What do you mean I am from a mythological Place? Asgard? Nope, it's Asgord. Now, can I pet you?

- Diplomat Lezia

Lezia Ipevreia was the former Great diplomat of the FRA, and is currently back in the FRA. She will go to Great lengths to befriend everyone in the Universe, even if the other person is evil or not.

She is descended, but also almost unaware of danger, thus she persists on befirend another empire whether they're good or demonic genocidal, which annoys almost everyone in the Universe - So much that she caused the Xhodocto to invade the Former Asgord Empire in 401 KRE and the Asgord Genocide in 402 KRE.

She currently has one son, called Kezoreg Breek. She also has a pet called Okerdeg.

Biography Edit

Childhood Edit

Lezia Ipevreia was born in the Asgord Empire's 2nd Planet, Kane'es, in the City of Ekia, on 06/06/376 KRE. She was Raised in a Small home by her Parents, and it is said that she had a big Fascination for aliens and their technology.

In School, she had average grades in school, with an average of 59%. She graduated from school in 390 KRE, at Age 14.

At the time she graduated, she always wanted to speak to Aliens and share her thoughts with them. As she didn't know how to do this, she went to a local Party. In there she met a friend who told her she should be a Diplomat, and she then went to a 1 Year Diplomacy Course. Surprisingly, she did well in the course, and then she was accepted as a Diplomat of the Asgord Empire.

Early Diplomat Days Edit

in 391 KRE, she was asked to ally an Empire that was at war with another of the Asgord's Allies. She went to said Empire and asked for an Alliance. Initially the Answer was no, but after she launched a party generator to their home planet, they accepted the Alliance, but the War continued. Then Empress Katrina didn't care about that.

After successfully allying 65 more Empires, in 394 KRE, the Empire saw that she had Potential, and named her "Great Diplomat Lezia", and she became the Official Diplomat of the Asgord Empire.

400 KRE Edit

In Aninaar 400 KRE, she was asked to ally the Kraw, Iteok and the Tahars, but when she allied the Iteok, there was huge controversy around that move, and Asgordia, Capital of the Aasgordian's Home world, Ka'an, was even attacked. Helenia, Empress of the Asgord Empire, later held a 3 Day long assembly, and Repaired all Relations, as long as the Asgord did not Interact with the Iteok-Tahar War. During that time, she made a friendship with 3FK0, the Hakonian Diplomat (Who is now a Great Diplomat of the Terridor Federation).

Lezia x Tyraz Edit

During the Time of the BNSC-Zazane War, 18/02/401 KRE, Tyraz was constantly annoying Diplomat Lezia in her journeys, until his appearance in a Vykorian Party caused Lezia to attempt to kill Tyraz Breek 4 Times, but he always resurrected. After this, Lezia took a long vacation (1 Month), which began in 25/02/401 KRE. During the vacation, Lezia and Tyraz forgived each other and eventually fell in love, and eventually got married on 24/03/401 KRE.

Angazhar (Section by Xhodocto3546)Edit

Spore 2010-12-29 20-14-38

Lezia compared to Angazhar.

Lezia's somewhat annoying nature (towards Xhodocto, at least) has gathered the attention of Khazurhal Angazhar, which she has talked to on a regular basis. Angazhar has become increasingly annoyed by Lezia - in which Ka'an has become under threat by the Xhodocto.

(Section by Irskaad)

Ka'an was eventually destroyed by Khazhural Angazhar, and Angazhar cursed Lezia, and her future descendents. After this, Lezia left to Horehronie, in Despair. There, she found out she was pregnant, after Tyraz and Lezia mated before Tyraz was captured by Vartekians. She named her son Kezoreg Breek.

Tyraz's Insanity and Station Halcyon Edit

Lezia was in a battle with Tyraz until the Xhodocto invited both in the Necropolis. After a few minutes, Lezia demanded to go back home, which only happened a few minutes later. After that, they were sent to Yorg, Horehronie, Kraw Empire. There, Tyraz blew up Downtown Yorg, and lezia was so shocked she demanded to be killed, a Kraw granting her wish. She was then descended by Tyraz, and she lied there, unconscious, only to be awakened again. Lezia was wierded out by Tyraz's strange behaviour, and his knowledge of the Dark Tongue.

Lezia sent Tyraz back to his Empire, and saw the Asgordian News, which told about Avexia's Troubles in Station Halcyon, and decided to help her in Station Halcyon. She then returned, and focused on waiting for Kezoreg to hatch.

Holy Shadow War Edit

Lezia had her new home planet, Vatelia, destroyed when Kezoreg was born, in 03/00/402 KRE. She then Fled to Tantalus, but Angazhar visited her, and smashed the controls of her ship, causing it to crash on the Kraw Borders in Planet Tantalus, Epsilon Eridani. She and Kezoreg survived, and went to a hospital. Lezia then went to a hotel and awaited departure to Orbispira, only that was interrupted when she had to save Zavrhos from a black hole. Now, Lezia and Tyraz are discussing how to raise Kezoreg, and she is trying to teach Kezoreg diplomacy, with no success, as Kezoreg is fond of war and destruction.

Recently, she got a death eye in her middle eye socket, causing her to only see nightmares around her. She has bionic implants in her other 2 eye sockets at this point, and her middle eye is covered.

She also tried to ally Shu'rimrodir, with no success.

Genocide Edit

Lezia, during the Asgord Genocide, was hiding in Horehronie, and later in New Draka. During that time, she felt extreme sadness for her people being "Unfairly murdered". She even cried for days in a row. After the Genocide was finished, Lezia was in an extreme state of shock, and decided to live in Terrida, in the Terridor Federation, with Tyraz and her son, Kezoreg. However, in 406 KRE, Tyraz moved to the Brood of War and married Iovera, leaving Lezia divorced, however, she thinks she is still married, for polygamy is possible in Asgord Culture.

