I've been used, abused, scarred all my life. I've felt nothing but hatred for all life for over 50 years... Yet they are giving me a chance.

- Dolgan Tuchaki

"Dolgan Tuchaki", real name Tulsarshima Talsar is a Borealis Zazane and an associate of the Polar Crystal Alliance's Penumbra Unit. She is a former member of Dark Grip, the special ops unit of the New Wranploer Legion.


Early History[]

Tulsarshima Talsar was the oldest and only female offspring of Tondroskys Talsar, the penultimate king of the Borealis Zazane people when they lived under the Wranploer Legion. Formerly living in prosperity with her family, she was separated from them when the Zoles Imperium attacked the Borealis Zazane homeworld of Kryptka, resulting in her father being killed and her brothers were missing. She would survive but be captured by space pirates, who used her as a sex slave for the next 15 years of her life. During this time, she grew an immense hatred for all people as well as a repulse toward sexual intercourse, and began training into battling and using weaponry to escape her captors. After over a decade of being abused by countless men, Tulsarshima murdered her current owner and escaped, renaming herself Dolgan Tuchaki to keep her identity hidden and as a way of trying to forget her past.

Dolgan would become famous, respected and feared through the Arm of Wildness, where she made a living by being a bounty hunter under the rule of the Wranploer Legion, being hunted for years by the Merchant Fleets. When her brother Kryptkor Talsar was made leader of the Borealis Zazane, Dolgan was unaware of the event and kept believing her brother had died during her childhood. After the Borealis Consortium Network was dissolved in the end of the Second Borealis Galactic War, Dolgan was approached by Torrent to become a member of Dark Grip. Accepting his offer, Dolgan was augmented with a lesser version of Torrent's nanomachines and became a lieutenant of his special ops squad.

Ice Age[]

During the Ice Age, Dolgan and the rest of Dark Grip captured scientists over the galaxy to work on Torrent's clone scheme. When Vekaron invaded his headquarters to stop the cloning and save Baptarion Light, Dolgan confronted him, his team and Agent Chi. After a tense battle, Dolgan was defeated and forced to retreat. Once the planet was attacked by Vorius, Dolgan and the rest of Dark Grip all escaped with Torrent.

Dolgan's life began to change when she was tasked by Torrent to kidnap Kalcedia Myran, after the Kvargo warlord had the idea of using the Pseudomorph Zazane as his personal sexual slave. At first succeeding her mission, Dolgan was later defeated by Vekaron and his team who rescued Kalcedia from her clutches, causing Dolgan to grow an immense hatred toward her. Months later, when the Penumbra Unit obtained a weapon against Torrent's flesh-hardening nanomachines, Dolgan was the first to fall to them. All the resentment from her numerous defeats against Vekaron, combined with Torrent's growing attitude and Kalcedia's presence caused her to undergo a Descension, going halfway through a Demon Form and causing destruction in an Indoctrinate Collective planet. This only ended when Kalcedia of all people managed to calm her down by reminding her of her brother and proving her that he was still alive, causing Dolgan to break down and surrender. She was pardoned from her crimes against the Polar Crystal Alliance by being turned into one of Vekaron's crewmembers, who would proceed to dismantle the New Wranploer Legion.

Following the end of the War of the Ancient Three and Vekaron's retirement, Dolgan became one of the leading members of Kalcedia Myran's vigilante force, the Scions of the Eye. Much of her personal improvements fell apart when she heard news that her brother Kryptkor Talsar died during the Golden Movement, which led her to revert back into a hostility which has not ceased since.



Dolgan appears as a tall, muscular Borealis Zazane female. Her third set of horns is notably curved down, an extremely rare trait on Borealis Zazane individuals. Her large body is a result of intense training, displaying a powerful frame and numerous battle scars. Dolgan has a rather large bust and noticeable hips compared to most Borealis Zazane, with males of her race describing her as downright stunning in beauty.


Dolgan is most known for being her rampant misanthropy; having lost her family at during her teenager years and being used as a sex slave for over a decade by multiple individuals her led her to grow a strong hatred for all people, no matter the species or gender. While her attitude was somewhat alleviated following her acceptance into Vekaron's team, Dolgan nonetheless is described as aggressive, bossy and utterly vindictive. She despises being touched and has an extremely short temper, often threatening violence on all those who slight her.


As a Borealis Zazane, Dolgan is extremely strong and tough, and has a natural resistance to cold temperatures. She is equipped with an hybrid between a sniper rifle and a coil gun that fires antimatter-fueled bullets at her enemies at long range, and high frequency daggers to fight at melee range. Her armor is equipped with a cloaking field and an emergency "ice blast", which launches an intense cold blast around her in case she is surrounded or immobilized.



Blue face.pngI don't want to crush your head between my hands.

  • Kalcedia Myran - I suppose I owe her my life, though she better learn not to get too touchy-feely.
  • Tagutan - He doesn't have much spine for somebody who's been possessed by a demon.
  • Vekaron - Goodbye, commander. And thank you.


Yellow face.pngDon't approach me.

  • Kilchárunya - In hindsight, she was probably the closest to me in that team.
  • Vyatak - Talks too quickly and too much.
  • Kamaris - I can't fully trust someone that serene all the time.
  • Kitmnárochoaltánún - Doesn't talk much. That's a good thing, really.
  • Wragrot - Impressive strength, very annoying attitude.


Red face.pngI'll take great pleasure from your suffering!

  • N/A


I see a lot of myself in you, it's saddening. Do not worry, hun, I'll find a way for you to live free and clear, even if it means having to keep on fighting. ...Oh, and uh, yours might be bigger than mine.

- Kalcedia Myran

Cold, harsh, hates men, treats them like animals, can give a good beating? Sounds like somebody who would act like a force of nature beneath the bedsheets. Grr~.

- Hachiman

I understand not how one can turn their back on power so quickly. Perhaps since I have never found joy outside the battlefield.

- Genrai Nal




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