Dianna Curie is a Terran politician who served as the last president of the European Star Republic from 2750 to 2754, and subsequently the representative of Europe in the council of the Allied Terran Republic. In recent years, she became active in the resistance to restore Terran autonomy from the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Popular across the Orion Arm, Curie is known for her temperance and resolve, though has received criticism in some circles for her advocacy for the establishment of a new state once liberation is achieved. Nevertheless, her efforts to undermine the Empire have inspired billions across occupied Terran space, and her capture remains a top priority for the Imperial administration.


One of the final humans to be born on Earth prior to the great exodus, Dianna Curie was a native of the European capital city of Geneva, though grew up on one of several orbital platforms maintained by the Republic. A barrister, Curie entered politics in her thirties, and by 2750, was elected President of the European Republic. A champion of human unification, Curie was less resistant than some to the establishment of the Allied Terran Republic in 2754, forged out of necessity in the face of the War of Ages.

Subsequently, Curie was unanimously elected as the councillor representing Europe in the Grand Council of the Terran Republic, a position she retained into the 2800s. During this time, Curie mentored Aidan Collins in the ways of politics, believing that the young man would go far, perhaps even to the highest levels of power in the alliance forged by the Mou'Cyran Accords. However, the Fall of Terrae in 2822 ended such hopes, and Curie watched in horror as the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus conquered the Terran Republic and established a puppet government in its place. In the aftermath, Curie became the informal leader, and later President, of the Terran Insurgency—a rebel force styling itself as the legitimate government of Terrae.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Strong willed and moderate by nature, Curie has been an institution of Terran politics for much of the 28th century, establishing a reputation as a powerful advocate for human unification and the recolonisation of Earth. As such, she became a vocal critic of the Cyrannian Empire's efforts to expand their influence into the Milky Way and now works to ensure that their rule over Terran space is ended just as quickly as it began.



Blue faceHow can I help?

  • Apollo: "The Empire must collapse. If we work together, I'm sure it will."
  • Aidan Collins: "You will be missed, my boy."


Orange faceEnough!


We must regain contact with our Terran friends. A strong defence against the Empire is vital.

- President Apollo


  • Dianna Curie was created in 2014 as the President of the European Star Republic.


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