Dondrik Ischarahv, otherwise known as Deadeye Dondrik and Enkindler Dondrik, was a Grand Admiral of the Supreme Fleet of the United Veatrex Federation and is considered to be a modern legend due to his combat prowess, his unwavering dedication to his nation, and his sheer number of feats, accomplishments, and successful operations that have followed with each conflict that he was involved in throughout his life, earning him the title of Enkindler following his assassination in the late 2760s.


Early LifeEdit

Born in mid-2590 in the Conquest District of Veatrex, one of most ancient, historically significant, and culturally prolific capital cities on Rambanda, Dondrik Ischarahv was a child of the venerable High Commander Ishcar Strenjahv's second litter with Blvia Mranikair, a comparatively younger officer serving underneath his authority. In his youth, Dondrik, along with several of his other siblings, took a keen interest in his father's work and looked up to his elder brothers and sisters who had followed in the family's military tradition, occasionally accompanying Ischar on minor offworld assignments; once they had reached conscription age, Ischar had his children put through an elite military academy located on the surface of Rambanda's moon Usman for training and formal education, with Dondrik excelling when commanded by a competent leader figure rather than in leadership roles himself and possessing an affinity for stealth and covert operations during tests and simulations - traits which befitted his notably quiet and calculating personality.

Demonstrating a keen interest in pursuing a military career following the end of his intense education and training, which had reforged his physique and will to become stronger and refined, Dondrik voluntarily recruited into the ranks of the Federal Armed Forces of the United Veatrex Federation, where he served as a sniper and stealth operative and achieved the rank of Third-Sergeant in minor conflicts on the border of the Veatrex Arm for several years before successfully applying for a position within the Firebrand Corps. At the age of 22, he would serve in the Nikris War, an open conflict against Veatrex colonies and settlements in the Nikris Arm by native governments, where he participated in an array of boarding actions, covert operations and infiltration, and search-and-rescue missions for high-profile Veatrex individuals and Nikris turncoats, as well as serving on occasion as orbit-to-ground support. Dondrik would also be involved in hunting rebels and insurgents from the UVF as he rose through the ranks and routing out and eliminating Nikris terrorist cells following the end of the conflict, praised and commended for his ruthless efficiency and his combat prowess and granting him a somewhat terrifying yet admirable reputation among both his comrades and his enemies.







Green faceA life lived alone is not a life worth living at all.


Blue faceAn old man can still do much for those who accept his wisdom.


Yellow faceI haven't all the time in the universe, so make yourself clear.


Orange faceI am afraid that you have left me with no other choice...





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