Eep eep!

- Dreamy Hachi

Ahlariomákaarioh, most known as Dreamy Hachi is a Dream Energy representation of Hachiman's innocence and Dream Energy usage.



Dreamy Hachi's origins are not known, though he is speculated to have been formed when Thea'Nhirara first unlocked Hachiman's Dream Energy potential.

Tantummodo Mortem[]

During the Third Xhodocto War, the Onuris team travelled to the Realm of Dreams and met Dreamy Hachi, who was the last remaining Dream Energy organism alive in the Realm following Shu'ytrogarva's invasion. Curious about the team, Dreamy Hachi started following them, growing a friendship with his regular counterpart and a somewhat strange infatuation towards Kalcedia Myran. Having no fight experience despite his tremendous power, Dreamy Hachi only helped the team in fights when he was ordered to.

When the team met with a representation of Hachiman's nightmares shaped like Kol Daren, Dreamy Hachi merged himself with Hachiman himself to ascend him into a feral, uncontrolled Angel Form. After the team managed to get him back to his senses, the angel Hachi fought and defeated the nightmare, until both Hachis separated themselves again. Defeating the nightmare caused Dreamy Hachi to change his appearence into an adult version of Hachiman, but he quickly returned to his usual, diminutive form.

When the team confronted Shu'ytrogarva, Dreamy Hachi was revealed to be the energy source the demon needed to sucessfully devour Sonhadromerith's soul. Shu'ytrogarva took Dreamy Hachi and ate him, absorbing his power and keeping him trapped within his heart. When the team managed to free him, Dreamy Hachi sacrificed himself to give the team reality-warping powers in the Realm so they could fight on equal terms with Shu'ytrogarva.

After the Realm was saved, Dreamy Hachi was revealed to have been reborn as a baby in a basket. With the team leaving, he is still at the Realm of Dreams, awaiting for the day he can merge with Hachiman again.



Dreamy Hachi appears as a super-deformed version of Hachiman. Smaller in size and being much more "diminutive" in appearence, he has several differences when compared to his normal counterpart. Unlike Hachiman who possesses a fingered robotic arm, Dreamy Hachi's robot arm is far more simple in appearence and has a large claw in the place of his hand. He does not appear to be bothered by it. Additionally, his second hand and feet don't have any fingers at all, and his ears are more volumous than those of his normal counterpart.


Dreamy Hachi, as a representation of Hachiman's innocence, is completely innocent as well. He is not capable of speaking any fluent language, being restricted to a series of squeaks and "eeps". Dreamy Hachi immediately assumes any being on his vicinity is his friend unless he is attacked. When dealing with enemies, Dreamy Hachi is very easy to scare and will refuse to fight, even when his allies are also under attack. However, if convinced and instructed, Dreamy Hachi can show a far more courageous side.


As a pure Dream Energy organism, Dreamy Hachi can potentially use the essence to its fullest extent. However, when relaxed, his powers become far less threatening. Even with his guard down, Dreamy Hachi is roughly 3 times stronger than his normal counterpart and can carry large objects with only his clawed robotic hand. As he is part of Hachiman's subconscious, Dreamy Hachi cannot be destroyed as long as Hachiman is alive. However, harming Dreamy Hachi does cause psychological damage to Hachiman himself.



Green face.pngEep eep!


Green face.pngEep?


Face threatened.pngEep! Eep!

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Destiny grows.

- Sonhadromerith

Make it stop saying "eep"!

- Koluap

W'á'zhatámat! Íráyamasichéw'á'zhatámat! [Kill it! Kill it with fire!]

- Agent Nu


- Hachiman

That is one damn ugly sex toy.

- Kalcedia Myran

If that personfies innocence I really hope my spirit reverts to something more dignified than that when I die.

- Corteus


- Lemmo

I wonder what my personified innocence would look like.

- Zarveltyr

Well for starters, it'd be allot smaller

- Tyton Sialis responding to Zarveltyr's quote



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