For too long have I been labelled as a tormentor of souls. Now I shall be forever labelled as a destroyer.

- Dhazhrak

Dhazhrak, also known as Vortansamserach is the former Commander of the Xhodocto Legion, famed for the invasion of the Rambo Colony of Ramirith.


Upon the outbreak of the Tigris War with the Cianju Alliance Dhazhrak awoke and resumed his position as a Commander of the Congregation. However he was absence during the early battles with the Civatrons and was assigned to patrol the borders of Congregation space. Upon one of his patrol onboard a Congregation Cruiser he encountered a new power who settled themselves down in the south of the Tigris Galaxy, known as Rambo Nation.

He soon engaged various colonies and became known throughout Rambo Nation as the Xhodocto Commander due to his efficient and ruthless tactics and success against Rambo Nation. During the early years of the Tigris War at the Rambo date as 20 BQF Dhazhrak made his boldest and most famous move against Rambo Nation! He attacked the 2nd Prime Colony of Rambo Nation in the Tigris Galaxy known as Ramirith. The colony was defended by Captain Ramikku, Ramantas and Ramzhenko but after days of battle he destroyed most of the ship defending the colony and laid siege to the colony itself. Ramantas, overseeing the colony ordered a mass evacuation and only a few managed to escape, including Ramikku and Ramzhenko. Dhazhrak himself arrived at the colony and he faced Ramantas in battle. He easily defeated the young Rambo captain and brought him before his General and ruler, Khazurhal Draguros. There he was tortured and brainwashed and became a servant of the Aray'Shikua, at least for now.

Dhazhrak destroys the USS Hathaway

As Ramantas became a servant of the Congregation, Dhazhrak destroyed his Rambo ship, the USS Hathaway upon becoming bored with it. Shortly after, he invaded Ramhall after giving the Rambo a chance to surrender and after heavy battles he conquered the Rambo colony.

Upon the Scourge he killed Ramantas as he served his purpose but found it surprising to learn that the entire Rambo Galaxy knows as the Quadrant Galaxies had survived the Scourge due to intervention by the Rambo Gods. He informed the Khazurhal of this fact and returned to Hell.

During the invasion of Tuuros and the March of the Apocalypse he was seen venturing in Hell and was later frozen in place by Verezuon. He was later freed and was given a special mission by Khazurhal Angazhar.

Second Coming[]

First stage of the plan[]

Aur'Lodin, under influence of Dhazhrak kills the Galactic Empire of the Imperial Alliance

Dhazhrak was first surprised by his new mission, but understood the cunning and supremacy of Angazhar's given mission. Dhazhrak left Hell and travelled to Quadrant 89 where he appeared before Aur'Lodin, the Regent of the Imperial Alliance. She was feared by the appearance of a Xhodocto, a species she never met but heard enough stories about. She rose from her chair and defiantly tried to defend herself from the Xhodocto Commander. Unleashing a powerful attack which would kill a Serindia Royal Guard, Dhazhrak simply shred of the attack and grabbed Aur'Lodin by her throat. Lifting her up into the aid she gasped for air, which meant her mental defences were down, something Dhazhrak simply wanted. He used his powers and his eyes glowed dark red, Aur'Lodin yelled in pain and agony as a mental pain rocketed her body. Dhazhrak released her and she fell to the ground. Aur'Lodin was now his secret servant whether she wanted it or not, he now had control over her. He soon gave Aur'Lodin his first command which resulted in the death of the Unknown Entity and the fall of the Imperial Alliance. She then returned to Dhazhrak and he prepared himself for the next stage of the plan, which hopefully would result in the fall of the Quadrant Galaxies!

Second stage of the plan and ruler of Rambo Nation[]

He then proceeded to the next stage of his plan and mission and glared upon his next target from the shadows. He simply smiled, this was going to be fun! As his initial mission and plan had succeeded, he experienced some difficulties in executing the remaining stages of his plans and at his own intuition, he took a new appearance, that of an unknown Dark Lord that seemingly wished to overthrow the Rambo Nation Government. Though Rambo Nation could not be more wrong, as Dhazhrak his true motives were far more darker and evil then anyone could imagine. His first action as the Unknown Dark Lord was to send the Bounty Hunter Zevracence to injure the Confederate Senator Senator Mioa Buroa, which meant the end of the peace proposal between the two superpowers. He then focused himself to further damage Rambo Nation her strong and stable position and he ordered the corrupter Tukio Nutria to blockade Ivaläe to find Uruviel, the girl said to hold the key to finding Käer'thrak'úaëinóriaë whereabouts.

