We fight to preserve the principles of our democracy!

- Commander Donaró

Donaró is a male Osteolan, who served as both the Republic and Imperial Senator of Acrocanthaí, prior to the dissolution of the Imperial Senate in 14 NE. Donaró, a noted sympathiser of the New Republic, escaped capture and aided in the establishment of the Free Osteola Rebel Cell, along with his colleague, Senator Corgan of Mandatine.

Donaró was born on the Osteolan homeworld of Mandatine in 42 BNE, growing up in a period of strife between the New Ostoela and the totalitarian Osteolan kingdom. Due to these stories, Donaró grew to have an interest in war, however the pacifist ways of the New Osteola prevented him from getting involved in the direct fight against the Tithian Claw. Instead, his parents implored him to become one of Duchess Kyrsá Nimrais' aides, helping her with the important task of governing Mandatine. When the Treaty of Corulus was signed in 04 BNE, Donaró bid farewell to the White Stone, as Kyrsá was affectionately known, and relocated to Acrocanthaí, where he became involved in politics, ultimately being elected to the position of Praesator. When his term expired, he became involved in galactic politics as the Senator of Acrocanthaí, where he concentrated on improving ties between Acrocanthaí and Mandatine.

When the Republic transitioned into the Empire, Donaró was sceptical from the beginning. While the continuation of the Senate calmed his thoughts, with the rise of the New Republic and the increasingly autocratic rule of Emperor Tyrómairon, Donaró became more and more disillusioned, to the point where his open questioning of Imperial policy would have warranted an arrest if Donaró represented a less influential world. During the Cyrannian Cold War, Donaró found an unlikely ally in Senator Guolivian of Ancaoilion, joining his group of senators seeking to retain power with the Senate. However, when the Emperor dissolved the Senate in 14 NE, Donaró fled Imperial imprisonment and ultimately helped establish a resistance movement amongst his fellow Osteola, known as the Free Osteola.


Early LifeEdit

Born on Mandatine in 42 BNE, Donaró spent much of his early life in his family estate on the edge of Mandatine's capital, which remained relatively peaceful during the decades long Osteolan Civil War. During the conflict, his family supported the pacifist New Osteola led by {[captain|Kyrsá Nimrais}}, who advocated for closely cooperation with the galactic community and an end to the bloody rule of the despotic Tithian Claw. Despite his love for his parents and their values, Donaró was a boisterous young man who longed to fight the forces of the Osteolan Kingdom, only for his desire to be curtailed by his family, who instead sent him to Duchess Kyrsá to serve as an aide as the Civil War died down.

Senator of AcrocanthaíEdit


Donaró represented the Empire during talks with the Rambo and Republic after the Crossing Line Incident.

Remaining with the White Stone for many years, Donaró witnessed first hand the rebirth of the Osteolan people into an image of prosperity, with Mandatine becoming one of the great pillars of diplomacy in Cyrannus. In 04 BNE, Donaró decided to leave Osteolan space for the great beacon of prosperity—the Core Worlds, ultimately settling on Acrocanthaí, where he became involved in politics, ultimately being elected Praesator. Governing the colony with a deft, but fair, hand, Donaró served a single term before stepping down to pursue his lifelong ambition of joining galactic politics, as the Senator of Acrocanthaí.

In the Senate of the United Republic of Cyrannus, Donaró emerged as a militarist against the Confederacy of Allied Systems, though served as a close political ally to President Apollo, often providing swing votes in the President's attempts to avoid galactic war. When the Great Cyrannus War erupted, Donaró continued to serve admirably throughout the conflict, garnering an intense hatred for the United Lanat Empire when they conquered Acrocanthaí and subjected it to a brutal occupation.

After the conflict ended with the rise of the Empire, Donaró was hesitant, believing that Apollo was innocent of the crimes the Galactic Emperor Tyrómairon accused him of. Nevertheless, as the years progressed, he gained quite a bit of respect for the Empire, considering him to be a well meaning being manipulated by the ambitions of men such as Taev Vosaetiur and Deoclet Caesarius. Nevertheless, Donaró also gained a great deal of respect for Potentate Tereyn Aeresius, with the two representing the Empire at a meeting with Rambo Nation and the Republic in the aftermath of the Crossing Line Incident.

