I have seen so many years go by in Ottzello, and so many things change. I have been a part of all of those years. All the history of Ottzello...it belongs to me. And I will continue to shape a future for this galaxy.

- Durzhan

Durzhan, codenamed The Skull, is the former leader of the late Blyro'Tralzorca and a member of the Unified Nation of Ottzello Commandos. An ancient Katel, Durzhan is the chessmaster behind the history of Ottzello, and in the past attempted to push it towards his "Perfect Fate", which was the time when the Unified Nation of Ottzello would become Vyro'Ralza. Unable to reach this fate in this timeline, Durzhan saw his life as meaningless, until offered by UNO to take up a greater role, in which he could still make the Ottzelloans great.

Durzhan is a very calculating leader and one of the smartest people in Ottzello. Almost emotionless, he is inspired by his former master, Vyro'Ralzora, whom he served willingly for millions of years. Durzhan kept himself alive once he had seen Zargoth's promise that those in the Ottzello Galaxy would one day become godlike beings, and worked for Zargoth to make it happen, in exchange for Zargoth granting him greater powers of Dark Chronoscopic and making him immune to Time. Although Durzhan failed in this timeline, Zargoth rewarded him and allowed him to keep his powers regardless, as he had succeeded in another timeline. Durzhan in this timeline raised up the ranks in UNO and disbanded the Blyro'Tralzorca, feeling that now only UNO had the answer for the galaxy's future.


Ancient history[]

Durzhan is known to have been born into the Blyro'Tralzorca, who at the time were a lesser known cult. During his early years, Durzhan proved himself as the strongest and became their leader after killing his way to the top. Early on as a leader, Zargoth give him a vision of the future of Ottzello where everyone were made into godlike beings of ultimate power over Time. Durzhan felt it was his duty to steer the galaxy towards that vision, and destroy any and all obstacles.

Durzhan would receive visions and instructions from Zargoth often to steer the galaxy towards this fate, including the destruction of any alien race which would prevent its occurrence, and manipulating politicians and leaders to spark wars that could lead Ottzello to its future. Though this was a major reason for the dark, dystopian state of Ottzello, Durzhan felt the end justified the means. He struck a deal with Zargoth, that Zargoth would keep him alive so he could live to see the Perfect Fate and be part of it, in exchange for him following Zargoth's orders and conducting things as planned.

Known modern history[]

There is nothing known about history prior to the events of the rise of the Grand Ottzel Order, as Durzhan covered up most traces of past history to make the Ottzel believe they were the first spacefaring empire and so no one would be prepared if Durzhan needed to perform an emergency extinction. Durzhan would often work with the Ottzelloan Grox to develop killer races which would destroy most life in Ottzello until destroyed themselves, and it is known that of these races, only the Tralkikianoe have survived.

Durzhan played a major role in the Great Blyro War when he was responsible for the destruction of the Federal Government of Ottzello, the Empire of the Kralgon and most of the Blyro'Tralzica. However, after combat with Kaltogo, Durzhan disappeared, and left the Tralkikianoe to destroy most races. This time, Durzhan did not attempt to extinct them, as they would prove useful later.

Destruction of Ottzello[]

Once the Loron sparked the First Ottzello Galactic War, Durzhan became involved again. Durzhan let co-ordinates for the Ottzello Galaxy slip to the Delpha Coalition of Planets, so that Da Propa Big Loron Empire would engage in a perpetual war, and later allowed the Kralgon Emperor to reawaken and form the Kralgon Invasion Force, which would win the Second Ottzello Galactic War. During the Third Ottzello Galactic War, Durzhan created his final killer race - the Hostile Xenoform Threat - and then went into hiding for a while. After the Annihilation, Durzhan is known to have worked with Kaltogo and the Vyro'Narza in setting up the Ottzello Sector for the Unified Nation of Ottzello to move in after they would be forced to evacuate their sector in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Despite many theories that The Vague were another of Durzhan's killer races, this was proven false, as Durzhan's races are all three-dimensional and do not tend to have organized goals. He was dismissed as their creator. Durzhan had little involvement in the Second Borealis Galactic War in this timeline, though it is known that in other timelines, he killed Falrik Zaarkhun to prevent UNO's quarantine. His only known involvement in the war in this timeline was when he warped UNO to Zargoth and Kolossus' realm, in order for them to become Vyro'Ralza. In this timeline, UNO refused the offer, leading Durzhan to escape to hibernation, feeling his life was now meaningless. Zargoth rewarded Durzhan later for success in another timeline with the liberty to keep the powers.