Dhazhrak onboard the Suiliagothrond Battlestation, facing Ramikku

Later on, with the revelation of the Suiliagothrond Battlestation his plan was almost exposed by Captain Ramikku, who found out that Dhazhrak was acting as Empress Ramashe. Luckily he managed to wipe her memory before she sounded the alarm, but it was a close call. He then smiled, he wanted to test this new weapon and he had to admit, he enjoyed ruling Rambo Nation in service of the Xhodocto. For over a year now he ruled in secret over Rambo Nation, and only two times he had to awaken Ramashe from her slumber, one was for the wedding of Apollo since there Master Kroc would be present, whom could feel a Xhodocto presence miles away.

The Battle of Yadumarth starts

After the Confederacy attacked the Rambo Prime Space Station and the USS Dallas of Captain Ramcard, Dhazhrak ordered the Senate to declare war and attack Yadumarth, it destroyed the delay and success of Senator Chuinaylia who managed to delay such a vote earlier on. He was surprised by that, and promised himself to watch the Senator closely. When a Caradhras Class managed to land on Yadumarth Dhazhrak changed his appearance to that of the Unknown Dark Lord and went to take a look at Yadumarth. Please by the idea of sending Rambo Nation into battle he returned to the Suiliagothrond Battlestation. The he ordered Fleet Captain Ramdleton to approach Yadumarth. Arriving there, the forces stationed onboard the Suiliagothrond Battlestation managed to conquer most of Yadumarth within hours. During the second battle of Yadumarth, Dhazhrak ordered Ramdleton to target Yurrus, the third city of Yadumarth, at 15%. Ramdleton, loyal as ever complied and the station destroyed Yurrus and killed the 28.000 citizens of that city within a minute. Dhazhrak was pleased, after the destruction of Yurrus he left the station and returned to the Rambo Capitol for other matters and left command of the station in hands of the Fleet Captain. Dhazhrak decided not be in public for a while, leaving matters in hands of the Senate, much at the dismay of the Founder, a mythical entity and trusted aid of Ramashe. Dhazhrak decided he should deal with him one day. When the Confederacy managed to attack Fornaeria and conquer Karzhamahri-Nui, Dhazhrak decided not to intervere, leaving it to the Senate instead wh ich would surely act by sending a fleet to re-conquer their precious planets.

However, when the Asgord were under attack by various empires, even the DCP, Dhazhrak called Aleathria, the Chancellor of the Crown for a meeting. During these talks Dhazhrak told the Chancellor that the DCP was aiding the Asgord and the Rambo would not be needed in aiding the Asgord. Aleathria complied and even didn't inform the Rambo Senate about it. Dhazhrak was pleased, with the new troopers of Rambo Nation, the continued attacks by the CAS Rambo Nation would soon buckle under the many attacks. Especialley after Dhazhrak (as the Unknown Dark Lord) sended various Rambo Nation files about security windows to the CAS. With the fall of Karzhamahri Nui he looked in awe as Rambo Nation launched new and updated ship classes into service. Yet due to losses, the Rambo kept growing, their resolve was stronger than he believed and ever could imagene.

And he was well aware there were suspects that Ramashe was acting differant than usual. Dhazhrak began preparations to start the thrid stage of his and Anghazhar's plan, which would provide his endless rule over Rambo Nation! During his preparations he was one day walking through the hall of Tirithsilliana when unknown to him a creature called Gorf and URC President Apollo teleported inside the palace. He thought he felt a change in energy and tension in the halls and turned around, but didn't see anything. He turned around again and continued his walk, he blamed the event to him being to long acting as Ramashe, it was probably somesort of side effect.