Return to the FRA and run for President Edit

She stood in the Kraw Empire until 407 KRE, when she moved once more to the FRA, this time, as a retired diplomat, since she can't get the job anymore. During that time, she candidated herself for president of the FRA, however she was defeated by Vonzata'akanau, getting only 40% of the votes due to large scale TAE voting.

Lezia is currently resting in the FRA, enjoying Vonzata'akanau's rule. She is currently thinking of returning to Station Halcyon to meet back with some of her "old friends".

Data Edit

Personality Edit

She has a very playful and friendly personality, which she uses to encourage an empire into allying the Asgord. She likes to pet others, even though in many cultures petting people is wrong. She is also very persuasive, never letting go of a possible ally. She is often called "Annoying" because of this.

She was descended by Tyraz in 11/11/401 KRE. She is Immortal, however, and can see Umbrux. She has genetically modified her skin for it to stay the exact same color it was when she wan't descended.

Appearance Edit

Lezia is a young looking Asgordian Female with clothes she deems "cute". Lezia is descended, but only descended people can tell that, due to the modifications on her skin she made back in 401 KRE.

Lezia is beautiful by Asgordian Standards, being a subject for many FRA males.

Equipment Edit

Lezia carries nothing but her clothes with her. This is to show she is peaceful and that she is friendly. Occaionally she has happy rays with her.

Also often she brings Okerdeg with her.

Friends and Enemies Edit

Tyraz - Lezia loves Tyraz a lot.
Kezoreg - Lezia loves him as he is her son. She almost always plays with him, despite Kezoreg's objections.
Okerdeg - Her cute pet.
Lezia likes everyone else.
N/A - She has a short memory span so she forgets about her enemies.

Personal Quotes Edit

Happy Quotes Edit

  • Awwwwwww, aren't you cute!
  • I want to pet you! You're so cute!
  • You are so cute, want to be friends?

Scared Quotes Edit

  • AHHHH! Stop! Don't hurt me!
  • Why are you so cruel?! What did we ever do to you???

Opinion Quotes about the TAE Edit

  • Ko'han is a Cruel man... NO TO THE TAE!
  • Who wants to join an Army nowdays? *Giggles*
  • Why do rebels exist? They are going to get attacked too! And possibly worse!

Quotes from other Empires Edit

What does your Empire think of Lezia?

She is playful and kind, is she avaible for babysitting?

- Kazalorian Ambassador Lord Ranbolk

She is the Asgord me!

- Head Diplomat Pepis

What good are words when you have a good sword? I can recognize the power of diplomacy, but honestly, all the sweet talking in the galaxy won't help if your opponent is bashing your head in!

- Common Fordan view of diplomats and diplomacy in general

Not another do-gooder...

- MSP.

Lezia, if only you knew what I feel

- Tyraz

Oh.. if you only knew how weird this reality is turning out to be... Now I am going to ... go throw up.

- The God Jonajunn.

This...mortal as our race puts makes me want to rip that skin off her body and show it to her!

- Xhodocto Commander


- Khazurhal Angazhar

She is much like me... NO SHE IS NOT!.. No she is...NO SHE IS NOT!..

- Telfinne Kyraltiam

Do us a favor and DIE!

- The Marinoxidiz

Despite her friendliness, she could put us all in a lot of danger, by doing deals with evil and corrupt beings. I would call her a threat to security in fact. Iits a miracle (for her anyway!) that she has survived politics of this universe with no sense of fear or danger.

- Warlord Kilnok

She seems to have Urbach–Wiethe disease which has destroyed the amygdala in her brain (or equivilent), meaning she has no sense of danger.

- Dr.Kenders


- Zr'Ahgloth

Huh. It's stupid that mortals like her can actually be so damn friendly... and not realise the dangers they are in. I feel sorry for her as much as I feel appalled by her. She's not my problem when she dies.

- Mac

I know that Diplomacy is sometimes good, but during a war against evil gods, I think she and her followers need to learn how to fight and protect themselves.

- Benjamin XII

Personally, I think we should do to Lezia what I did with my wealthy, elderly mother: euthanize it.

- Random Libertus

Why wouldn't She shut up? or DIE?! OR BOTH?!

- High Fleet Commander Zerkruztozrokr

And we thought mortals could be annoying before meeting her. Heaven help us.

- The Ravenrii

Idiotic, brain dead piece of meat.

- Shu'rimrodir


- Master Kroc

She is nice to me...

- Mimi

What a foolish lifeform. We are surprised she survived encountering with the perfect beings several times. Still, her ultimate suppression isn't far away.

- The Junction Mind

An interesting creature,good thing we're allies if not she would've been rip to shreds for petting a dragonian.

- Fiction:Dragonian Star Empire

Poor thing, she means only the best for the universe.

- Senator Naberrie

If so many beings dislike this seemingly petting and innocent individual, I can only wonder how it is possible that she is still alive. It seems the ones that dislike her are quite incompetent then?

- Morgandaûr

You're lucky you're Tyraz's wife or I would have removed your vocal cords by now. With a chainsaw. A big one, that is.

- Captain Koluap

No point Koluap. She'll just grow them back.

- Kithworto

She is stupid indeed, but she has some traits those are good for people. Her amazing willpower, her persistance, her lack of fear are to be admired by all of us. If only I, and my subjects, could be like her...

- Archpriestess Iovera

I find her constant "petting habit" to be tiresome and annoying, my fellow Serpentaxy agree that she is a little dimwitted as well.That Tyraz person is lucky to be away from her.

- Basvila

Trivia Edit

  • Lezia was originally intended to be a regular good diplomat, but her personality shifted to her current one by late 2010.
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