Doctor Plague, born Maqepocs Cuqbodo, is a Deisnan scientist originally from the city of Qafepiq. He was a member of the Aldebaran Association's Mad Scientist Division before leaving the corporation in 983, claiming a new identity based on the plague doctors of the Great War.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Maqepocs Cuqbodo was born in either the late 940s or early 950s to a poor family in the Qafepiqan suburbs, but showed a great degree of passion in biology from an early age; his dedication led to him graduating from the University of Qafepiq with a doctorate in biochemistry in 975. Shortly afterwards, he was recognised by the Aldebaran Association as having great scientific ability and imagination, and was soon offered a job in the Mad Scientist Division, which was in dire need of experts in the life sciences. Over the next few years, Maqepocs became obsessed with pseudoscientific ideas such as alchemy and vitalism, an obsession that was initially allowed to grow thanks to the MSD's focus on unconventional ideas, and led to at least one major research effort codenamed "Project Essence".

However, Maqepocs's unrelating focus on vitalistic thinking became counterproductive to MSD's efforts during the early 980s, and Maqepocs's superiors, primarily physicists, became unsympathetic towards him. The biologist rebelled and became more dedicated to developing a coherent theory and proving it right, and in circumstances that have since been classified, the spring of 983 saw Maqepocs quit the organisation and take several pieces of prototype equipment from his laboratory in the process. Wanted by Aldebaran's private security forces under fear that he might sell secrets to rivals such as the Antares Corporation, he fled to his old hometown, took the name "Doctor Plague" as an alias, and created his signature outfit as a disguise.

Rise of Doctor Plague Edit

Having little money, Doctor Plague was initially forced to turn to crime in order to support himself, finding some of his inventions to be useful for the purposes of coercion and murder, and becoming known as the "Master of Miasma" to his enemies. Upon clearing the streets of Qafepiq of rival criminals, he made several minor gangs and the city's close-knit network of homeless people pledge allegiance to him. He was then able to acquire a few buildings in the West Industrial District to serve as a temporary base of operations, as well as a shelter to maintain the loyalty of the homeless network, whom he put to work on construction and renovation tasks.

By 987, criminal activity was no longer a priority for Doctor Plague, and he was able to establish Spagyric Solutions, a legitimate albeit low-profile business selling herbal remedies for the various epidemics that often spread throughout the poorer regions of Qafepiq. Plague's followers became paid employees, and he was able to return to his scientific research in private.

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Doctor Plague's appearance is permanently hidden under a black outfit based on that of the plague doctors of the Great War, consisting of a heavy robe, protective gloves and boots, a broad hat and a beak-like mask. Unlike those of traditional plague doctors, Doctor Plague's outfit is made of modern materials so as to be fairly light in weight, and his mask is a sophisticated piece of technology with a built-in computer. Another unique addition is the presence of spikes on the arms and upper body, presumably for the purposes of intimidation.

Personality Edit

The cause for both his joining and departure from the Aldebaran Association, Plague has a tendency for obsessively fixating on certain ideas, caring little for other people who may directly or otherwise interfere with these obsessions, with the main focus of his early life being to disprove the mainstream scientific ideas about mechanistic biology and demonstrate that some kind of "vital energy" runs through all living things instead. Since he has endevoured to remain outside of public knowledge for the past thirteen years, his current motivations are unknown.

Abilities Edit

As a biologist working for Aldebaran, Maqepocs was known for his vast amounts of knowledge, bounless creativity, and ability to seamlessly link disparate pieces of information into new ideas and inventions, all required qualities to become an employee of MSD. He has never been known for his physical abilities, and relies heavily on external technology instead, particularly his "Plaguebots".

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"Together, we shall find the truth!"
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"I'm sure you're perfectly nice. If I have to sacrifice you, it's not personal."
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