Dhazhrak defeated by Empress Ramashe

In the seventh month, at the last day of that month Dhazhrak suddenly faced Empress Ramashe who seeminly escaped her prison at Lesrekta. She wore the advanced mobile suite to combat him. The dual was intense, and Dhazhrak had the first blow that send Ramashe various hallways away. Yet he was taken by surprise by an electric charge and was thrown out of the building and Dhazhrak found himself at the Royal Courtyard. There Dhazhrak simply smiled, but was taken by surprise when Ramashe used a subspace explosion on him. Even for him, the experience was painful and he screamed in agony when a black vortex consumed him.

Dhazhrak as Crown Prince of Rambo Nation!

Though Ramashe didn't defeat him in fact, Dhazhrak only used this seemingly defeat to weaken his form so that he could act as the coming son of Ramashe. Placing somesort of parasite of his energies inside Ramashe he made her body believe she was going to have an egg, which hatched after a while. As such Dhazhrak could act as her son, crown prince Ramaith Tyragnus Le Rambo! Dhazhrak laid low and slowly regained his powers back while Ramashe and her high allies believed him to be killed.

Quetzamet vs Dhazhrak

He continued his role for quite some while until 05 AQF, when Quetzamet, an Atlantica appeared before him as their Atlantica offensive during the Clash of the Gods. Quetzamet and Dhahzrak fought a deadly duel, managed to wound the serpent Atlantica and almost killed him. However Quetzamet knew very well he could not defeat an Xhodocto in personal combat and as such called upon ancient magic and energies and banished Dhazhrak back to Hell. Furious by the last words of Quetzamet he travelled to Angazhar, to tell his master the warning of the Atlantica.

Upon his return he also changed form to the current Xhodocto form, as the energies of the Quadrants seemingly prevented him from doing so earlier on.


Dharzhrak, like most other Xhodocto have a cold personality. Though he is also a cunning tacticians and dares to make bold moves, like he did during the Fall of Ramirith. During the Tigris War he also was seen as odd, as he collected armour of fallen Rambo and added to his own armour. But upon entering Hell he changed his armor. Dhazhrak expresses a great hatred towards Rambo Nation, though also seems to respect in them in some way as they managed to survive the Scourge and live through many a Xhodocto onslaught.

Powers and Abilities[]

Dhazhrak's abilities made him a dangerous foe and is one of the reasons he achieved the rank of Commander. He was able to teleport, use telekinesis, levitate etc. like most Xhodocto can. Though he was also able to:

  • Shapeshift: able to mimic appearance and voice of anyone he has seen.
  • Possession: a trait in some Xhodocto, Dhazhrak can possess living beings.
  • Tactician: able to adjust tactics.

Dhazhrak upon his ascension to the rank of Elite and full unlocking of his potential power has made him the same power as other Xhodocto, and part of the supramind that they are.



Yellow face.png "Kin."


Orange face.png "Mortals..."


Red face.png "I shall enjoy watching you die."

  • Empress Ramashe - "Torment...is not acceptable. Death..."
  • Gorf - "How dare you..."
  • Apollo - "Your race shall become ash."
  • Quetzamet - Crawl and hide serpent, next time you will burn!

Known Appearances[]

Dhazhrak, as a Commander and a shapeshifter he was able to differant forms and uniforms to decieve his enemies during the Tigris War and beyond. Underneath there are all of his known appearances which were recorded by the Onuris Alliance.

As Izhjuul
As Oprhurzhul


A twisted and dangerous entity in my eyes, cunning, sneaky and cursed with immense powers like all Xhodocto. One of the arc enemies of Rambo Nation.

- Ramashe

Truly a powerful individual, his power has the ability to shine Galaxies in fire, and his looks are beyond my ability of awe. Truly a fascinating individual.

- The Dark Purger

I would not be surprised if the Khazurhal was the responsable for his extended weakened time, and not the Rambo Gods.

- Rektethin Xyazkoxos

It was a bad idea to go there, now that I think of it...

- Gorf

A great threat has been banished from the Quadrants! Return to your masters and tell them, as long as we are here your torment and darkness will not yet fall!

- Quetzamet


  • Dhazhrak is considered one of the mythical enemies of Rambo Nation and as such has a statue of himself at Tirithsilliana- the Royal City at the Rambo Capital.
  • That during his dealings with the Rambo, he received some sort of respect for the Nation- a rarity for the Xhodocto.
  • Dhazhrak was a Featured Article for march 2014.


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