Yoburt DCP physic trooper

Dr.Kenders has a brilliant mind.

Dr.Kenders is a Yoburt, working for the Delpha Coalition of Planets, and is a scientist, and is often part of Kilnok's crew. Many Yoburts are scientists, yet Kenders is one of the best (the Yoburt Confederation is a technocracy). The Yoburt Confederation was already very advanced in technology when the DCP formed, and have contributed to much of the DCP's technology.

Despite the fact that Dr.Kenders is an extremely intelligent scientist, it takes centuries of learning before a Yoburt can become a professor. Why? This is because only the best of the best can have such a title.

Personality Edit

He is a rather grumpy character at times, probably due to the fact, no one understands him.

Theories Edit

Dr.Kenders is a genius (although most Yoburts in fact are, so he could be a super genius). As part of Kilnok's crew, he has solved many mysteries, and has saved the crew on several accounts. Below are some of his best theories.

  • That the planet Fahler is not a cursed planet, that rather it is inhabited by a super advanced, ascended species who are either trying to communicate or drive settlers off the planet.
  • That the Screeble civilization left the universe because they did everything that was possible, and travelled to a new universe with different laws and dimensions.
  • Invented the idea of creating a bubble of spacetime capable of cloaking colonies like an advanced invisibility shield (not to be confused the the warp bubbles).
  • Many theories in the field of theoretical physics, typically the sciences of hyperspace kernals and dimension-manifold mechanics (humans are still hundreds of years away from learning these fields, way beyond string/M-theory [1]).

Missions Edit

He accompanies Admiral Kilnok and his crew in the Star Sailor.

Early career Edit

He was a DCP physic trooper in his earlier years, in battles against the Warzoleski.

As Kilnok's crew Edit

He has undergone many missions with Admiral Kilnok and Admiral Horlin, such as visiting Planet Spode, but got mad with Kilnok, for taking a long while.

Saving Admiral Kilnok Edit

When Kilnok was captured by the Xhodocto, Dr.Kenders managed to contact a Civatron Warrior using his physcic abilities and the Civatron's psionic powers. The Civatron arrived with the Rambo fleet just in time, who saved Kilnok, and had united them once more. Soon afterward, the DCP, Civatron and Rambo engaged the Xhodocto, and after a large space and ground battle, the Xhodocto were defeated (although in the ground battle, the allies faced much heavier losses, due to the Xhodocto strength and weapons).

The Nanohorde threat and scientific meetings Edit

Dr.Kenders thought up ways to stop the deadly new threat - the Nanohorde.

Joining the Inter-Species Scientific Alliance Edit

One of Dr.Kenders latest activities are diplomatic and scientific meetings with the ISSA. Especially this grabbed his attention.

War of Ages/Descension war Edit

Kenders joined the Emperor, Warlord Tricarrion and other DCP heroes to help Admiral Kilnok breach the walls of Sub-Necropolis, where the sword that would ressurect Kilnok was being kept. The Emperor brought reinforcements, but they were crushed by Kamik'Shi himself. However, the DCP gathered its last remaining forces inside Inferno Realm, and actually invaded the city, all the DCP heroes and captains fighting side by side, including Kenders.

Trivia Edit

  • Dr.Kenders was a leading Taldarologist.
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