Drelas, known by his title Big Boss, is a Cyrannian Loron member of the Cyrannian Syndicate.

Once known as the greatest mercenary in Cyrannus, Drelas was formerly a general in the old Federation of United Worlds, in which he fought against many enemies of the Federation. In one battle, however, he was awarded the title of Big Boss in the end, referring to his Loron background. Drelas, however disappeared, and it was later discovered he had formed his own mercenary group. This mercenary company became the most feared in Cyrannus, and it wasn't long before the Cyrannian Syndicate gave him the Big Boss an offer...

Incredibly strong in combat, with lightning-fast reflexes, he is also fairly cunning and devious with his plots to expand mafia, mercenary and corporate interests. He often views death and war as trivial matters, and rather than becoming enraged if his opponent deals a crippling blow, he will applaud them before dealing a greater one back. Drelas isn't forgiving, and will kill anyone who fails him instantly with few exceptions.

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