Dinoman82, an ancient user of old and forgotten times. He set foot long ago in the Universe. He soon noticed that the Universe he found himself was in disorder, damaged, broken and without hope. As such, he began forming his master plan, to create an Utopian, where all could find themselves at home and welcome. Later on, he was joined in this Utopian dream by Um2k9, another powerfull user.


Not much is recorded of the first arrival or sightings of Dinoman82- records are vague upon this. Though it is believed that he first explored the Universe, getting to learn it, explore the wonders of the universe and find out how to integrate in it. He soon found the Universe was in a bad state, plagued by conflicts and terrible creatures- Dinoman82 pondered and wondered if he could solve this terrible state. It became quite clear he wasn't able to change an entire galaxy, as it was not in his power or responsibility to do so. One of his virtures is to leave mortal being to their own and not to interfere with them. As such he soon formed an Utopian dream, wich resulted in the excistance of the Quadrant Galaxies. He created five small hobbit galaxies, known to others as the Quadrant Galaxies within an area of space later known as the Cyrandia Cluster.

He planned various events, and soon found out it was very likely to form his Utopian Dream. Yet the creation and the size of doing so would be immense, if not nearly impossible to do it on his own. Luckily, he met another user, known as Cyrannian and the two joined hands in forming the Utopian Dream. Dino started his utopian dream within the Quadrants while Cyrannian was to work at the larger Cyrannus Galaxy. The two began soon known as the twin users and their ideals touched many hearts of other users, this set the new system into motion and the Utopian Dream soon became a reality. But the danger of an Utopia is, that there are others whom would like to bring it down. Dino soon was aided by the Atlantica and his amazones who soon became known as the Gods to other beings.

As the creation took form, order was brought to chaos, light to places that were enshrouded in everlasting darkness. With aid of the Atlantica new beings were brought into excistance and Dino- who now became known among the Quadrants as the Ultimate One retreated back to oversee the events and the protection of the Quadrants in form of immense galactic barriers around the Quadrants. With the Atlantica overseeing the normal day to day events the Ultimate One returned to a slumber.

Meeting Libraé

During the Apotheosis the Ultimate One was visited by Libraë- a member of the Oikoumene of Cyrannus. The Oikoumene was searching for answers and guidance about the mysterious messengers. Libraé entered a special room in the White City of the Atlantica and upon entering she found herself engulfed by darkness, soon followed by colours with bright lights of blue, red, white and green. The Ultimate One talked with a booming voice, a voice that sounded like a menacing thunderstorm or the crackling of bones yet it was also a young and friendly voice at the same time. Libraé looked confused, but not frightened of this new wonder and asked her question.

The Ultimate One answered in kindness, claiming he was not allowed to tell her her role in history, yet he informed her that he was aware of these messengers- but couldn't see them either as they were from Cyrannus, and as such not bound to his will. He gave her advise as well, not to go in against her own heart, after all wathever she was to do, she will suffer the consequences herself and not the messenger. With that said the Ultimate One faded away from sight and send Libraé back to the White City and went back to his slumber.

He remained in slumber for a very long time, leaving the Quadrants in hands of the Atlantica. Sadly over time one of the Atlantica, Armtyris turned against the other Atlantica and waged war upon them in the form of the Clash of Gods. Feeling the disturbance he awoke and faced Artmyris in personal combat- easily overpowering the fallen Atlantica he exiled him to the Void- an eternal prison of shadows and torment. Afterwards he returned to his slumber.


The Ultimate One

Dinoman82 has the appearance of a insect like creature, but his appearance is deceiving. He is actually quite friendly to those whom has earned his respect, and is always willing to help those in dire need or to those whom ask his advice. Having a natural strength and powerful magical abilities, he rarely uses them as his charms and ways of talking himself out of battles or ensuring peace to others, he is rarely involved in battles. Though when needed in battle, he is ruthless and shows no mercy. Though he always looks out in battle, trying to prevent innocent lives get hurt. Though rarely seen in public these a days, his representative, his pupil and student, does the talking and investigating for him. He trust her with his life, and vice versa. He trained her and learned her various magical abilities. She is also his lead agents and often sends her on mission when there a disputes to be dealt with. More notable, though realizing and creating an Utopian Dream, he doesn’t shy away to use force, even when it is not always necessarily. Even more so, with the return of the Vandals, he stayed out of the conflict, simply claiming he isn’t one to start a battle or a war. As long as they leave him alone, he will not join the fight against the Vandals, nor send his agents into battle.



Our rule is blessed by the Ultimate One, his grace has fallen upon us!

- Rambo Royal Dynasty

The creator of all life, play your game of shadows and power well to prevent his intervention and wrath!

- Morgandaûr

Lord of the Quadrants and a giver of wisdom and light!

- Libraé


  • His first creation was the Atlantica Indris, who are his eyes and ears among the Atlantica and the Mortal World.
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