The cataclysm was a nightmare incarnate, through the wormhole and the ark we can start anew. A new life, a new universe

- Herself

Grand Magistrate Develani Thranga is the current head of state for the Theian Technocracy. Due to her position she is psionically linked to the grand circle. She is a caring sort with a soft spot for General Gerden Kole.


Develani was born to a prestigious family within one of the former Theian empire's core worlds,and educated in the finest institutes. She was only a child when the Cataclysm that condmened the empire began, her family ensured she continued her promising career as a therapist despite the apparent armaggeddon and she found herself constantly moving world-to-world.

When she was 21 she was selected for one of the government circles as unreast - borne from the population's fear of the Cataclysm - began to spread to her cluster. She would spend ten years trying to keep the population calm eventually meeting Gerden Kole on one of her journeys. Kole was 15 years her senior but she could not care for that, the two of them would meet cordially until she was 30. Mid-year she recieved a message informing her that she and Gerden were chosen to embark the TEA Alvaleth, she was very hesitant of leaving family behind but knew the arks were her only chance of survival.

She would spend two months in cryogenic stasis until, like the others on board, she was woken up by the Alvaleth's' AI. After waking up she was directed to the Grand Circle and was told it had accepted her to become it's speaker. She welcomed the oppertunity and several hours after coming out of surgery she felt that she was ready to lead the survivors into a new age.



Develani is attractive by most standards, her skin is soft to the touch and shimmers a bright oceon blue. She often wears jewelery and fine garnaments fitting for her station and typically wears clothing threaded with silver. She is fond of full-flowing dresses and around her soulders and collar she wears a leather plate. On either shoulder is a bright glass orb that shines based on her emotional state - glowing more brightly when she is confident and dimming when she feels insecure. On her head she wears a crest and silver horns that extend down to the nose, curving over the eyebrows. Her face genreally displays a warm smile and she is slim.

Attached to the back of her head and only just jutting out of her skull is an ornate pylon-like device that acts as a linkup to the Grand Circle.


Develani is frequently optimistic, believing that what benefits society in turn benefits the self. When threatened she has been known to panic and (when he is around) has been known to stay very close to Gerden. She is not shy about her feelings to him yet prefers an air of professional conduct. She will often try to seee the good in people no matter how dark or disturbed they may be.

Despite all this her link to a collective intelligence makes her very wise and knowledgeable, able to consult the intelligence at a moment's notice.


Spending her time as a negotiator she is a cunning diplomat and often tries to sway others to her favour with either words or her psychic abilities. Spending time travelling the empire before the evacuation gave her an insight into the universe that proved useful to the Grand Circle.

She is an accomplished psychic and can old her own with just her mind and had trained as a fencer in her youth. Proving she has skill many times over and has even taken part in championships and won. Her link means she can easily ask for it's wisoom or judgement in times of difficulty, communicating by though alone makes such a consultation seem instantaneous.


Develani, like many Theians, has a swarm of nanomchines that keep her healthy and strong. The most visible peice of equipment is the cricle ancor - a device embeded into the back of her head that acts as a psychic relay to the Grand Circle. She is able to remain in constant contact with it and will, on occasion, allow it to speak through her.

Along with this she has a nanofibre weave just under her skin to prevent any attempts on her life and a retractable energy blade, the emmitter of which she keeps in a pocket just inside her right sleeve.





Hehe, she looks pretty.

- Hachi


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