Through blood and fire, through pain and glory, I would dedicate my life to protecting the Paragon. So long as air fills my lungs, Uriel will not be harmed without retribution from me or my siblings.

- Himself

Davius Voxis is the close protector of Uriel Ultanos and a distant descendant of Oniron Voxis. As uriel's prime bodyguard he is deeply tied ot his charge and would gladly give his life to keep Uriel and his family safe. As a warriro in his 400s, he has personally protected both uriel himself and his father.


Like all Blood Dragon hopefuls, Davius' egg was laid within the imperial territories. He was laid within a House Voxis estate in one of the outer sectors. Exceeding the genetic benchmark for becoming a Blood Dragon, Davius was taken to Alcanti while he was still developingi nside the egg and hatched to the sight of a stranger broodmother. He quickly accepted the mother as his own and was one of the larger hatchlings of a clutch of ten.

Growing up, Davius was always bigger than his siblings and was often victorious in play-fights with his clutch-mates. By the time he was ready to leave the broodmother's constant care his physical prowess had garnered the attention of Captain Eseroba - who he would later succeed as Prime Dragon - and he was admitted into the top-tier ocmbat programs.

Initially exited, Davius became stressted due to the high demands of the course. As he grew older he explored the palace grounds and often found himself inside the palace's library. While growing up he often read works by authors such as Dorebus Kortan. As well as this he was constantly encouraged to conduct physical exercise but as he grew up and even in adulthood he still found the time to read. During this time he gained a close bond with Everessa which he would cherish for years to come.

he graduated with exemplary status in hand-to-hand combat and over the next century he and Everessa were assigned to numerous Ultanos members and travelled to numeroius places and battlefield throughout the mid and outer rims. he deeply loved Everessa as a sister and when he was 145 Eseroba chose for the two of them to be bodyguards to the ageing Uriel XV. Uriel shared Davius's fondness for literature and when Davius was 160, Uriel gave him a weapon that had been personally requested by the paragon and forged within the royal armouries. Davius would hold onto this weapon - a gilded greataxe engraved with a line of literature on its shaft - for years to come.

Davoius fell into a deep depression not long after his 208th birthday. While escorting the paragon, House Khaxvis had launched an ambush as the group were riding and Everessa was fatally wounded after a Khaxvis hitman shot her in the chest with a fusion pulse. Davius used his now-signature greataxe to protect Uriel and after killing the ambushers under the effects of the Dragonfury he hept himself secluded, wondering if he could ever find such a woman ever again. A month after the incident, Uriel visited Davius and to alleviate the captain's sorrow, Uriel agreed to be his partner and to make him one of his Prime Dragons.

Prime Dragon and Uriel The Younger[]

He would later succeed Eseroba at the age of 300 after the latter decided t ospend her last years as a broodmother. By this time Uriel's latest mate had given birth to a new clutch that contained a child who would later ebcome Uriel XVI. Davius was originally critical of the boy and wondered if he had any place. As a result of this criticism, Uriel XV had placed his older son Korr as his successor when he finally passed away from old age. While the natural passing meant Davius did not enter Dragonfury for a second time he agreed to protect Korr for the next few years.

During the Mecha-Wasp War Davius was thrown into Dragonfury once again as he witnessed a swarm of nanomachines partially-consume his charge. After calming down he joined the bdy back to Alcanti and brought the news to Uriel the younger of his brother's death.

Davius was surprised when Uriel refused to accept the throne until the war's conclusion. Concerned for his well-being, Davius stuck by him and reaised that Uriel had grown into a confident protector and leader, which washed away most of his original doubts of Uriel's potential as a leader. Ten years after the war, Davius approached Uriel with the proposal to become Uriel's personal Prime Dragon and the pair secretly conducted the blood-bonding ritual. Because of Uriel's nature as an explorer and as a man of the people, Davius often kept Uriel safe from a small distance away in the years the two were bonded.

During the Battle of Alacanti, Davius commanded the defence of the palace as Uriel made a last stand within his throne room. Davius was one of the fist to be incapacitated as Volkarus Khaxvis threw him aside as he defended the main doors. Upon regaining consciousness he learend that Uriel was on the brink of death and agreed to help Tyraz (who had come to protect Uriel) a parting gift; a holorecord shoiwng the atrocities House khaxvis had committed during the Second House War.

New Dawn Era[]

In the fourth year after the Andromeda War's conclusion, Davius engaged in two tactical operations aboard the Deep Core installation. Both of which he joined Uriel. The first involved an offensive to reclaim the station from Drakodominatus Tyranny Overeers. During the assault he was incapacitated by the overseer Nosferatu Hexus before Angrus Mortarius arrived in a mock operation to clear out the overseers.

After the discovery was made that the Overseer takeover was a ruse by the Tyranny, Davius joined Uriel once again to retake Deep Core where he witnessed Angrus cripple Uriel before being knocked unconsious by an explosion. Davius stayed by Uriel until a MEDIVAC arrived to take him to a hospital where Davius, guilty he did little, stayed with Uriel as he was healed in hospital.