After discovering Durzhan hibernating, UNO offered Durzhan to join. He accepted the offer, feeling that his life was now meaningless otherwise, and that as someone who had been responsible for most of the events in Ottzello's past, it was time to reap the benefits and to continue to be responsible for its future. As Durzhan's goals were purely selfish and pro-Ottzello goals, he did not care for the Vyro'Ralza again, and even disbanded the Blyro'Tralzorca.



Historically, Durzhan's appearance was unknown to most, as he preferred both to remain enigmatic, and to hide his appearance from the memories of those who met him and lived. It was not believed that he was a Katel for a long while, with most thinking he would be a Telzoc. Rumours as to his true nature were often silenced.

Within UNOC, Durzhan is well known to wear blue and goal attire, much like his species, and wears heavy armor. He is taller than most Katel.


Durzhan's personality is modeled after his former master, Zargoth. Though he is not completely emotionless, Durzhan does not tend to show an emotional reaction to anything, and is an objective thinker. He will raise his voice at times, but other than that, the only emotions he has ever shown are anger or excitement, and even then, only in small amounts.

Though Durzhan was a loyal servant of Zargoth, he was also the most selfish. Durzhan did not care for Zargoth's cause other than his own personal gain, only wishing to achieve the Perfect Fate so that he could become godlike himself. Durzhan likes to be in control at all times, and likes to inflict suffering and punishment on those who defy him, in a sadistic way.


Durzhan wears very tough armor, containing shields which acts as barriers against most Essence, as well as against most heavy weaponry. Other than this, Durzhan does not carry equipment.


Within Ottzello, only Tuolog is a match for Durzhan's control over Essence, The strongest Dark Chronoscopic user in Ottzello, believed to be the strongest in the known universe, Durzhan is capable of defying all of the laws of physics, any laws of Time, and manipulating and bending reality to his will. Durzhan does this by causing time anomalies on small scales, to add up to a larger manipulation, at a rate that no other Chronoscopic user can. Of all mortals to have a grasp over the fifth dimension, Durzhan is, once again, only rivalled by Tuolog in this aspect. He mostly takes advantage of this power to inflict harm and to intimidate his opponents.



Blue face.pngAllies. "Friends". Whichever term applies.

  • UNOL - Would that I could join them, but no. I still respect them, but not their decision in this timeline.
    • Tuolog - Your father was a great man. As are you. I can respect you, in that sense.
  • UNOC - Regardless of bureaucratics, they work for me.
    • Thr'aloy - You are luck youy have a robotic brain, and me, or you would be useless.
    • Vailisa - Powerful. But reckless.
    • Commandant Darwishi - We own the skies.
    • Ghalan Elshan - It doesn't matter if someone is more or less useful than you. You are deemed useful.
    • Vaktyl - Incredible weaponry. Useful.
    • Zelfron III - The kind I like. Shuts up and fights.
    • Lupercal - Whiny.


Yellow face.pngI have no opinion on you.

  • Zargoth - Thank you. But I do not care to continue to work for you.
  • Kolossus - I do not care for you.
  • Antagonar - I do not care what you do now.


Red face.pngI will make you suffer.

  • None


The accursed shadow had his fingers everywhere. Every other month of my career was spent trying to sort out come conspiracy of his and making sure his schemes, whatever they were, didn't spread to seriously affect the Outer Otzelloan Colonies. I developed an addiction to Antanean Red Coffee purely because of him.

- Antorius Sarean Salaneaus, Draconid praetor of the Imperium's Otzelloan colonies.

OI. I KILLED YOO ALREDI DIDNT I?... oh yor anotha katel. ya all look da same to me

- Voa'reak



  • Durzhan was created by OluapPlayer for Technobliterator's fiction.
  • Durzhan was created firstly as a Blyro'Tralzorca leader, and secondly to retcon the original Ottzello wars to have him replace Zargoth in many instances, in order to make Zargoth seem more enigmatic.
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