Cyrannian Cold War
Tales of the Cold War I - Ancaoilion02

Guolivian, Paxius and Donaró meet on Ancaoilion.

Paxius: "Surely you do realise how reckless it is to challenge Vosaetiur?"
Donaró: "A would-be dictator, Senator Paxius. Lest we forget, the one responsible for the destruction of the Alliance Hubworld. Billions slaughtered in the blink of an eye. What a glorious Empire we inhabit."
―Senator Donaró sarcastically responds to Paxius during their meeting

During the Cyrannian Cold War, Donaró emerged as one of the most forceful supports of the New Cyrannian Republic in the Senate, earning him the ire of the Mandators who sought to promote Imperial unity. Though less influential senators disappeared for less serious crimes, Donaró openly denounced the direction of the Empire on multiple occasions, to the point where he was approached by Senator Guolivian to join him and Senator Paxius of Alsakatiir to Ancaoilion to discuss measures to retain the Imperial Senate. During the meeting, Donaró argued with Paxius briefly before agreeing to put aside their differences in the face of a common goal.

Commander of the Free OsteolaEdit

When the Emperor dissolved the Imperial Senate in 14 NE, Donaró happened to be offworld, and thus escaped the fate of many of his colleagues, who were rounded up, arrested and many executed. With his future uncertain, Donaró fled Acrocanthaí and soon came into contact with his former colleague, Senator Corgan of Mandatine and Duchess Kyrsá, working with them to form the Free Osteola Rebel Cell of the Cyrandia Resistance. Using his wealth and influence to purchase ships and supplies for the Free Osteola, Donaró was surprised when he was appointed Commander of the movement as it worked to rid the galaxy of the Empire.

Battle of Ambar

The Battle of Ambar was the first Resistance victory over the Empire in a decade, fought in 15 NE.

Battle of Ambar
Donaró: "Well now, what have we here? It appears that the Resistance is larger than I imagined."
Kyrsá: "It is finally time. Time for us to unite in our battle against the Empire."
―Donaró and Duchess Kyrsá discuss the Resistance

In the first month of 15 NE, Donaró received a transmission from General Sesoka, who called upon the Free Osteola to unite for a major Resistance strike against the Imperial-held world of Ambar, in the Unknown Regions. When the Free Osteolan fleet arrived at the rendezvous point, Donaró came into contact with the Duchess, relaying his surprise that the Resistance had gathered such a large force. Though he was initally sceptical of the Aldárae Order's involvement, he nevertheless, remained fixed on the bridge of the Whitestone One throughout the battle, even with the destruction of the Resistance flagship Liberty. After the battle ended with a Resistance victory, Donaró was tasked by General Sesoka to seek a new fleet commander and flagship for Resistance Command.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Senator Donaró

Donaró is often garbed in the latest Osteolan fashions.

A kind-hearted and jovial soul, Donaró represents many of the best qualities of his esteemed people, though also has a quick temper and less-than-ideal diplomatic temperament which often endears him to his admirers . Indeed, Donaró is quite clearly a being of finer tastes, being a connoisseur of Ancaoilion wine and a wearer of fine Orbispiran suits. Though it did not manifest in him prior to becoming involved with the Cyrandia Resistance, Donaró has always held true to the belief that pacifism is a fine ideal, but an ideal nonetheless, and one that is quite irrelevant in the current astropolitical landscape of the galaxy. As such, he believes in fighting for what he considers to be right—first and foremost, the liberation of Cyrannus.



Blue faceHow can I help?


Yellow faceI don't have time for this...


Orange faceHow intolerable.


A well-meaning senator who I worked with closely as President. I was glad to hear that he survived and escaped Tyrómairon's purge, though I fear for his safety.

- Apollo



  • Donaró was introduced in 2011 as a Republic Senator, though didn't appear in a story until 2016.


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