When Tyraz was kidnapped by the Draconizane, Davius joined Uriel in a rescue team alongside Crispy Koluap, Jerkon, Herquie, Sarec, Hachiman and later Iovera IX in a bid ot rescue him. While fighting valiently and always keeping close, Davius was severely wounded in a bid to protect his charge when an elite regiment of the Draconizane Dominion's Taskmaster corps raided a vessel they had comandeered for travel, watching as the taskmasters took Uriel from him and left him to die as his companions attempted to fight off Lord Taskmaster Indricas on the planet below. He was later captured himself when caught within a crusher trap in a maze owned by Yarda Virios, which rather than killing him, trapped him in a prison where he was forced to watch Tyraz play for his friends' lives. After escaping her palace, Davius once again fought to protect Uriel as the rescue party battled the Dominion emperor Kordan Rex and a cadre of spectral soldiers under the emperor's command. Davius was later hospitalised upon returning to the Draconid Imperium after suffering severe injuries during the events of the rescue mission.



Davius is a muscular Draconis with burnt-orange scaled and a line of red scales over his face and down his back. He is usualyl seen in an improved model of Blood Dragon arnour complete with a body glove. The armour is finished with gold trim and embossed with flowing dragons and flame motifs on reinforced ceramic plates. The hair strands at the back of his head are tied back to create a large ponytail while he has an interfacing system situated just behind his left eye and over his ears.

he carries himself proudly and sterny. His build and size give him an intimidating look.


For the most part he is a quiet and reserved man who keeps to himself. What is not so public is that in his free time he enjoys reading books from various novelists both Draconid and alien. For those he protects however he would rush to shield them from harm if he can. memories of Everessa still surfacefron time-to-time sending him into periods where he is upset, guilty or miserable. However he usually retains the will to prevent himself from falling into full depression.

To offset the violent nature of his career, Davius is partial to reading and studying poetry in his spare time. He is often moved by romantic or battle poems. He shows particular fondness for the writings of Tivimios Sornovion, a Draconid poet who lived during the Era of Diamonds.


Davius usually wears a set of modified Blood Dragon armour, one of the most effective armour models produced in the Imperium. The body glove he wears enhances his strength while an in-built shield generator absorbs all manner of ranged attacks.

Davius fights with oen of two weapons; either a broadsword or a greataxe. The latter was given to him by uriel XV for his exemplary service and is lined with gold filament. Carved into a piral down the handle and filled in with gold is a line that translates from High Dracid as "I bring an end to suffering this day. For every foe I slay, one hundred more will back away".


Davius was hand-picked from one of the finest genetic specimens of his clutch. As a result he is very fit and intelligent. The body glove he wears enhances his already-impressive strength by three times. With over four-hundred years of combat experience, Davius is a very deadly fighter with his fists, a sword and a greataxe. Combined this makes him a terrifying opponent and like all Blood Dragons he can enter a state known as Dragonfury which makes him even stronger and harder to kill than usual.



Green face.pngA true weapon master shall stand between you and whatever threatens you.

  • Uriel Ultanos - I will give my life for you. Always.
  • Larnus Vontarion - What can't this man do with a fleet of warships?
  • Alensia Ultanos - She is a real one-in-billion find.
  • Tyraz Breek - I know you mean well but don't worry a single bit. Uriel will not come to harm if I can help it.
  • Everessa - may you rest in peace, dear sister.
  • Iovera IX - A little shy, that one.

Good Terms[]

Yellow face.pngI enjoy our company!

  • Koluap - You have a heart of fire. I like that!
  • Jerkon - Not all of us can enjoy bloodshed, but I admire your spirit.


Yellow face.pnghrmm...


Orange face.pngYou tread a dangerous pat haround me


Red face.pngTaste my axe, scum!

  • Volkarus Khaxvis - God or none, I will kick you back into the Void myself if I have to!.
  • Angrus Mortarius - Touch Uriel again and I will cleave you a new cloaca!.
  • Kordan - You are no god. My axe is proof.
  • Yarda Virios - You pay dangerous games, monster.



He served my father well. I feel terribly sorry for the loss of his battle-partner all those years ago

- Uriel Ultanos

You stand for the archaic ideals of the wormking while I stand as a vanguard for the change of the true masters of Andromeda. When we finally confront each other one on one, I shall make you squeal in such suffering that the moans emanating from the pits of the Xhodocto will seem like mere whimpers. Every ounce of hope you know, I will take and crush, like your bone and sinew. I will leave you nothing but a crushed husk, crushed into dust, used and abused.

- Hedon Morillium

Have we met before? I believe we did.

- Koluap

So this guy is my great great great great....whatever grandson? Huh... He does have my scales.

- Oniron Voxis


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