... or at least, I hope she does.
  • Alerad - Good lord, that one can boss anyone ever. But she has a good heart.
  • Norrigan of Aynach - Heheh! Praise our teamwork, amusing armored wraith!


Blue faceOh, hello.

  • Kinmorunddraver - Powerful. And intimidating.
  • Marcos Ridgewood - Pretty valiant, that one. Kind of ugly though.
  • Sefarina Brightwing - Cute girl, for a warm-skin.
  • Aurora - I wouldn't mind another night with her. She's quite... attractive, for a warmskin.
  • Hachi - I can't tell whether you have warrior potential or not. At least you're entertaining.
  • Riad - I admire his skill. And his patience.
  • Mhor - I can see some similarities between us.
  • Ndrhthryr - Well. I misjudged you.
  • Septimus - A bit of a contrast to Longinus, for sure.


Yellow faceCan I help you?

  • Sea Witch - You're better than I thought, but gods almighty do you complain a lot.
  • Clothovera Moirai - That girl genuinely creeps me out. She ate a Shiarchon for gods sake.
  • Pelagrios - Are you sure you know what you're doing?
  • Ophellatar - Well, erm... okay.
  • Javina Desertsun - Creep. I can feel her stabbing me with the daggers she call eyes.
  • Lekren-Lax - Klaxxa are a strange race.
  • Khadya - Are you trying to hit on me, warm-skin?
  • Longinus - Did all Orichalcum Elf warriors have his attitude?
  • Esulus - He doesn't talk often. He's also huge.
  • Taihadrae Ashdan - Non-malevolent undead. Guess there's a first for everything.
  • Khaadun - By the Cobra King, that one is strange.
  • Annamasakkan - That one I just don't want anything with.
  • X'impe the Wraith - I think I'm gonna stay clear of the Snakeblood Wilds.


Orange faceI am a very polite guy. Please go away.

  • N/A


Red faceFor the Sand Drakes!

  • Asemath - You turned your back on our father.
  • Kebra'Osos - I've seen some big ogres. That one was the biggest.
  • Xacutus - Vectrom's murderer!


Under any other circumstances, Earath should be the bane of my life; optimistic, far too social, unamused by morbid humour, needlessly polite to people. Yet no matter how far I look into my empty soul, how deep I search into my cold, dead heart, I cannot help but think of him as a friend. ... He might be having an effect on me. I need a cure for that.

- Kanna

Hey, remember your promise?

- Sefarina Brightwing

You are quite the swordsman, and a dab-hand with magic as well. I'm impressed.

- Marcos Ridgewood

The Gladiitenebris thirsts for your blood, 'dragon-spawn'. Your life will end with me skewering you!

- Janos Omegon

Though young and yet to find his true self in this world, Earath Drakenor possesses a selflessness and a nobility about him that I have not seen in a mortal for many thousands of years. He will realise one day that his place in this world is far greater than he believes.

- Septimus